Hitman Troll Videos

From the old site I was compiling every trollish Hitman video I find for entertainment purposes.

Now I don’t know if this is the same guy but back in 2018 a prominent Batman fan channel posted a bunch of videos trashing Hitman 2 after the trailer dropped because he thought WB were teasing a DC game. This is a more recent video talking about how Hitman blueballed the Arkham fans again lol.

im confused, hitman 3 wasnt revealed by WB :thinking: only h2

i guess i kinda feel bad for Batman fans though, idk what happened to that Batman game they teased

isnt this Gotham Knights or whatever its called? a Multiplayer Online Game without Batman but his entourage, i dont know, i just lost immediately interest after learning its no new Arkham Style Game.

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One of my favourite YouTube trolls has just release the first of hopefully many Hitman videos.

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Not really a troll video but this comment might be.

if you want to watch a guy who trolls and makes all the lifes npcs miserable, watch this guy called cheru

I do and the guy is hilarious lmao

idk why but he reminds me of Trump talking

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He’s definitely doing an impression of DDR (Dementia Daddy Republican)

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Oh wait it actually thought he was being serious :confused:

Is this a troll video?

go to this guys channel he is the god of trolling npcs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVM0qbrNk1QZsUQXAVAqM4A

Jesus, I wish there could be a way for my browser to warn me every time I’m about to visit that guy’s YT channel…

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Sure, don’t judge a book by it’s cover but damn If I can’t help myself from judging those damn hideous video thumbnails. Pure cringe.