HITMAN Freelancer - End Game, and Long Play Discussion

Freelancer has been online for a week and a half, and two full week-ends.

Some of us are starting to enter the end game of the mode, and many are certain to follow :

  • Weapons Wall are completed,
  • many of the basic challenges are done,
  • Merces are piling up,
  • the Safehouse opened its gameplay upgrades,
  • and Tools are now easy to replace if the need arises.

Here arrive the Top Dog (100 campaigns) and the Employee of the Year (500 Leader eliminated) challenges, that will be certainly up for a few month, if not year for most. The Long Play.

I wonder who will go for them.

But also a simple question : is the game mode still interesting, fun to play in the long term ?

  • Is the Merces economy still interesting to play with ?
  • Are Safes, and Courier still pursued, or are they now ignored ?
  • Are there still risks, punishment, to failing and halving our Merces ?
  • Do we have an incentive to go for the payouts ?
  • What more could be, maybe, brought to energize the player, giving them initiatives ?

Because, frankly, I don’t think it’s satsifying in Freelancer presently. And think it’s a discussion that could be made. So here is a topic.


I think a viable option would be if IOI added weekly/daily challenges which unique rewards. I can also think of ways to spend Merces, like paying to reduce alert/assassins in a location or buying in-site facilitations, like disguises and entry points. And achievements/trophies are also welcomed.


Personally, after two years of Elusive Target, I am spent on the “you need to remember to play every week” side of the game (I hope it will only be reactivations this year).

But yes to all the rest : Merces are piling up quickly, and gameplay is too passive after a while. Well, the long loop of the gameplay is.

I mean, replacing tools costs 20,000 Merces after a fail. Double it to replace the weapons lost.
Tools will quickly go down to two at a time in vendors, at which point you spend 2000 M in every contract, while you easily make more by just doing some of the objectives.
And that’s without going into the fact that when the weapon wall is completed, you receive bonus Merces at showdown completion.

Currently when I loose a campaign it looks like this :

  • Merces are halved, I still have hundreds of thousands.
  • I lost at most three weapons, of rare to legendary quality
  • During the first syndicate I buy back as many tools as possible (the crates are empty, the vendor sells 4-5 of them)
  • First showdown is completed, I don’t have any missing common weapon, so it rewards me 10,000 Merces
  • Second syndicate to the end, two tools at most at vendors. I make a net profit at every missions
  • Even if I don’t buy back my missing weapons (which are always present at vendors, since it’s the only ones in the available pool), they are rewarded back during the later showdown. If I bought them back, emptying the pool, I receive 15,000, 20,000, and 30,000 M at the showdown. The last one comes with a campaign completion bonus that doubles it to 60,000 M.

In parallel, I have ignored couriers since the third day of play, and I was only interested towards the safe because of the Cat Burglar challenge. Which I now have. I will certainly still do some if I have the right disguise and am nearby, But I won’t pursue them as I did at the start.

Like you, and a reviewer I posted in the General Discussion topic (Akwartz, be aware it’s in french), I think more should be made of the Merces. Bribes.
The same list as you : undercover start, un-alerting territories, maybe reducing the number of suspects. At a large cost.

But I also think we should have more involved gameplay during the takedowns. Some strategy on what to do beyond “taking the targets, maybe doing the alerted territories first”.

Because we quickly lose the “I need to make money and go for safes and couriers”, and later on, since we have all the Merces we ever could wish for, we also loose the “I need to look and compare the payouts and available objectives to be certain to match them and receive payment”.

For the sake of players that don’t have as much advance, we can’t overall the economy. And genuinely don’t wish it.

Something I would propose though would be to have, in every syndicate, a hidden safe, and a hidden courier in every location. That don’t appear on the map. Unless you pay for it at the Safehouse. For a hefty price
And then, if you open it it, or subdue them, you gain a Burner Phone.

It would be a good money sink, and make the takedown gameplay much more interesting, strategic.


Some ideas to waste Merces:

  • Every gun starts with max 5 bullets of ammo
  • Pay Merces to bring more
  • The higher the rarity, the more expensive it is
  • On-map dealers sell ammo too but for a higher price

  • Pay Merces if you forgot a suit to have it remade

  • Pay for Agency pickups to bring more arms into a mission
  • If stuff is put back into them, pay an additional fee to have these items returned to the Safehouse

  • Pay for not-randomized suit starting locations
  • Pay more for Undercover starting location

An important part of endgame balancing is having Merces money sinks. I don’t really like the idea of paying for positive modifications to maps before going there myself, it compromises some of what makes the game mode fun. One good option (although there should be more) is the ability to reroll prestige objectives, with the cost doubling each time you do.

