Hitman Community Roadmap Season 2

Good afternoon agents, and welcome to the second season of the
Hitman Community!

The Hitman Community Roadmap is a project set up by myself, with the help of some of the best and most prominent content creators that the community has to offer. Our aim is to create a steady stream of content to sit alongside the monthly roadmaps released by IOI, whilst filling in some of the gaps in content that we feel are missing from their release schedule.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, we will be releasing Bounty Targets, Curated Contract bundles, Escalations and Community Challenges designed to suit all corners of the HITMAN community and provide a fun and challenging content schedule that can be enjoyed by hardcore and casual players alike.

Season 2 will run for 6 weeks
3rd October to the 9th November.

Contract Batches
Autumn Harvest (Oct 3rd)
Accidents Happen (Oct 17th)
Fright Night (Oct 31st)

Bounty Targets
The Saboteurs by ThatObserver (Oct 10th)
The Bounty Hunters by @bgyorok (Oct 24th)

The Torrance Redrum by @SupremeCommanderIke (Oct 13th)
The Blindspot Employment by UserJoinedYourChannel (Oct 27th)

Community challenges
Freestyle Roulette Haven Island (Oct 6th)
Hitman Bingo Miami (Oct 20th)
Community Trial Chongqing [€20 Prize] (Nov 3rd)
Original idea by The Contractor!

For the entire duration of the roadmap, we will also be running leaderboards for those who want the added challenge of some friendly competition within the community. Completing Bounty Target’s, Contracts, Escalations and Community Challenges with a 5* Silent Assassin rating, and with all additional complications met will allow you to compete in the leaderboards, all you have to do is record your run and submit it via the Discord.

Check out the Discord at:
HITMAN™ Community

Within the Discord, you can view the #roles channel to select which types of content you would like to receive notifications about when it is released.

We hope you all enjoy what we have put together, and we look forward to seeing you over at the Community Discord

You can check out the full roadmap reveal and rundown over at Twitch

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.


Nice! Will the escalations actually have proper complications this time? I wanted to port the previous ones over to a Peacock plugin but you guys had just written them as text instead

Surly you wouldn’t be able to add custom complications on these escalations that are for all platforms


Grapes of Wrath by @Crewdy
Epic ID: 1-31-2304589-23
Steam ID: 1-31-9033496-52
Playstation ID: 2-31-4139561-47
Xbox ID: 3-31-2058447-20
Switch ID: 4-31-1800975-20
Stadia ID: 1-31-2301277-81

Harvest’s Perish by @linux_penguin
Epic ID: 1-21-0591557-23
Steam ID: 1-21-9797550-52
Playstation ID: 2-21-4034525-47
Xbox ID: 3-21-3996851-02
Switch ID: 4-21-3648276-20
Stadia ID: 1-21-0379348-81

Cold Fruit by @Eclipse
Epic ID: 1-10-0896251-06
Steam ID: 1-10-1887524-52
Playstation ID: 2-10-6900222-47
Xbox ID: 3-10-6914598-72
Switch ID: 4-10-4842137-20
Stadia ID: 1-10-0363546-81

(Organ) Harvest Festival by Mando
Epic ID: 1-09-3885941-23
Steam ID: 1-09-9933014-52
Playstation ID: 2-09-0050711-47
Xbox ID: 3-09-4646801-72
Switch ID: 4-09-5745707-20
Stadia ID: 1-09-2989082-81

Leave the Leaf by @Switcher
Epic ID: 1-22-3083565-23
Steam ID: 1-22-7350459-52
Playstation ID: 2-22-1041026-10
Xbox ID: 3-22-4663952-72
Switch ID: 4-22-8111908-20
Stadia ID: 1-22-8027543-81

The Hatchet Rieper by @AgentSnail47
Epic ID: 1-28-8994362-23
Steam ID: 1-28-2371750-52
Playstation ID: 2-28-4933119-47
Xbox ID: 3-28-1186985-71
Switch ID: 4-28-5597608-20
Stadia ID: 1-28-3131360-81

Submissions can made here: Dyno


Accidents Happen, especially when Agent 47 is on the prowl. Our second contract batch is now available and will see 47 travelling across the WOA trilogy causing mischief and mayhem as he explodes, electrocutes, crushes and otherwise despatches of his targets in all manner of accidents!

An Occupational Hazard by UserJoinerYourChannel
Epic ID: 1-11-8715593-51
Steam ID: 1-11-5381199-82
Playstation ID: 2-11-9105948-10
Xbox ID: 3-11-0275989-72
Switch ID: 4-11-0068556-20
Stadia ID: 1-11-4652260-81

Five Merry Men by @Casetros
Epic ID: 1-10-1743146-23
Steam ID: 1-10-1577944-82
Playstation ID: 2-10-2446446-47
Xbox ID: 3-10-0278558-72
Switch ID: 4-10-1415875-20
Stadia ID: 1-10-4625957-81

The Greater The Climb by ThatObserver
Epic ID: 1-01-8475676-23
Steam ID: 1-01-0696888-52
Playstation ID: 2-01-5671797-47
Xbox ID: 3-01-7684963-72
Switch ID: 4-01-1860450-20
Stadia ID: 1-01-2023057-81

