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Free fucking morphine sign me up :sob:


Animated another mission…this time in Dubai! :parachute: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :office: :moneybag: :coin:

It feels so good to have it done after like 3.5 months lmao. So much script writing, boarding, and animating


Great work, as always @v1deost. Good to see smooth work (and apparently workflow on your end).

I’m going to need to make a gif of the security booth camera erasing.

Also, the animated version @TheChicken masterpiece in the meme topic is :+1:


I love these animations so much! You somehow manage to perfectly capture how it feels to play the game. Well done. :grin: :grin:


It is amazing. :3c


It looks great and I love the camera arc :sob:

Great vid and ngl it made me die in the good way :3


Oh my gosh v1deost, this is so excellent! :dizzy:

As empresspersia said, you really capture how it feels to play the game. To be a normal person controlling 47.

You got some really, really cool scenes and gags in this one!
I can’t stop replaying the Travis & Clemens joke! Great way to immortalize their streams in Hitman’s legacy! :two_hearts:

Gosh, I’m not gonna take credit for a simple zoom joke, but it was fantastic to see that joke brought to life at the end! :joy: What a throwback!


do not bring covid up :fearful:


Thank you for the kind words!! @LandirtHome @empressofpersia @UrsamRableckBearmon @dark.5141 @TheChicken :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:

When I first encountered that mission story, I immediately thought of the possible parallels with Zoom, though I’m not gonna lie, seeing TheChicken’s master memeing gave me the final push to make this a thing. Usually when writing my Hitman videos, I start with one joke and go from there. So thanks for the motivation/inspo, my dude :v: :chicken:

non-target killed… :flushed:

It’s reassuring to hear that, especially on this one. Had to rewatch it a million times over and wasn’t sure if it still held up lol.

Also, the Travis & Clemens part was my favorite part to draw, actually. It felt nice to give back to them in a way, after all they’ve done for this community :blue_heart:…only thing is that I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t put this out faster before Clemens left. Oh well.


Finished the Male Members of Crimson Rage a few days ago.

Malik Khalil - head_arabic_20s_01 (Gael)
Midhat Amjad - head_arabic_40s_02 (Jamaal)
Oswaldo Reyes - head_famousmusician (Guido)
‘Big Boss’ - head_orangetie (Williamson)
‘Junior’ - male_reg_alex_head
Hector Wright - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Mario Hoffmann - head_caucasian_30s_12 (Allen)
‘Abner’ - head_african_50s_01 (Merle)
Robert Ilia - head_archibaldcolt (Archibald)
Max Appleby - head_caucasian_40s_15 (Kai)

Anatoli Link - head_interogator (Puchov)
Takumi Yamakawa - head_asian_30s_01 (Qui-Gon)
‘Smithy’ - head_arabic_30s_04 (Lukas)
‘Rangover’ - head_bonbonmaster (Kazimir)
Harvey Michael Levy - head_caucasian_40s_07 (Ted)
Baolin Xi - head_asian_40s_05 (Daiyu)
Otto Burns - head_caucasian_60s_05 (Otto)
Arnd Fritsch - head_caucasian_60s_05 (Otto)
Brendan Crowther - head_caucasian_50s_02 (Henry)
bandicam 2023-10-28 12-47-00-907
Philip Yates - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
‘To-Pock’ - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
Mario Daley - head_caucasian_40s_11 (Jason)


you lied to me in the private message. i’m not the only one who saw this and you didn’t even tag me (nevermind you did but i am still mad) :frowning: i am now mad.


It’s been taken down, I’m sorry I am a dumbass and ehhh… I wont post it again to say the least

Have a good one :3

Made 2 New Heads, first Manuel aka head_caucasian_40s_19, who visibly by the still working Greenscreen Background I had planned for quite a while and Zain aka head_arabic_50s_01, who despite being just drawn freehand by me does bear a certain resemblence to H2/3 head_arabic_50s_01


And in the realm of doing this New Heads, I also made another and defenitly the last group of Winterbottom Guards, the Assassins which are specialized in taking out *Becker’s Enemies.

Model 1 - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Model 2 - head_arabic_50s_01 (Zain)
Model 3 - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Model 4 - head_african_20s_01 (John)
Model 5 - head_caucasian_60s_05 (Otto)
Model 6 - head_caucasian_40s_19 (Manuel)

Also, originally I planned to do a unit of Spec. Ops instead of another ‘classic’ Group of Guards, so there were just no fun after I finished them, so I scrapped them.

*Thormund Becker is the corrupt mayor of Winterbottom, who basically controls all these Guards like a Private Army.


In 2021, I’d started a Vertigo inspired poster for Mendoza just for fun. Time passed and today I found I reason to finish it - a new SASO cartoon.

And here’s the version without effects and text, in case you wanted it as a lock screen or something :stuck_out_tongue:


SO GOOD, i absolutely love the minimalistic design and look


Thanks Khaki :blue_heart: This was actually pretty hard to replicate, but that’s because Saul Bass was a design legend. He knew exactly how to utilize shape, color, and composition. The Man with the Golden Arm is another strong example of his talent. Vertigo will always be my favorite work of his though


I literally cannot wait for the next vid!!!

Heck yeah! :sunglasses:


Is this even art? Pfft, whatever it’s artistic and I like it

You never know when random shit can count as art: It is subjective

Anyways: Hitman-Themed GTA Loading screen anyone?


Ah, the almost lost art form of the Loadingscreen…IO made such amazing Loadingscreens in the OT and then suddenly stopped giving a fuck since Blood Money. Same with the promotional images since HITMAN 2016.

I crie evertiem :sob: