Hitman Community Roadmap Season 1

That is interesting, is thier going to be a “vote” for the next curated contracts, can anyone be featured?


For Season 1 - no. We already have everything in place for the remaining contract packs, and the contracts will be curated by our Creators via the discord.

However, from Season 2 I would like to open up contract submissions for at least 1 batch, similar to how IOI do their FC submissions, and then they would be selected by myself and the other Editors. We need some additional thought to go in to this though, before we commit to anything solid.


Maybe I missed it, but is this pc only? I am on ps4 and want to play the Elusive Targets.

Incorrect information. Thanks for correcting me Crewdy.

All platforms! (Except Switch right now)



Wrong thread :wink: Maybe I’ll wake up soon.

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Hello @Crewdy firstly, good initiative on this project :+1:
I have few question which might be silly (kindly excuse) -

  1. Can we submit contracts based on the theme (like IOI roadmap)?

  2. If Yes, where can we submit the contract ids and fill up the submission form and post.

  3. Sorry, I am very new to discord and accepted your invite - however it says “you dont have permission to send message” (checked in internet, it says to check with admin).

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Crewdy can still answer, but I think you might have to give a :white_check_mark: react to one of the # posts to verify that you’ve read it. I think #Rules or something. I’ve never really used Discord myself (even uninstalled it at one point) and still don’t really understand how it’s supposed to work. To me, it just seems like a stand-alone message-board interface or a glorified chat app.


Yeah, that’s right, it should work after hitting the “:white_check_mark: Let’s Go!” button at the bottom of #rules.


As above, we are looking to do this from Season 2:

You should also have access to rest of the Discord now :slight_smile:

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2 Updates to the Roadmap for those not in the Discord:

  1. We have renamed Elusive Targets to Bounty Targets to avoid any confusion going forward.
  2. We now have all contracts recreated on Switch! The ID’s have been added to the Contracts post above.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far! :smiley:


Our first Bounty Target is now available!
Benjamin Hunsicker & Wayne Bronson are currently residing in the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank, where they are planning something big…

Target: Benjamin Hunsicker
Target: Wayne Bronson
Additional Objective: Retrieve the incriminating documents from the lockbox

We suggest the following settings when playing this Bounty Target to simulate the look and feel of an elusive target:

Instinct: Off
Minimap Target Indicators: Minimal
Target Information: Off

920780549482741792 3-24-3445584-20
920780549818310666 2-24-8572018-10
952569329596133396 1-24-1087014-62
952569329604493432 1-24-8664655-52
920780549902188555 1-24-4026764-81
920780549717631006 4-24-7680676-20

In order to submit to the leaderboards, all of these settings need to be followed, and the additional objective must be completed. You have until 2022-08-28T22:59:00Z to submit you run Submissions can made here: https://forms.gle/UxZZmJCNJTjYMwFf8

We’d also love to see your run even if you aren’t submitting to the leaderboard as well, please feel free to post your videos below! :smiley:

@Hichkas @Danger_dog_guy_7 @MrButtons @Fallout @JJoa74 @TH3M0NK @Charlie_Farmer @dodarkillen @47saso47


@0047 @TECPlayz @Agent_MJ @Dinozafr @sammland @avesmaria @lulu01121637 @Musaberk_Cam


Sadly with my bandwidth uploading a video would take ages, so all I can do is post the score screenshot.

I did “cheat” a little bit by enabling Target Information and using it to confirm the targets after finding them because I didn’t want to ruin my SA by taking out a duplicate NPC, but other than that I sticked to the rules. The run took a long time partially because I was walking everywhere most of the time.

When I first located Huniscker I wanted to take him out with a propane flask, but he noticed me when I was placing it on his desk, so I went with plan B. Lured him to the place Savalas goes to after stock crashes and snapped his neck there.
Still ended up getting compromised and alerting the guards though, so on the way to grab the documents I also changed disguise to high security.
Bronson went a bit smoother. Tried propane again and detonated it by shooting through the window of Savalas’ private watching room. Would be a clean SA kill in vacuum if not for an enforcer who spotted me on the stairs during my escape.
Now that it’s over, I wanna try getting the SA rating and maybe see how their routes change when I do the IT mission story.

It was my first community ET and I enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward towards the Jesters.


8:59, Silent Assassin. Emetics were probably the only solution I could think of.


It sounds like you had an adventurous time! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

In all honesty I debated allowing Target Info anyway, because it just allows you to confirm the targets when you find them. Unless you walk around with instint still hammered on, you still have to look for them.

Very nice! Emetics are always a valid solution (one that a lot of people choose for ET’s as well)

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Ben Hunsicker looks hilarious. He’s got the face of that Event Staff guy from Dubai, but a bulky neck and torso, and I find that way more amusing than I should. Good job on the mission though, it was great!

Thanks for the great work @Crewdy and team!
I’ve played through the Suns Out Guns Out contracts so far and that’s some good stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks @Crewdy and team
I played a lot of contracts over 300+
Hokkaido Gun Show by djsojus
This is the best ever


It’s time for our first Escalation: The Chameleon Specification from @linux_penguin
We are off to the Global Innovation Race in Miami for 3 increasingly difficult levels with our own unique complication: Hot Potato.

Level 1: take out 2 targets with any disguise (excluding suit)
Level 2: take out 3 targets with mechanic disguises only
Level 3: take out 4 targets with driver disguises (can include Moses lee & Pale Rider)

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
920780549482741792 3-11-5307822-02     920780549482741792 3-11-3883036-02     920780549482741792 3-11-8788197-02
920780549818310666 2-11-9802674-47     920780549818310666 2-11-0530034-47     920780549818310666 2-11-2756074-47
952569329596133396 1-11-5152306-74     952569329596133396 1-11-8375584-74     952569329596133396 1-11-0108432-74
952569329604493432 1-11-0498049-52     952569329604493432 1-11-3418079-52     952569329604493432 1-11-0884281-52
920780549902188555 1-11-7946851-81     920780549902188555 1-11-6178055-81     920780549902188555 1-11-4699071-81
920780549717631006 4-11-1904431-20     920780549717631006 4-11-1648521-20     920780549717631006 4-11-5980352-20

In order to submit to the leaderboards, all 3 levels must be completed with the additional complication. You have until Thursday, September 1, 2022 11:59 PM to submit your run.

We’d also love to see your run even if you aren’t submitting to the leaderboard as well, please feel free to post your videos here! :smiley:

Leaderboard submissions can made here: https://hitman.community/submit

@0047 @TECPlayz @Agent_MJ @Dinozafr @sammland @avesmaria @lulu01121637 @Musaberk_Cam