2000M, doubling each time, so the second reroll is already putting you in the realm of no profitability–it would be a trade-off between completion possibility, the possibility of making a profit, the “perfect mission” XP bonus, and most importantly would fix the issue in hardcore mode with the balancing of prestige objectives. If players have the cash necessary they could try their luck again at rolling a more favorable mandatory prestige objective–while keeping the cash trade-off in mind. This would be a fairly dynamic new element of decision-making for the player in hardcore mode especially.

However, the overall pool of prestige objectives should also be expanded, that’s for sure.


I think a great idea would be to buy “optional” special contracts that reduce the alert or something like that, such as:

  • Do a mission only with sniper kills, which will reduce the guard number on the next territory.

I played freelancher for a week now (mastery level 50) and the gamemode still feels refreshing to me. But i do understand the concerns that it isn’t very fun anymore over a month or so. I hope that we do get an online shopping system from a laptop in his safehouse (probably in the office) Here you can buy furniture such as couches and chairs for example that you can’t unlock in mastery. They can maybe make a gold sofa or something for a stupid amount of merces (maybe like 1000000) so you have something else to grind for. Maybe they can also implement a painting tool so you can change the colors of chairs or walls in the safehouse. This would ofcourse cost merces.


Hope you enjoyed the ride, because I get the feeling that a lot of players have just been stressing about getting those numbers up (mastery, weapons, gear), throwing their explosive ducks at targets, and then being super impatient and frustrated when stupid mistakes fucked up their progress - directing all that anger at IO. In that case, I can see how the mode will inevitably run out of content pretty quickly.


I think if you have alot of merces and all weapons collections and you finish all challanges

Maybe even Contracts will be more playable than this
In Contracts atleast you have an Leaderboard for players that want competition with others and that miss in Freelancer

If could be at least a leaderboard

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A leaderboard would be great! Perhaps an additional to the safehouse, like a computer where you can see it updated in real time.


It’s still fun for me (~60 mastery; 3 completed campaigns), but I can see why even players who don’t play that way would get bored faster than intended. I’ve already seen some repeat random targets myself, and once you’ve solved the puzzle of something it’s hard for it to continue to be engaging, especially with no endgame progression. I love just inhabiting the world, but some additional tweaks couldn’t hurt if it means players could squeeze a lot more juice out of the game–especially since a tremendous foundation is already there.


Oh, and I really hope that we can play freelancher in multiplayer in the future. It would be such an amazing experience to just play this with friends. Then player 2 can join your safehouse and waits till player one has selected the map and his objectives. Then player two chooses his own objectives, so you can help eachother completing objectives. When arriving at a map you would maybe get double the targets to take down, to make it a bit harder (apart from the showdown mission) I just really, really want hitman multiplayer and i think that freelancher is almost the perfect gamemode to implement it. Then i can finally show off my safehouse to other people :slight_smile:


MP truly would be the icing on the cake for this game. Would actually justify the always-online to me too, washing away IOI’s greatest sin with the trilogy. I doubt it’ll ever come though.


That would be great additions !
I’d add :

  • Pay a large amount (>20.000) to calm an alerted territory
  • Pay to reroll Prestige objectives (one time only, or it would be too op)
  • Pay to have an extra clue about the Suspect (for example, male or female)
  • Possibility to buy a bulletproof vest :grinning:
  • Possibility to upgrade weap… oops sorry i dreamed out loud :smiling_face_with_tear:
  • Possibility to buy a satellite map of the location with the position of the safe, vendors, and why not an approximate location of the targets ?

I would add an item to that list:

  • Pay a vendor to randomize his shop if the player is unsatisfied with their showcase.


I’m personally absolutely loving Freelancer! Will take me a long, long time to get to Mastery Level 100, but what’s the rush? We’ll all get there in the end hopefully! :wink::+1:t2:


What do you guys think of a customizable weapon system? You could upgrade your silver baller with suppressors and a laser in Blood Money. I miss that stuff.

I also miss the animations when assembling the sniper rifle. I know that 47 does that, but this could be a pattern for this weapon class.


I can see weapon customization return in the next fully new Hitman game, seeing as it is a requested feature. But we’re not gonna get a system like that here.


IO is really bad at handling duplicated weapons though… that’s probably why.