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Brilliant! This is the Dmitri Vegas trailer we deserved.

Made Butch or Head_African_40s_01. I think he turned out pretty good.

Also, my weekly sheet for this week. It’s quite empty as I was also working on something else regarding models from which the first model is an unused leftover.

Male Model 1 - head_michaelfitzwaterjunior
Male Model 2 - head_african_50s_01 (Merle)
Morton Abigail - head_african_40s_01 (Butch) - New
Male Model 4 - head_famousmusician (Guido)
Male Model 5 - head_arabic_30s_01 (Gael)
Klausy - head_caucasian_30s_16 (Wayne) - New

Ayane - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)

Kevin - head_hispanic_20s_01 (Titus)
Mikael - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Chris)
Haris - head_defusingderrick (Derrick)
Rubertson - head_asian_20s_02 (Philip)
Patzon - head_rocca (Rocca)


Made some minor changes to Butch in addition to adding his Hair as a Base Haircut for the Head.

Also, I decided to post my weekly sheet earlier now. In case I still add something today, I’ll update the post with it.

Morton Abigail (Ver. 2) - head_african_40s_01 (Butch)
Gus Harper - head_caucasian_30s_13 (Sebastian)
Oren Campbell - head_african_50s_01 (Merle)
Wayne - head_michaelfitzwaterjunior (Michael)
David Jeon - head_asian_40s_04 (Koko)
Javier - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)
Herm - head_african_30s_02 (Storm)
Herman ‘The Unnamed’ West - head_famousmusician (Guido)
Arndt - male_reg_prisoner_01_head
Dallas von Sacheverell (New MH2, Flashback) - male_reg_sacheverell_head - New
Burkhard Enea (New) - male_reg_sacheverell_head - New

Mira Martinez (MH2, New) - head_miramartinez (Mira) - New
Adrijana - female_reg_udeskyswife_head - New
Julia - head_asian_30s_02 (Hoang)
Lynn - head_miramartinez (Mira) - New
Zelda - female_reg_artlover_head
Weine ‘Wenko’ Onodera (New) - female_reg_wenko_head - New
Dr. Liana Donovan - female_reg_donovan_head - New

Edit: I actually did ended up adding 3 more models.


I put Diana in Lusts mask


I’ll just get this outta my closet for a minute…

Okay, you’re allowed to be horny now. Go.



Weekly Sheet Number 4. So far I’m still one the line of reaching my goal to make one of these every week of 2024.
The Guard - head_arabic_40s_04 (Abdul)
Butch Phillips - head_african_40s_01 (Butch)
Rowan Stirling (Remake) - male_reg_courier_head
Lorenz Geier (Remake) - male_reg_sacheverell_new_head
Pharell - head_arabic_30s_02 (Faheel)
Andrea - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)
Male Model 7 - head_caucasian_40s_14 (Yaron)
Male Model 8 - head_base (Drystan) - New
Mairo - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)
Michael - male_reg_sacheverell_new_head
Olutobi - head_asian_30s_02 (Hirai)
Roger - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)

Farah - head_caucasian_20s_05 (Melony)
Dr. Maris - head_caucasian_20s_06 (Maris)
Rica - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)


This Week I experimented alot with different poses, so there aren’t alot of characters on it. However I still plan to make those weekly of course.

Bramwell - head_asian_30s_02 (Hirai)

Mirabelle - head_arabic_20s_02 (Lisa)
Female Model 2 - head_caucasian_20s_07 (Poppy)
Kick Stance Test of Female Raver Model - head_indian_20s_04 (Tanu)
Zhifang ‘Zia’ (Remake) - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Melissa ‘Melti’ Tresk (Remake) - head_indian_20s_06 (Cleo)
Female Model 6 - head_stephanieclio (Stephanie)


Still going, here’s the sheet for Week 6 and this time theres even a bit of story connection behind these models.

Rabinder - head_african_40s_01 (Butch)
Lorie Rodrigo - head_caucasian_20s_09 (Morten)
Dr. Wu - head_asian_20s_01 (Philip)
*‘Glubie’ - head_african_30s_01 (Bud)
Male Model 5 - head_asian_20s_03 (Chen)
*Vickers - head_caucasian_60s_01 (Walter)
*Alastair “The Brain” Browne - head_caucasian_40s_11 (Jason)
*Macallister “The Brute” Browne - head_caucasian_40s_11 (Jason)

*Sophie Fu - head_asian_20s_12 (Fumiko)
‘Starby’ - head_caucasian_20s_08 (Traute)

*‘Glubie’ and Sophie Fu - two low-ranking henchmen working for the Browne Crime Family. 'Glubie’s real name is Valentine Wright, but everybody just calls him ‘Glubie’ as he used to eat glue.

*Vickers - Vickers is the Browne Familys Top Guy who already used to work alongside the Twins Father. However due to his higher age, he doesn’t get the respect he deserves, despite getting things done.

