HITMAN VR (Discussion)

Revealed at a State of Play in August 2020




I am just drooling over how cool Chongqing will feel and look in VR🤤

Honestly can’t wait to watch other youtubers play hitman in VR, it’s gonna be epic. (Probably someday i will get the VR headset myself :sweat_smile:)

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No body wants to even discuss HVR. We all are so broke.

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For real, this thread is running dry lol someone needs to talk about something, i mean it’s such a brilliant thing that hitman is coming in VR but it seems like most of us are not going to play it in VR that is why people don’t have much to say


apparently 5 million people own PSVR so i think its more for preexisting users :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, the Making of Hitman VR video should be coming soon from Game Informer



Is that in Columbia?

I think the graphics look… weird! I hope that’s just with VR and not the normal look of the game. There are no textures!


well there are textures, but theyre really downgraded, huh? :sweat_smile: im thinking this is just the PS4 version

This got me a bit less hyped for playing in VR. Since the VR mode is only in the PS4 build, I’ll be going from the shiny PS5 build, to going to a lesser version for VR - which will apparently look even worse in that mode.


well we dont know if there will be a VR patch for PS5 users

Well I hope this is just the texture for VR then. If not, it would be much worse than in Hitman 2016. That gun looks like a plastic toy.

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it is definitely just the VR version, because VR is much more taxing on the system they have to downgrade the visuals

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can you upload those VR GIFS from the previous forum?


Hitman VR is downgraded to be able to run at least at 60fps+ on a 2013 console. This is why almost all AAA games available on the PSVR are PS3/Xbox 360 gen games, because the base console isn’t powerful enough for most PS4 games in VR. For example, Bethesda never made it for Fallout 4, they tried according to Pete Hines.

Hitman 3 will look like this only with its VR mode on PS4. I think the base will not be impacted in any way. And Sony confirmed visuals improvements for VR on PS5 throught the backward compatibility mode. I can imagine IOI did this job to have a better framerate and visuals with Hitman VR on PS5, like they did in other scenarios.

It’s a miracle and crazy that a game like this can run on PSVR, Glacier 2 must be very scalable to run it at 60/90fps on a way too old console for this job.


Glacier 2 seems like the most flexible engine alive lol. they’ve been using it since 2012 (or even before that), and it’s still being used in 2020 and beyond… and it just keeps getting better

now it supports full destructability, VRS, raytracing, motion-matching animation technology, the realistic reverb tech, and VR. its crazy


All right, I’m going to kill him.’
But he was like, ‘Hey!’ […]How’s your day?’" […]"‘There’s no way I can kill him now," Møhl adds.
“In that way, it actually feels more personal, the stuff you do,” Hermansen says. “If you f— up, if you have to murder some innocent civilian, then for me, personally, I feel pretty bad. I’m not going to do that again. Like, next time I’m going to do better, because it’s on me to be a good assassin. Because it’s so much more personal and intense, and it feels like I’m the one stabbing some poor woman with a knife.”

I can imagine it feels more disturbing to brutally murder people in VR, and it is interesting to read their reflecrtons about it.
But the last few sentences are typical for woa. You are the good guy assassin. It is okay to kill people as long as you are paid for it. Killing is only bad if it is non-targets. The targets are all insanely evil cartoons of monsters.
The moral grey zone of being a cold blooded killer is lacking in these games. 47 was reluctant or at least indifferent to killing before, know he is “doing the right thing” by it…


Lmao the fourth gif looks so funny, 47 is just furiously cleaning the table :joy:


I’m actually quite impressed with how VR looks. Love the using the gun to smash the case and grab the bat. Very cool, and I can tell it would be intense as hell pulling off a well-timed hit.