Hitman Side Characters

This is a thread to post photos and discuss all of the side characters in the World of Assassination trilogy. Talk about your favorites and a bit of their background and (possibly) how they intertwine with one another, as well as ones that appear in multiple levels (Aaron Ford for example. Dartmoor & Mendoza.)

I know it will take some time to gather all side characters so don’t hesitate to add some that may be missing. Off the top of my head real fast, we have…

  • Pam Kingsley


More to come! I hope everyone enjoys this thread over time and or finds it beneficial. I’m sure there must be some players around the world who may have missed out on some of the story due to either not realizing or forgetting about a particular side character. Either way, I think it’s nice to have a thread dedicated to Hitmans side characters as there is A LOT of the story that is told through them throughout the trilogy. Enjoy!

If people think it’s a good idea, we can also add side characters from previous installments as well. For example: Yurishka in Hitman Contracts, or Vinnies wife from Blood Money. Or we can just stick to the Woa trilogy. I’m fine with either.


The Hitman Wiki has a handy list of side characters I thought I’d share :grin:


It also has links to other WOA games’ lists.


Oh nice! Thanks for that. This will really help in remembering all the characters to list. Should we not have this as a topic then? I apologize just thought it would be cool to have on this forum


I think it’ll be fine :)) you mentioned it was for discussing them so all should be good.


you’re missing the best one:



But he’s apparently an awful assassin. Even if he’s not capable to adjust the scope…


Give and you will be given back :)))

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that’s precisely why i think he’s great. he’s bafflingly incompetent at the actual assassination side of things (not a bad shot, mind), but pretty good at the idea side of things, at least by wazir’s standards.

if only he’d gone to specsavers…

To be fair we don’t know what The Kashmirian’s MO is. He might be more of an up-close sort of assassin then a sniper assassin.


My favorite Side Character is of course our Number 1 Girl Lei Ling, love her


Next up has to be Agent Carlton Smith, he was kind of the comic relief, back when not every fucking line of dialogue was a stupid joke.


And as a Bonus my favorite Item: the Jade Figurine. Idk why i love this thing, its a cool item and its featured in every good Hitman Game.

Jade_statue_in_game (2)


Why does that “dragon” look like a frill-necked iguana?

Why the hell not, who are you to say what a Dragon should look like? :thinking:

EDIT: the more interesting question is why is the status symbol of the Leader of the Red Dragon Triad a Jade Dragon, that is obviously green?


Because that looks nothing like a Chinese dragon and it barely resembles a European one? I do admire the artistic license but it looks nothing like a dragon.

Jade is a symbol of good luck in China. Green dragons are associated with health, renewal and continued growth.

Then why isnt it the Green Dragon Triad? :hugs:

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Because red dragons are awesome, they represent power and fortune, red is a more aesthetically pleasing colour that represents villainy and IO has never heard of nephrite (red jade).


@MrOchoa Alright, now this really needs to be an item for sale at the IO store! :dragon: Would buy that in a heartbeat!

Also, to keep things running smooth here, a few more Side Characters.

  • Hippie (yes, that’s the name that appears in Contracts Mode lol)


Note: don’t know if it’s true or not, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s been said that Spencer was the man who put the hit out on “The Bad Boy” elusive target. You can see the name “The Hammer” in the briefing of that elusive target. You can also see “Spencer” with his back turned. But it could pass for him, although I’m not 100% sure, as I said.


Jackie Carrington (this one I AM SURE of) She is the client for the elusive target “The Paparazzo” AND it was revealed that her and Ken “The Brick” Morgan used to date back in the day.


if he is a more close-up assassin, devising a plan that relies solely on sniping seems to fit his ‘bafflingly incompetent’ mo. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean if you weren’t 47, you would have a harder time getting close to Rangan.

The best part of the Kashmirian for me I think would be the sort of nonexistent “shadow” relationship between him and Agent 47 during the mission - like I said give and get back - yet neither is aware of the other. It almost forces you to form some kind of connection to him during the assignment (even though there truly is none), and it does that really well I might add.


Isn’t he Torres Piombo?