I Am Sorry! by @Switcher
Epic ID: 1-24-9966425-23
Steam ID: 1-24-7675310-82
Playstation ID: 2-24-8083324-10
Xbox ID: 3-24-7660773-72
Switch ID: 4-24-6985859-20
Stadia ID: 1-24-0444590-81

Pantries In A Twist by @AgentSnail47
Epic ID: 1-21-4239678-23
Steam ID: 1-21-5331171-52
Playstation ID: 2-21-1593959-47
Xbox ID: 3-21-2612756-71
Switch ID: 4-21-1491140-20
Stadia ID: 1-21-3809603-81

Slippery Grounds by @djsojus
Epic ID: 1-06-9735669-62
Steam ID: 1-06-8974705-52
Playstation ID: 2-06-4902820-47
Xbox ID: 3-06-9176021-72
Switch ID: 4-06-2532743-20
Stadia ID: 1-06-2264444-81

If you want to take part in our friendly leaderboards, you can record your run of each contract (we are looking for the highest final time, 5* SA). Please also feel free to combine contracts on to one video if you are taking on more than 1!

The deadline for leaderboard submissions is Sunday, 2022-10-30T23:59:00Z
Submissions can made here: Dyno


Glad to be a part of it



We are happy to announce that our second Community Challenge, Hitman Bingo is now available.
Find the rules below, as well as information on how to play this unique and exciting game mode.

Hitman Bingo is kindly sponsored by the Providence Community
The Providence server is focused on providing a steady stream of Hitman tournaments and community events run throughout the year. Check out the Discord at Providence

How Bingo works:

  • Players must complete all objectives on a single line of the board, in any direction (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) within a single run.
  • Default loadout only (ICA19, Fiber Wire & Coins). Any reskins of these items are accepted.
  • Any starting point is permitted.
  • Sierra must be eliminated via Any Method (including shooting or otherwise destroying her car).
  • The run must be finished with a 5* Silent Assassin rating.

Contract IDs:
Epic: 1-11-8635030-74 // Steam: 1-11-8442240-52 // Playstation: 2-11-2344851-47 // Xbox: 3-11-8078322-72 // Switch: 4-11-7369386-20 // Stadia: 1-11-0757170-81

Bingosync room:
Find the full Bingo board at Bingosync
Password: hcbingo

If you want to take part in our friendly leaderboards, you can record your best run and submit it here: Dyno
We are looking for the highest final time, 5* SA.
The deadline for leaderboard submissions is 2022-10-26T22:59:00Z

Good luck everyone, and have fun!


That’s a cool idea :grinning:

Copy of @Crewdy 's message from the Discord’s announcements channel and slightly edited to avoid formatting errors and pinging people who’ve already read it:
Thank you everyone for making Season 2 such a success!

After 18 contracts, 2 Bounty Targets, 2 Escalations and 3 Community Challenges, we have reached the end of the Season 2 Roadmap, and are now full steam ahead on Season 3 - we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store! All will be revealed in the coming weeks.

A huge thank you goes out to my fellow Managers Mando and In4Fun as well as all of our wonderful Editors and most of all the Creators who have produced all of the content that you have been playing this season!

A massive congrats goes out to Thieshmen who has retained his leaderboard crown in a very close fought battle, and become the Season 2 champion, as well as Redfox5000 for becoming the first Hitman Community Trial champion.

Our feedback form is now open - we love to hear everything you have to say about the roadmap, as well as hear your ideas for future content and anything else you’d like to say to the team! You can submit your anonymous feedback here: Dyno

Remember to set your notifications
I know, I sound like a broken record, but please do remember to visit the roles channel to set up your pings and get notified when the content you want to play is released!

And Finally
As a small added bonus to tide you over between Season’s, we will be releasing a Collaborators Contract Batch in the weeks between roadmaps. These batches will feature 4 contracts made by selected groups either from the community of outside of it. Our first batch is created by Starducks Industries, consisting of Charlie_Farmer, Agent_MJ, The_Elite_Institute & Hassan

A Grave Mistake
Epic: 1-12-9730794-74 // Steam: 1-12-4083953-52 // Playstation: 2-12-5503988-47 // Xbox: 3-12-1466083-17 // Switch: 4-12-0608328-20 // Stadia: 1-12-9143547-81

Thornsgiving Fowl Play

Epic: 1-28-3890814-23 // Steam: 1-28-7258090-52 // Playstation: 2-28-9337154-47 // Xbox: 3-28-5983403-72 // Switch: 4-28-9321645-20 // Stadia: 1-28-0565588-81

Shaven Haven
Epic: 1-26-8246396-74 // Steam: 1-26-9902365-52 // Playstation: 2-26-7357604-47 // Xbox: 3-26-4379274-72 // Switch: 4-26-2943710-48 // Stadia: 1-26-3159068-81

Fawke’s Fast Fireworks
Epic: 1-02-7749696-74 // Steam: 1-02-4743034-52 // Playstation: 2-02-7013875-47 // Xbox: 3-02-5288379-17 // Switch: 4-02-8883979-20 // Stadia: 1-02-2797206-81

We look forward to seeing you all for Season 3!