Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

It would be possible but I don’t see the point of IO making a classic Hitman game just for phones.
Nowadays you can play the PS2 Hitman games on your phone using an emulator.

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That screen though…

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I know what you mean with all those buttons :smile:
Guess it depends on the app. I’ve been playing Open Morrowind on my phone and it also has the buttons on the screen but the beauty about it is that you can connect a gamepad and it would work just as well without the button clutter on screen :grin:

And yeah, on my Samsung S7 it works better than it did on my first PC back in ~2005 :joy:

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Has anyone tried to play this with a programm like BlueStacks? So it could be played on a PC? Maybe that would be more fun.

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Doesn’t work on Bluestacks for some reason. You have to use MuMu Player 9. And yeah, it plays…somewhat better.

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The official twitter uploaded the clean version of the opening cinematic yesterday:

Edit: 1080p version is now available on youtube:

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Finally, I completed the campaign.

Having 4327 Reputation, I still haven’t unlocked the last two agents; Soji and Kiya. Not sure whether I want to grind for them.

For those who might wonder, the minimum POWER to beat the campaign is 320.

Chapter Briefings

Character profiles

(You don’t need to unlock them to see their profile.)


I will say, this game, if taken as part of the Hitman canon, which is admittedly dubious given the timeline, does at least shed some light onto the ICA agent naming process. Everything prior to Apex Predator indicated that agents were given code names that they were referred to, such as Jaguar in Overachievers, with 47 being an exception since his real name would be mistaken for a code, hence the title of the first game. But then Apex Predator had a bunch of agents that were just referred to by the title of agent and then their last names, like they were from the Matrix or something.

But, the names of the agents in this game indicate that those “last names” they’re called by are completely fictitious, more aliases than code names. Either IO decided to retcon that implication altogether, or this current generation of agents is simply following a new scheme that maybe the ICA changes around every few years; this batch of agents will have bird code names, this batch will have chemical names, this batch will just have alternate identities that they’ll be called by, etc.

That seems to be the implication here, and at least explains why greater care wasn’t taken to protect agent identities in Apex Predator; those weren’t their real identities after all.


I was really hoping the game would be a real added value to the Hitman franchise, lore wise or not. I’d consider the game to be canon since there are Stone and Knight in it, always loved their appearances in H2, i thought it would open new perspectives of gameplay and story, but that was until i learned they were property of Square and not IO. Anyway.

I read some reviews and you guys here, it seems the game is 60/40, there are some lacking but it’s better than the previous Sniper game. Sooo, i was really engaged to play it and guess what? I can’t.
It says my phone cannot support it. Ok, thanks.

Given the timeline, it’s status as canon is highly questionable. H2, where Knight and Stone first debuted, showed that neither worked for ICA, but were being tracked so that an offer could be made to them. While I personally think 47 performed the Sniper mode hits and not these two, it would not be outside the possibility, lore-wise, that they took out all the bodyguards while 47 took the main targets. Either way, those 3 missions happened at the tail end of H1 and throughout H2. The synopsis of the game is that Diana put together this sniper team (which includes Knight and Stone now, so it takes place after the 3 sniper maps and they have both joined ICA) after Agent 47 has gone missing… but at no point in the Shadow Client vs Providence storyline did 47 go missing while Diana was still in contact with ICA.

The only time that even allows such a thing to be considered is the two months between Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgail, and I’m personally convinced the Siberian sniper map takes place during that time, but that’s me. The point is, this sniper game either takes place during that 2 month waiting period and Diana got to work on assembling the team and getting it approved and performing successful missions extremely quickly and during an incredibly tight window, or, 47 solely performed the sniper mode hits and Diana assembled this team years ago between Absolution and WoA, during a time when 47 couldn’t be found for some reason.

These are the only two scenarios I can work out that allow this game to be a canonical entry without going off the idea that the ICA they’re working for in this game is a new one Diana built after the main game. Even if we go with the idea that Knight and Stone alone did the sniper maps (which I disagree with), and so it could have happened sooner than the time period I’ve slotted them into in order to accommodate 47’s actions in the trilogy, the sniper hits still take place around the same time as WoA given the news report on Kovac in H2. So unless some serious time management gymnastics on Diana’s part are in play, this game is as canonical as most Elusive Targets are; which is to say, they’re more in-universe fan fiction than actual events.


I salute your encyclopedic knowledge of the lore as well as your logic monsieur Heisenberg. I read your reply and don’t you think the Shadows could happen right after the end of H3 if we don’t consider (yet) that there is a new map expected in a few months. Presumably, Diana could have lost contact with 47 and set up the long-awaited team of snipers now fully-packed to go on his footsteps and learning of the Schrapnel organization.


That could be considered, except that the team of snipers are an ICA initiative in the game, and ICA no longer exists after H3 (to my constant aggravation). So unless this takes place after even Freelancer, at a time when Diana has managed to relaunch the ICA, or before WoA, there’s just no place for this game to fit other than a few-week period near the end of H2, before everything goes off the rails for ICA.


Ah, i didn’t know it was an ICA initiative itself. That explains it. Also it’s definitely hard to visualise Diana setting up a worldwide operation via ICA intel while she’s plotting with 47 against it, no matter how short the time is in the story. It’s quite impossible indeed but somewhat plausible thanks to the wonderful video game logic :sweat_smile:

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Well, Diana plotted with 47 against Providence, not ICA, he did that on his own, and I’m sure she was planning to go back to work once Providence was done. Unlike 47, for whom it was all about convenience, Diana was actually invested in and dedicated to ICA and their ideals. I’m sure she was a little pissed when 47 shut it down. But, anyway, yeah, it makes it hard to fit into canon unless it was years in the past or the future. Since I’m hoping 47 and Diana use the money they earn from Freelance to build a new ICA, it could be the future.

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I’m quick to forget the most important facts of the plot. The future? I have an idea or two in the corner of my brain of what Hitman could be(come) with such ending. Thanks for the clarifications.

Anyone putting time into the PvP here? I’m enjoying this game as a time killer even for its simplicity. But I’ve seen some odd scores in PvP that make me wonder if I’m missing something. Mainly I’m seeing HUGE scores for boss kills from my opponents. My best agent, at over 350 power, has a boss kill score of around 15,000 points yet I’m seeing opponents score over 100K fairly regularly, for 1x boss kill.

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Upgrading the agent increases Boss Kill and Boosted Score bonuses while upgrading weapon parts increases the other bonuses. From what I can see in your scores, compared to your opponents, you have higher weapon part levels but a lower agent level.

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What kind of agent level do you need to score 100K for a simple boss kill? I have Knight and Stone both at level 6. Agent schema takes a long time to get (F2P), so these people must be buying it in bulk if that’s the case.

EDIT: Originally said level 21, that’s reputation, agent levels are both 6.

Considering they only got 3,915 with 9 kills, they must’ve spent a hell of money only for schemes.

I guess that clears it up. I don’t mind taking the L occasionally to cheesers or big spenders, doesn’t bother me, I just didn’t understand how they were scoring that high. Thanks for helping me clear it up.