*Macallister “The Brute” Browne - the older twin brother of Alastair. Despite having the same, if not more claim to his familys legacy, Alastair keeps him on a tight leash as he carries out the actual buisness as the much smarter part of the twins. Rumors say the reason for Macallister’s rang is the fact that he let himself get thrown out of a Train, forcing his brother to hand over something really important, so the actual main reason is most likely his cocain addiction.

*Alastair “The Brain” Browne - the younger twin brother of Macallister and head of the Browne Crime Family. To prove himself as the head of the family, Alastair nearly killed his brother by stabbing him in the Throat while there father was present. This made his father proud and he declared him as his righful heir in addition to nearly letting his other son die, if it wouldn’t have been for Macallister Mother begging and Vickers Advice.


I made a set of Hitman-inspired candy hearts for Valentine’s Day. Wrap your lips around this! :joy:



Love how these all sound romantic yet slightly threatening lmao perfect choices


They also sound like the type of dialogue you’d hear in a Hitman fanfiction erotica… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(I swear I have zero frame of reference for this, just a thought that popped into my head heh)


Absolutely valid association! :joy:


I want to do a few Faces again, so I have trouble deciding between these, so I decided to put up a Poll and do the 2 or 3 ones with most votes.

  • Albert
  • Ismael
  • Brian
  • Darcy
  • Terry
  • Jai
  • Michael
0 voters









“Join your parents at work” - Day


Finished Poll Winner Terry. Despite most female Heads being much harder for me to do to the smaller size, I think she turned out pretty well. Obviously the original one doesn’t smile, but I couldn’t replicate the facial expression that well, so I choose to do this instead of a neutral/annoyed look.

Due to having Albert, Brian and Ismael all in second place with two votes each and doing all of them would kinda go against the purpose of this pool, I’m gonna do Michael as my second Head as he didn’t get any votes, the poor guy.

Disclaimer: The Hair is inspired by her Appearence in Bangkok, hence the brighter blonde tone.

Also, of course I also haven’t forgotten my weekly sheet, which I’m just gonna add onto this post.

Varrzyk (Human Form) - head_creepybandit (Nikki)
Zyrus Smith - head_aldricfournier (Aldric)
H.U.G.O - head_caucasian_20s_08 (Finley)
Jonathan Sinclair (Prison) - head_caucasian_30s_16 (Wayne)
Jonathan Sinclair - head_caucasian_30s_16 (Wayne)
Marshall Rodrico - head_arabic_30s_06 (Murat)

Cooper Gilliam - female_reg_estella_head


Weekly Sheet of Week 8 is here and what a sheet it turned out to be as I finally started building up one sector of The Syndicate, the biggest crime organisation of Winterbottom. For anyone intrested, I seperated the Syndicate Members from the non.Synicate which aren’t alot.

Not a Syndicate Member
Vector - head_arabic_30s_01 (Gael)
Syndicate Members
Lilo De Plaza - head_arabic_30s_01 (Gael)
Rig Stryder - male_reg_prisoner_01_head
Vasant Bachan - head_indian_20s_03 (Kiran)
Aniceto Cepeda - head_hispanic_40s_02 (Seymour)
Marcello Giovani - head_caucasian_40s_17 (Aiko)
Simon ‘The Pegasus’ Patril - head_caucasian_30s_13 (Sebastian)
Denver White -
Leopold ‘Ishiko’ Logan - male_reg_sacheverell_head_new
Warren Gale- head_african_40s_01 (Butch)
Kodjo Olayinka - head_african_50s_01 (Merle)
Manuel Vargo - head_caucasian_40s_11 (Jason)
David Claymore - head_casinoheadbodyguard (Riley)
Jake Samander -
Lance Kaur - head_michaelfitzwaterjunior (Michael)
Thahn Mentel - male_reg_sacheverell_head
Gaetan Spence - head_arabic_30s_06 (Murat)
Franklin Wong - head_asian_20s_03 (Chen)
Lasse Danegott - head_caucasian_30s_14 (Bailey)
Hugo Wka - head_caucasian_40s_09 (Tristan)
Dennis Luther -
Not a Syndicate Member
Dr. Gerbil Dawnhill (Remake) - head_african_20s_03 (Clive)
Syndicate Members
Liomon ‘Lambert’ Ghaza - head_arabic_30s_04 (Lukas)
Rickett Giu -
Julian Zhou - head_asian_40s_02 (Lemmy)
Robert ‘Dag’ McKeever - head_african_30s_01 (Bud)
Manni Hartwig - head_caucasian_40s_19 (August)
Horacio Delgado - head_hispanic_30s_02 (O’Donnel)

Not a Syndicate Member
Risae Ong (Remake) - female_reg_wenko_head
Syndicate Members
Mina Drakou - female_reg_mina_head (New)
Leanne Begin - head_caucasian_30s_02 (Terry)
Phoebe Carter - head_african_20s_01 (Xia)
Michelle Wayne - head_caucasian_30s_02 (Terry)
Brooke Tardif - head_arabic_40s_02 (Lyla)
Cyrill (Remake) - head_asian_20s_05 (Brie)
Rin Hirata - head_asian_20s_10 (Clara)
Not a Syndicate Member
Risae Ong (Original Version)