Hitman World of Assassination – Full List of Unlockables

Unless someone assumes he’s a business man, and really, only Colorado, Santa Fortuna, Ambrose, Sgail, and Berlin would seem unusual for a suited businessman.


We’ll have to agree to disagree on that. In my way of thinking a businessman is out of place everywhere but an office, but I know I am very firmly in the minority on that. I automatically don’t trust people in suits, and that includes at work. Funerals and Weddings… funerals and weddings.


Did something happen to you by a man in a suit? Not even joking.


I don’t like uniforms.

The whole idea of this Reservoir Dogs “professional” in the suit and tie uniform doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make anyone look cool or good or dangerous. It makes them look conformist and traditional.


That last bit is funnily enough one of my most petty gripes with Mendoza. In Paris, I believe other show-goers are wearing both tuxedos and suit-and-ties. But in Mendoza, you look like an absolute broke boy walking around in 47’s Signature Suit, particularly after saving Diana and equipping the in-level suit.

And of course, one looks absolutely insane in almost all maps while wearing that lovely piece you posted above. But I’m not one to judge. I would wear 47’s Signature Suit during the storming of Normandy’s beaches if such a mission somehow existed.

You are correct that a suit and tie looks out of place in a number of locations, and to that point, I appreciate IOI including a more suitable default starting suit most times.


By that logic, this is confirmed in WoA.


Your strong opinions towards the suits makes me imagine you screaming “Bullshit, this guy’s a fucking hitman!!” when you pass a suited guy in the street heading to work


You think I don’t do that? I actually rarely leave the house these days and haven’t had to dress in Business clothes in well over a decade now. And yeah, when I see people walking around in suits, I usually think “this guy wants to sell me something” or “this guy is just an a-hole”. It’s just me.


they turned that lady into an item in the game


Just the 3 New unlocks this month :eyes::smiley:


The Straightjacket Suit is missing in the first post.

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I see it in both the row of Deluxe suits under Outfits at the very top of the post and under the Satu Mare Delirium in Deluxe Escalations further down.


Ah, my bad; didn’t notice. Thanks!


I’ve updated the original post to include all 3.130 items and updated the Emetic Gas Grenade picture in Ambrose Island

I am aware of the monthly roadmap, but I’m pretty busy lately :point_right: :point_left: so I won’t be able to update the post immediately after the roadmap release like before. Hope you guys understand


Will there be any rewards beyond 70 featured contracts in the future?

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Only IO can say for sure, but I highly doubt it. They were adding them in as featured contracts were released, but they stopped about a year ago. Having unlocks past that turns it into a slog for new players, some of whom aren’t all that interested in contracts mode to begin with.

It seems like most of the unlocks they’ve added in the last year or so have been through challenges added to levels or the Elusive Target Arcade instead, which makes them much more accessible.


Doesn´t even have to be new players. I still have to go through the whole lot, including the ones on H1/2 locations again as the progress transfer didn´t apply to that, and I would hate having to do even more FCs for the unlocks…

I´m hoping Freelancer will have a bunch of unlocks attached to it once it comes out.