Hitman Sniper: The Shadows

that’s what it seems like. from what they’ve shared already, it looks like it’ll be worth a play when it does come out. (And more Jane Perry so yay😀). hopefully this extra time is being spent on ironing out mobile controls…because using those in any app can feel a bit clumsy at times


I actually don’t mind the delay, as long as it is “reasonable”. A polished and refined game is much better than a rushed “Beta” that we pay for under the impression that it’s the final game.

Too bad this isn’t a console released game as well…

Yeah, it could have even more potential as a fully fledged game outside of mobile, though that one right now has a full story and tons of characters

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Global release on 3.3.22
Pre-register is available for “exclusive rewards.”


Looks like the pre-register is up for the game.


Official Launch Trailer


…And it’s out now!


Greetings 426?

What’s 426? Sounds too much like 47. The other agents didn’t go by numbers and if 426 is the name of the group then I think that’s lame.

With that complaint out of the way, the game looks better than I thought it would. Just hours ago I said in another thread I’m not interested bc of no 47 but it looks kinda cool. Maybe with some good reviews I can be tempted to try it.


Game is alright, needs to jettison all the F2P garbage though if they did that then it would be better than Sniper Assassin by a country mile.

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Heard from some players that were able to play it before launch in countries that were able to play the game in beta - apparently the game was filled dialogue from Jane Perry. All the text boxes that pop up with Diana speaking all had actual audio instead, but they replaced it all with just on-screen text for the final release. :frowning:

The video that plays when you first launch the app, which is basically SE’s poor attempt at mimicking the WoA briefing videos, Diana says “The ICA have authorized the activation of Initiative 426: The Shadows” (is at 01m03s in the YT video below). So the group is known as The Shadows, the Initiative that brought the group together is called 426.


I’ve been playing this game since the launch, and honestly, this is a bit underwhelming.

But good things first. Compared to the last game, the gameplay feels much better, mainly because it now feels much closer to the Sniper Assassin mode, which I think is actually superior to this game. You can infinitely distract NPCs with bullets, and hiding body is much better.

Instead of relying on physics to hide bodies, the game handles them with pre-made interactions. For example, if you shoot someone leaning on a ledge, he will fall forward, not fly backward. This makes it feel more like a game, but thinking how much I was frustrated with physics in the last game, I take this as a positive.

The game tells you what interaction it will create when you aim at something. If you aim at a lure, it will show you the range of the distraction with blue. Same with the kill objects, but with red. The way the game will hide the target’s body, if available, will also be displayed. It is a bit hand-holding, but it is helpful because, as I mentioned, the game doesn’t strictly use physics for interactions, and in some cases, it’s hard to know such interaction is possible without the guide.

Unlike the last game, there are multiple maps. And now there is a campaign and proper mission ends, which give a sense of completion and progression.

Now, the negatives.

I’m not even sure if this game has any actual story.

When you first launch the game, there is a cutscene narrated by Jame Perry as Diana Burnwood, explaining the background. Agent 47 is disappeared, and there is a new criminal network you need to take down. When the actual game begins, you play as Knight, and Diana gives you a tutorial.

But the rest of the campaign seems like unrelated contracts without any overarching story. And because of the system that requires playing PvP matches even to progress the campaign, the campaign missions are “just another” mission. It doesn’t feel special, nor interesting. I’m still trying to beat the campaign to see if any overarching stories are revealed later, but I doubt it.

Another huge problem with the story is there is no feeling of being a team. Diana said in the opening cutscene that we need to work together, but it doesn’t feel that way in the actual game. There is no interaction between characters, so we can’t see their personality and relationship. Even Diana disappears after the tutorial.

It all just makes the game feel…bland.

About the progression…

Aside from the campaign, there is the PvP mode. Strangely, despite the game marketing heavily on cooperation, there is no coop mode.

To play as other agents, you must unlock them first. How? by grinding through PvP mode. Yes. The game says “CHOOSE THE RIGHT AGENT FOR THE JOB” on the store page, but you need to grind to even use them. Even if you unlock them, they will have low POWER, so you need to grind again for better weapon parts.

There is a store to buy some of them with in-game currency or real money. But I think they are bad at making people want to spend their money. Because of the overall blandness of the game, I don’t feel like spending money would make the game more enjoyable.

For PvP, it reminds me of Ghost Mode, where 90% of the time, in the random match, I win the game too easily. I genuinely think that some or all of the people I met in this game were bots. There seems to be a ranking system, but it does a bad job of matching me to the players with the right skill level, partially because it goes up too slowly.

And why is there no friend match?

Another weird thing about the game is there is no Silent Assassin bonus, or even just a stealth bonus, or non-target kill penalty. Therefore, a messy approach sometimes gives you more points than a stealthy approach. I mean, come one, this is still Hitman!

I made it seem like a bad game, but it is actually fine. I still enjoy it. But it feels too empty than what I expected it to be. Oh, and matchmaking needs an improvement.


She should just call them the shadows then and why would they take out all the voice acting lines? Ugh :expressionless:


Tempted to try this. But I’m really not a fan of PvP-Games. Is it possible to play this completely without PvP, @93-126 ?

From my experience, yes. It makes grinding a bit slower, but not much, I think.


Thanks, will try it then

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I wonder how much others have progressed and how much money they spent.

I haven’t spent any money yet and just completed chapter 4, 100% for all four. My reputation is 1270, and I have three characters unlocked: Knight(190), Stone(102), Kolzak(77).

How much did you progress, and how much did you spend?

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I only played yesterday for a bit. Didn’t do anything else than level 1 for a few times to get everything there. Played five PvP-games (although I hate those) and won every one of them. Pretty sure there are just bots as opponents. Reputation at 300 (that’s the thing with the star, right?).
Have Knight and Stone unlocked.
Don’t know if I play this game anymore. It’s kind of boring, it tells you everything you have to do.
Haven’t spent any money.


This whole concept of allowing us to play as other ICA agents in other missions that are not tied to 47’s arc would be a lot more interesting and fun if it wasn’t restricted solely to sniper missions.

I some how don’t feel like playing a traditional Hitman game on your iPad or iPhone to be anything even remotely close to a fun experience. Would be interesting to see how it works out though.

Oh, I wasn’t even referring to playing it on a phone or pad; that’s stupid, and I wish they’d stop making mobile versions of console/pc games.

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