Hitman wishlist

Why not to group special escalation missions into a unique campaigne, like “Seven Deadly Sins”? I mean a campaign with those escalations having unique targets, more similar to missions: Dartmoor Garden Show, The Mills Reverie, Berlin Eggs Hunt, The Halliwell Fable (I’d consider also The Lee Hong Derivation)

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Here is my wishlist for the next year in Hitman. I know that some wishes will never occur :wink:


  • Integration of freelancer-exclusive items in the main game (like the micro proximity taser, or the canisters) with new challenges in the main missions.
  • Inclusion of Ambrose Island mission in the campaign tab. Either included directly in H2/H3 tab, or inside the Special Assignment/Bonus Mission tab.
    It would be good if this mission is included directly in the story. That way, players can play the whole story, from Arrival to CM (AI inlcuded).

(Very) Small possibility

  • If new levels are integrated in Freelancer mode, these new levels above 100 should require less amount of XP than previous ones (something like 30,000 XP max) - To avoid grinding.
  • Release of ET missions individually with free loadout. Currently, the only way to replay ET missions is ET arcade mode. If you want to play a specific mission, you need to beat previous levels sometimes, and once it is over, you must repeat the same process. And some arcades have a restricted loadout requirement…
    A new tab with the selection of individual ET missions would be great! With free loadout (like regular ET missions). I can even accept if IOI releases them as paid DLC.
  • The possibility to play The Drop freely, in order to play the different related mission stories.
  • Return of legacy Hitman 1 escalations in Hitman 3 game.
  • New items unlocks: antique sedative syringe, outstanding coin, proximity sedative gas that are present in the files but not available.
  • Integration of the CCTV system (from Freelancer) in the main mission of Dartmoor. Or included on master difficulty.

Don’t even dream

  • Mastery system for the ICA Facility. Something like a 5-level mastery (like HB or CM) with some unlocks like lockpick, or the ICA Facility suit. Just to be consistent with the other maps and levels.
  • Free loadout for ICA Facility missions (Freeform training and Final test).
  • Return of the Undying ET. The mission was so interesting with the different mission stories. Would be great to repeat them.
  • Inclusion of mission-related suits to the mastery levels. Reaching mastery-level 20 on Paris would unlock the Tuxedo with gloves variants (or the classic Tuxedo), in order to be consistent with the H3 mastery levels (where final level 20 unlocks the gloved suit).
  • Reintegration of ICA Electrocution phone (even though it’s no longer a SA kill). IOI did change the rule about the Molotov cocktail. Can be the case with the electrical phone?

In my opinion, your use of it would have to meet certain conditions to earn SA, such as when the target is walking or standing in a puddle. But you can literally do the same exact thing with the Remote EMP… In fact, we really don’t even need the phone (especially if it’s not going to retain SA -assuming their body is found). The EMP can even ignite leaking propane and gas tanks, and oil/gas puddles too.

The Electrocution Phone could (potentially) do these things too. I honestly don’t recall if it could (past tense) since it did guarantee an electrocution kill by itself. The EMP doesn’t guarantee a kill when used. So that could be the trade-off between the two.

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Not only should the phone not be brought into HM3 it should also be removed from HM2 and SASO challenges and related unlocks relocked.

For harder difficulty, perhaps motion activated cameras would be a cool wishlist item.

Once you walk in front of its designated area, it tracks you until you step far enough out of it. Compare that to what we currently have, where security cameras look left and right no matter what.

Maybe it would be kinda like how that cyborg-thing tracks 47 in Miami?


Fixed for you