Hitman III - Tweaked Master Difficulty Discussion

In the ET it’s a different grape because that’s what the target prefers. It is… a very weird game design choice.

Isnt the security card in the room where Mateo drinks removed on master?

I just checked and you’re right.

Yeah, that’s why I said “Or is it just Haven Island?”. Couldn’t remember if card was gone or not

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Good thing HM3 didn’t have difficulty specific SASO challenges otherwise it would’ve been necessary to reset them.

Has there not been any changes to items found on the map?

While I doubt it’s an *issue with my controller, I played Paris on Master Difficulty… And 47 seemed to run in short spurts then walk… Almost as if there were a very short/weak stamina meter. Also, he felt more clunky when moving around. Like he’d turn then move if changing direction.

“Issue” = I did swap out the silicone button contact pad for the :heavy_plus_sign: d-pad from another (same make/brand of) controller. And I haven’t noticed anything weird in any other game I’ve played (yet). But the top Left Button and left analog stick would be the only things that could possibly contribute to any issues -if it were a controller issue. Otherwise, it must be a change in how 47 handles. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This happens to me but with the Steam Controller because the SC joystick has some weird dead zone in some angles I think, with the One controller works fine for me. You can try to configure the dead zone with the steam input configuration inside steam, maybe that solves the problem.

Loved playing the max difficulty in the previous games, especially the Absolution days. Master difficulty will be cool to play now with the added enforcers and camera very much like the last two games.


Isnt the security card in the room where Mateo drinks removed on master. .

Yes, it is. Not sure where is it through.

another i love to see ioi add in master mode is suspicious items just like they did on hitman 2016


I agree. I don’t know why they removed that. It made it more challenging and fun.

And realistically, it is weird to see a random man walking around with a wrench in a Japanese spa


yeah i know right it was fun and challenging

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Sure, but it wouldn’t be suspicious in many other places like Sapienza, Santa Fortuna or Chongqing. Nobody is going to call the police because they see a man walking down the street carrying a screwdriver, fish or wrench. So, for a more realistic gameplay these items should only be illegal in certain levels.

Likewise, most staff disguises should allow you to carry most items that aren’t obvious weapons. It’s rather silly that a technician can carry a scredriver but a waiter doing the same thing is suspicious. Does the waiter has to call a technician every time needs to unscrew a screw? :sweat_smile:

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At a guess, it just limited options for players, and not in a good way. Screwdrivers, hammers, specific guns if I recall, fire extinguishers, you name it, a lot of items were suspicious to carry in most disguises (even in disguises where it’d make no sense to be called out on it).

Not only that, but I bet my bottom dollar this slowed gameplay down to a crawl. I appreciate the effort they put in to distinguish it from normal, but they went a bit overboard in 2016.

Changing/ adding camera positions and enforcers are more passive changes admittedly, but all you have to do is learn the placements and what enforcers are new.

Master Mode should be “hard for experienced players”, not “annoying to fight against the game”


What was the difference between suspicious and illegal items? I didn’t get the chance to play H16 back in a day :upside_down_face:

Any object labelled as suspicious meant more enforcers saw through your disguise. Sounds good in theory, until you realise what items were labelled as suspicious (basically anything useful), and then you realise it’s per disguise (meaning each disguise had it’s own list of allowed-to-carry items). It just overall felt a little inconsistent.

I should say, I haven’t played 2016’s Professional Mode in many years now, so my memories of it are vague, so by all means, feel free for anyone reading this to correct me. But I do remember hating every moment of attempting to SA/SO Bangkok (and I still do hate it).


That would be ideal. It’s harder, yet seems more natural and not forced just for the sake of thwarting the player.

Master Difficulty in H2016 was insanely difficult and in H2 and H3 they toned it down a lot. (Footsteps aren’t as audible and cameras are mostly placed at random). Bringing back suspicious items would likely help to differentiate it more from Casual and Professional Difficulties.


Oh yeah, footsteps being as audible as they were was an exercise in frustration. Even crouch walking wasn’t safe.

I don’t think they are. They appear to be placed on routes IOI knows people take to cut down on travel time.

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