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Feel you man

Fucking Europe everytime I try to load in

Like I wanna see what level I am loadin into in the background

Or like

I dunno

A couple alternating images and a fucking couple tips???


Made this a few years back - using the barcode, and a bit of halftone/colour inversion.

Bigger version


This is really cool! Would I be able to make my own version? I really love it when stuff like this is made.

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Got inspired by @RolePlayWalkthrough 's videos and it brought me back to good old Silent Assassin:


Aw hell yeah that’s awesome. I’ve been loving (and living) the crossbow/fur-coat 47 vibes. After making my recent stuff I appreciate those two missions so much more. Really cool drawing I love the face shadows.


H2SA loading screens were incredible. Maybe next game they will come back.




IOI would have put a blend in option for Mascot 47 in the flamingo wildlife scene. :flamingo:


With the new Sims 4 package “For rent” I am finally able to build whole apartments, which was always a huge wish of mine! And yesterday I started with the biggest project I ever did in a Sims game so far, I guess you can tell where I took my inspiration from :grin:

I build this part of Sapienza you can find near the beach.

I still have so much to do, so many rooms to fill, so many decorations to place, but the basic framework is there. In the end, there will be 6 functional apartments, but more are placed, so with a cheat they can be increased. And there are also community areas where the residents can meet, like a library, a café and maybe I will place a gym or some sort :blush:

I will show you the final results when it is finished!


Made Clive or head_african_20s_03 from my Haven Island Mod or Sapienza (and Paris). In addition I also revamped my Heads a bit by introducing a “beard” version of some Heads including Clive, which basically is needed for Heads that smile as I couldn’t give the majority of them something like a Moustache. Of course I wouldn’t really need a new version of a Head just for such a minor change, so another reason is that it’s also nice way to have an alternative version of a Head, maybe for a Security Detail Model or something as most of the beard_versions look a bit less friendly.


That’s SICK! And very accurate, bravo!!

Takes me back to watching old Sims 3 building videos, just watching someone recreate a pop-culture house, or a specific architecture type. It was neat!


Got quite a few models done.

First of all I expanded on the Flower Garden Waiters a bit, so I plan to do the same to a few other Model Groups.
bandicam 2023-12-16 21-55-06-667
Model 8 - female_reg_estella_head
Model 9 - head_asian_20s_12 (Fumiko)
Model 10 - head_african_20s_03 (Sara)
bandicam 2023-12-16 21-55-46-846
Model 4 - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Model 5 - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Model 6 - head_caucasian_40s_17_beard (Aiko)
Model 7 - male_reg_angle_tsuyoshi_head

I also decided to “bring back” the Spec. Ops. There still aren’t Part of the Winterbottom Security detail, so they could perhaps be useful for cutscenes and stuff. For them I too made alot more models.

Model 1 - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Model 2 - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Model 3 - head_arabic_40s_05 (Sharif)
Model 4 - head_caucasian_50s_05 (Marvin)
Model 5 - head_indian_60s_02 (Balwinder)
Model 6 - head_himona (Himona)
Model 7 - head_arabic_30s_01 (Gael)
Model 8 - head_caucasian_30s_11 (Arnold)
Model 9 - head_caucasian_30s_06 (Brad)

Model 10 - head_caucasian_40s_06 (Captain)
Model 11 - head_caucasian_40s_09_beard (Tristan)
Model 12 - head_caucasian_50s_03_beard (Jeremiah)
Model 13 - head_indian_50s_01 (Bagdu)
Model 14 - head_brandonjokotto (Brandon)
Model 15 - head_caucasian_50s_01 (Andrea)

And last but not least I made the Guards for the Final Act. Originally I wanted to use my Lab Security for that, which I just wanted to armor up a bit. However it felt boring to just add a velvet vest to all models and call it a day, so I instead made new models while still keeping the Uniforms the same.

Model 1 - head_arabic_30s_01 (Gael)
Model 2 - head_indian_20s_03 (Kiran)
Model 3 - head_indian_20s_03 (Kiran)
Model 4 - head_indian_50s_01 (Bagdu)
Model 5 - head_caucasian_30s_07 (Harold)
Model 6 - head_caucasian_50s_03_beard (Jeremiah)
Model 7 - head_asian_30s_02 (Hirai)
Model 8 - head_arabic_30s_04 (Lukas)
Model 9 - head_arabic_30s_03 (Khan)
Model 10 - head_african_30s_03 (Lester) - New

Model 1 - head_african_20s_03_beard (Clive)
Model 2 - head_caucasian_30s_11 (Arnold)
Model 3 - head_famousmusician (Guido)
Model 4 - head_aldricfournir (Aldric)
Model 5 - head_caucasian_70s_01 (Ordon)
Model 6 - head_arabic_40s_03 (Yusef)
Model 7 - head_caucasian_60s_03 (Tyree)
Model 8 - head_arabic_20s_01 (Georgie)

Edit: Added Pictures with Names for the Guards. Gonna give names to the rest another time.


I miss them.


Even though theres still a day and a bit ago, I still thought I could already post my last “weekly” shhet for the year (even though it’s everything but a weekly sheet as I started it a day or two, after I made Storm.)

Model 1 - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Model 2 - head_caucasian_40s_12 (Sergey)
Manuel De Francês - head_caucasian_50s_07 (Manuel)
Model 4 - head_caucasian_40s_09 (Tristan)
Peregrine ‘Black Penguin’ Garcia (New Design) - head_african_30s_03 (Lester)
Model 6 - male_reg_eddie_head
Model 7 - head_african_30s_03 (Lester)
Michael Fitzwater Jr. - head_michaelfitzwaterjunior (Michael)

Stephanie Clio - head_stephanieclio (Stephanie)
Model 2 - head_indian_20s_05 (Cleo)
Deded Walker (New Design) - female_reg_dede_head
Bubbles - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Model 5 - head_indian_20s_05 (Cleo)
Model 6 - head_indian_20s_04 (Shanti)
Model 7 - head_brionylebonn (Briony)
Model 8 - head_asian_20s_13 (Mai)
Mrs. Newland - female_reg_mrsnewland_head


I had so much fun doing this picture :heart_eyes: I wish we could have seen more of Grey and Olivia year 4? :eyes: because they are such a cool team!


New Year, new weekly sheet.

Assassin 1 - head_asian_20s_01 (Basil)
Dr. Ivan ‘Mr. Machine’ Jumbo (MH2, Flashback) - male_reg_jumbo_mh2_head
Cosmo ‘Goomba Guy’ Sniders (MH2) - male_reg_goombaguy_mh2_head
Male Model 4 - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Male Model 5 - head_asian_30s_03 (Takewaki)
Male Model 6 - head_caucasian_40s_15 (Kai)
Dallas von Sacheverell (MH2, Flashback, Ver. 1) - head_caucasian_40s_17 (Aiko)
Dallas von Sacheverell (MH2, Flashback, Ver. 2) - head_asian_20s_03 (Chen)

Assassin 2 - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Female Model 2 - head_asian_20s_11 (Hotaru)
Female Model 3 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
Female Model 4 - head_armsdealer (Natalie)
Josephine ‘Forwardfoot’ Kamau (MH2) - head_stephanieclio


just saw this - great pic with a classic pose. his…greasiness…here adds to the quality too i think

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A small edit


If I ever manage to develop the skill set to make CGI movies, I’m definitely doing a remake of this Casino Royale scene with Agent 47 in place of Bond. That entire thing screamed Hitman more than Bond.

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Brilliant! This is the Dmitri Vegas trailer we deserved.