Community Trials 2.0 (€40 in prizes)

Previous Trials

Research & Demolition - TheContractor (March 14 - 24)
Corporate Climbing - Khakiasp (March 25 - April 04)
Chameleon Challenge - GlogolZ (April 05 - April 15)
Scared Crow's Nest - TheContractor (April 16 - April 26)
Breaking and Entering - Nmokey (April 27 - May 07)

Current Trial

We all know Contracts Mode hasn’t been updated since 2017 and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon (tho I pray to IO every night :pray:). So you can view this as an outlet for people to make and play more adventurous ‘contracts’. Plus everyone loves a good competition :wink: So I’m reviving this old chestnut, but sweetening the pot with a greater prize: €30 for the highest scorer and €10 to a random person who submits a run, so everyone at least has an incentive to try. At the end of the day tho, I just want as many people to have fun with these as possible.

What are Community Trials?

Community Trials was a concept I came up with back in 2019 and did a sort of trial run with. The easiest way to think of them is the community creating the final level of an escalation. So one mission (or trial if you will) with niche objectives that are level specific and can add a bit more variety and challenge then what we usually get in standard contracts.

The reason they’re called Community is because obviously they’re for the community, but also I don’t wanna be trying to think of new ideas every week. I want other creators and members of the community to be able to show off their ideas.

Rules for Entry:

  • You must submit within the specified time frame (the dates given will be until 23:59 UTC)

  • You must follow all the objectives and complications of the given trial (trying to follow the commonly understood meaning of each)

  • You must have a video of your entire run, including the end screen with the score on it. This is so your score can be checked if asked for

  • You must announce your score before the deadline. Either on this thread or in a DM if you’d prefer. These will be used to find winners of the prizes (given an eligible run)

  • Use of glitches (such as tranq glitch) should be avoided and it is up to the discretion of judges if it will invalidate at run. So be careful/sensible


  • The run of the trial with the highest score will win 30 Euros

  • A random competitor with a valid run will also be selected to win 10 Euros

Note: Prizes will be given out via PayPal


Community Trial #1: Research & Demolition (March 14 - 24)

Please read the objectives above and rules in the original post carefully before submitting any runs

For Recreation

The next trial is already lined up, so just as a little tease


Just remade Community Trial #1: Research & Demolition on PC.

Contract ID: 1-11-6567279-04

Thanks for such a cool event @TheContractor ! Look forward to a run from me :wink:

Ingame Contract Details


Oh, awesome! I was in the middle of doing that myself. Thank you, now I can play normally :smiley:

And yeah, thanks @TheContractor! What a cool idea!


That’s a great idea! Will try this contract as soon as I can.


I think this is awesome! Huge kudos to @TheContractor for funding and doing the background work for something that brings the community into a friendly competition.


Friendly competition plus hopefully letting some people flex more creative contract ideas. Well thanks all for the interest :green_heart: but I do expect runs from you all now :wink:


Cool idea! Who pays for this, though? Is it always you @TheContractor ? It could be something community pooled.


I’ll be funding the prizes for the foreseeable future but hopefully it’ll be different creators of the trials each time (if enough people are interested). For example, the next one has already been made by the wonderful @Khakiasp :blush:


Do users keep their score hidden until the deadline and just announce they have set a valid score?

That way anyone who feels comfortable with their run could chip in for example 2 euros to the prize money. The grand prize would wary each time but it wouldnt have to paid by you alone.


What do you guys use to record your runs?

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Just announce whenever you want. You can always update your post if you get a better score :man_shrugging: I’ll only check them after the deadline has passed anyways

Depends what platform you’re on? I don’t know much about PC or Xbox features :confused:


Oh, I’m on PC. PC tools would be useful to hear… about. (20 chars)


nvidia geforce built in recorder is pretty neat, xbox game bar and obs are good too


honored to be a part of these wonderful community trials


gfn recorder is sux tbh .

xbox gamebar is neat tho

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Does the complication “Disposable Status” mean that you’re not allowed to pacify targets?


Yeah, not even targets. Just Kronstadt Security guards only :wink:


Awesome initiative! Never knew this was a thing.
Will recreate for Xbox as soon as I get home.
@TheContractor 3-11-0723054-84


Great initiative and fun contract! I’ve been looking for a good opportunity to use that pistol. First time participating in one of these, so here’s my submission for the PC recreation.

Will post the video later.

Just to make sure: any disguise, any kill method, except for Derek which has the pistol or robot kill condition.
I went for no pacifications at all just to be sure.