Hitman wishlist

the title says it all. post your wishes for an ideal hitman game, not necessarily the upcoming one.

i, personally, want them to fix the lighting in the legacy levels because even if they added all other mechanics like blood pool reactions, money/upgrade systems etc. these levels would be unplayable. the other day i tried to complete a lab escalation in sapienza where you hack a laptop and the cave was pretty much pitch black

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they only need to fix Sapienza (for the legacy maps). and then for all maps fix the weird bloom / lens flare on random items (and also the sun sometimes)


i’d love them to tweak other maps as well. for example, rico’e mansion has some weird greyish filter that makes it kinda ugly. bangkok is even more yellow than initially and hokkaido also feels a bit off for some reason. but yeah, sapienza should be the top priority


Classic ICA pistol and a Classic Rubber Duck as the Classics rewards

Also I’d like to see the Whittleton Creek location function a bit more like Colorado (wow, I never thought I’d be saying that) - meaning that you only HAVE TO collect the clues during your first time playing that mission, and after that you can just kill the targets and fuck off


I just want another hotel mission.

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why though? we already have at least 2 (haven, bangkok) and even 3 if you count hokkaido. what would you suggest adding to such mission to make it fresh and interesting?

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i would love hiding in the darkness to make a return as well. we already have so many fuseboxes and quite a few dark underground areas as well as some night missions. i guess it could work just like bushes or crowds where npcs deem you invisible if you’re far enough


the fiber wire should always be a part of inventory except for no loadout missions. it’s a signature weapon after all


also lockpick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i disagree. there are enough items like crowbars on the levels and that would make them useless unless lockpicking is very slow

By the same token, fiber wire is also useless as 47 can accomplish the same thing by hand without it. Fiber wire might have been one of the original weapons, but it’s hardly a “must have”. If it were to be included in every load-out, I’d want it not to take up a slot then. I almost never use fiber wire unless it’s specifically to knock out a challenge.


Nah I wouldn’t think so. You may notice that with just bare hands or any other melee weapons, nearby npc may hear you knocking out or kill their friends. On the other hand, fiber wire is very silent. I’d like to think it as the Krugermeier of melee weapon.

Another thing that makes fiber wire different is that other melee weapons will ‘push’ the body forward instead of backward. Only fiber wire and bare hand subdue will pull victims backward, which can be useful if you don’t want the bodies fall over the ledge in front of them.


i think that was the implication?

it’s different enough from hand-to-hand, i think. it’s quicker, quieter and it puts the enemy immediately into drag.


that’s the point of my idea. also, it has advantages like being silent and immediately going into dragging after the kill

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Both true points, but the reply was to a comment about the crowbar being just as useful as the lockpick. The crowbar doesn’t open doors in the same way and forces them to remain open (which may not matter given the AI but I don’t like the mechanic). It feels to me like the crowbar should be audible as well while the lockpick would be silent. I don’t remember if that’s in the game though.

I’ve done stealthy subdue and snap neck with other NPCs in pretty close proximity without them hearing it. It’s only if the target turns around and you actually punch them that it’s really audible isn’t it? In that case, the fiber wire also fails.

In any case, I don’t like the wire and just don’t use it if I can avoid it. Not my thing.

i was actually implying the opposite. always having a lockpick would make crowbars obsolete

it’s been that way since release

no, you’re wrong. they indeed hear it but fiber wire is silent

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My wish for Hitman 2 was fulfilled on the Heaven Island dlc…
I wish now on every map from Legacy to Hitman 3… Bananas as useable Item like the one from Heaven Island.


I hope that Hitman 3 dosen’t have Denuvo (DRM) as it compromises performance more than what it’s actually supposed to do. I think there’s a possibilty that it won’t have denuvo as I think it was imposed by Square Enix and Warner Bros for H1 & H2.

usually devs add Denuvo for like the first two weeks and then remove it silently. that’s probably gonna happen for H3 too