Hitman Community Roadmap Season 1

Apologies guys, I have been very slack at posting here with everything going on!

Our next Bounty Target, The Jesters is now available!

The Forecaster and The Fabricator are currently residing at Viñedo Yates, but our client, Joaquin King has put out a hit on both of them. This Bounty Target is courtesy of @Viv

Target: Kolton Case
Target: Christoffer Feldtmann
Additional Objective: Retrieve a bottle of 3 different types of wine and exit with them in your inventory.

Check out the briefing video as well as the target backstories below!

We suggest the following settings when playing this Bounty Target to simulate the look and feel of an elusive target:
Instinct: Off
Minimap Target Indicators: Minimal
Target Information: Off

920780549482741792 3-31-8459111-02
920780549818310666 2-31-1234523-47
952569329596133396 1-31-2189369-23
952569329604493432 1-31-0588558-52
920780549902188555 1-31-1876189-81
920780549717631006 4-31-4781483-20

In order to submit to the leaderboards, all of these settings need to be followed, and the additional objective must be completed. You have until 2022-09-11T22:59:00Z.

Submissions can made here: Submit Your Run - Hitman Community

@Hichkas @Danger_dog_guy_7 @MrButtons @Fallout @JJoa74 @TH3M0NK @47saso47 @Silvio_Caruso



@0047 @TECPlayz @Agent_MJ @Dinozafr @sammland @avesmaria @lulu01121637 @Musaberk_Cam


I hope you guys enjoy the Bounty, I have had my eye on these two this time since moving targets are best targets

The briefing is a showcase of Crewdy’s true talent!


Any new et upcoming?

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We have the launch of the new season on the 3rd October and a Bounty Target will be arriving shortly after. I will post all the details in a thread here once the launch has happened!


This actually looks pretty cool! I’m sorry I missed season one but I’ll aim for season two.

PS: just from what I’m seeing here, you were definitely robbed for Coolest Project (might have been too new and too close to the award deadline to be found? :man_shrugging:)

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Honestly yeah it might’ve been too new for me to remember it, also I checked it out but didn’t really participate (yet maybe idk?)

Sorry Crewdy

It being new increases the visibility, but in my case I experienced nomination overload, I was trying to find out the most “wow” inducing projects I forgot about over the past few months it was hard to find just 3.