Hitman Community Roadmap Season 1

Good afternoon agents, and welcome to the very first
Hitman Community Roadmap!

The Hitman Community Roadmap is a new project set up by myself, with the help of some of the best and most prominent content creators that the community has to offer. Our aim is to create a steady stream of content to sit alongside the monthly roadmaps released by IOI, whilst filling in some of the gaps in content that we feel are missing from their release schedule.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, we will be releasing Bounty Targets, Curated Contract bundles, Escalations and Roulette Challenges designed to suit all corners of the HITMAN community and provide a fun and challenging content schedule that can be enjoyed by hardcore and casual players alike.

Season 1 will run for 6 weeks.
In the weeks that follow, we have 3 Contract Bundles, 2 Escalations, 2 Bounty Targets and 3 Roulette Challenges to show off and take part in.

For the entire duration of the roadmap, we will also be running leaderboards for those who want the added challenge of some friendly competition within the community.

Completing Bounty Target’s, Contracts, Escalations and Roulette Challenges with a 5* Silent Assassin rating, and with all additional complications met will allow you to compete in the leaderboards, all you have to do is record your run and send it to an Editor within the Discord, or via a Direct Message here.

Check out the Discord at:
HITMAN™ Community

Within the Discord, you can view the #roles channel to select which types of content you would like to receive notifications about when it is released. This is the best way to keep up to date, but you can also select options in the poll below, and we will also ping you on here once content drops.

We hope you all enjoy what we have put together, and we look forward to seeing you over at the Community Discord

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

You can check out the full roadmap reveal and rundown over at Twitch


Ping me when the following content drops

  • Featured Contract Bundles
  • Elusive Targets
  • Escalations
  • Roulette Challenges

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Neat idea. Hopefully there’s enough interest and participation to make it worthwhile and continue past the end of Y2.

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That’s a really great trailer! Thanks for all your hard work on this (and also thanks to Mando). So proud to be part of this, can’t wait to test all those contracts.

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No! All these things will only make my thirst for officially new contents even bigger :sob:


Interesting, it is still working for me. Could you try this instead?

ET: The Bankers



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What kind of person would recycle an ET for a roadmap.



That’s some neat project and really well-designed roadmap, it looks like official! Do i have to open an account for the discord site?


Yeah, you need an account to join Discord servers.

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Just how would it connect anyway, or is that a PC only thing?



The Suns Out Guns Out contract pack has arrived!

Join 47 as he travels to some of the sunniest locations in the WOA Trilogy to shoot, burn & explode his unwitting victims. Hasn’t anyone told them that extreme heat is bad for the skin?

Suns Out Guns Out features 5 brand new contracts from @AgentSnail47, Crewdy, @djsojus, @Viv, and @HowToHitman_YT.

We are excited to see how the community tackles these contracts, and we hope you enjoy them.

If you want to also take part in our friendly leaderboards, you can record your run of each contract (we are looking for the highest final score, 5* SA), and send a video to Crewdy in a Direct Message (please also feel free to combine contracts on to one video if you are taking on more than 1). Ideally videos should be sent as a Youtube link (keep it unlisted until the deadline is over though!), but we can also accept videos uploaded via other methods.

The deadline for leaderboard submissions is Friday, August 19, 2022 10:59 PM

Hokkaido Gun Show by djsojus
920780549482741792 3-10-9096095-20
920780549818310666 2-10-0118891-47
952569329596133396 1-10-5541936-62
952569329604493432 1-10-9669177-52
920780549902188555 1-10-5262842-81
920780549717631006 4-10-1293916-20

Heat of the Moment by Viv
920780549482741792 3-13-2555955-02
920780549818310666 2-13-6848704-47
952569329596133396 1-13-6606715-74
952569329604493432 1-13-4085641-52
920780549902188555 1-13-7336656-81
920780549717631006 4-13-3265775-20

Blue Sky Thinking by Crewdy
920780549482741792 3-27-3533894-20
920780549818310666 2-27-7984209-47
952569329596133396 1-27-3971850-74
952569329604493432 1-27-5975410-52
920780549902188555 1-27-4355899-81
920780549717631006 4-27-8133536-20

Pressure Cooker by AgentSnail47
920780549482741792 3-03-7489228-71
920780549818310666 2-03-4156852-47
952569329596133396 1-03-9696172-74
952569329604493432 1-03-5266965-52
920780549902188555 1-03-5822885-81
920780549717631006 4-03-9809444-20

Factor 50 by How to Hitman
920780549482741792 3-31-6068013-19
920780549818310666 2-31-5476887-47
952569329596133396 1-31-5552074-74
952569329604493432 1-31-9355208-52
920780549902188555 1-31-5228475-81
920780549717631006 4-31-9805263-20

@0047 @TECPlayz @Agent_MJ @Dinozafr @sammland @avesmaria


Pressure Cooker - contract compled


This looks soo cool! Are curated contracts like FC but in this small community?

Exactly that yes. They are made by members of this community and various others that have been hand-picked.

Very nice! It is an interesting contract, I’m still routing it!


Still can’t figure out how to do HGS without disguise changes, argh.


I actually created it suit only originally :wink: