Hope, South Dakota

They need to add an open world version of Hope, South Dakota to WOA which includes all Hope, SD locations from Absolution (minus the Agency invasions of course) plus areas in-between said locations. All NPCs from Absolution could be brought in with a few extra female characters added for balance.

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I still believe in a place called Hooe

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I believe Absolution haters will hate you for this as well.
Though it will be interesting to see this in the latest game, as a DLC like 7DS.
Would’ve been twice as better as 7DS itself


I believe in hoes too. See 'em all the time at da club. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let ‘em hate. They hate it for no reason and they’d lose out on an open world map.


I hate Absolution for plenty of reasons, and I think going full open-world would be a disaster for Hitman. The OP is welcome to keep all of these suggestions, I’d want no part of any of it.


Your loss. And I’ll clarify: no legitimate reasons. I have not ever heard one reason for anyone to dislike Absolution that holds up under any logical scrutiny, aside from replacing Diana’s original voice.

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How’s this for one? I hate Absolution because I find the plot, characters and tone/timbre of the writing absolutely repellant. You don’t have to agree, but if that isn’t a valid reason to dislike the game then I don’t know what is.

Those things aren’t true. Therefore, not valid. Ten years and still waiting.

I’m not sure you understand what the phrase, “I find [x] repellant” means, in that case. :smile:

I do. An opinion, a subjective point of view. But all opinions and points of view are based off of how a person interprets an objective reality. If it is interpreted incorrectly, an uninformed opinion based on an incorrect point of view is formed. Ergo, a person who dislikes something, say, Absolution, for reasons that are not objectively true, can have an illegitimate reason for disliking it.

I do realize the fallacy in this, of course, as that whole statement can’t be quantified and is therefore my opinion, and therefore subject to the same flaws, so nothing personal. I’m willing to get the same that I give.

That is incredibly snobby tbh

I’ve defended Absolution a lot over the years but I don’t see how “The characters and story are repellant” is anything other than a perfectly valid opinion


Yeah, I tend to do that with things I love. I am working on it.


Here’s why so many Hitman fans dislike it: It’s not a Hitman game.

That’s not an opinion either. The original vision for Absolution (according to ioi in the Noclip documentary) was a linear, narrative driven, action orientated game. All things that are NOT Hitman.

Absolution originally didn’t have sandbox levels. It didn’t have planning/strategy. It didn’t even have level targets.

After the game trailer got negative criticism, ioi changed it. But by then most of the core game was finished so they tried their best to tack on traditional “Hitman” elements. The end result still doesn’t play like Hitman. Which is the problem. And you can see that changed with the WOA trilogy. So you have this one game gap between the original games and the new games.

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Firstly, I have no interest in what the game was meant to be or what it was originally; I am focused only on what we got.

Secondly, those things you mentioned that it doesn’t have? Hitman 2: Silent Assassin doesn’t have them either. It had the same linearity mingled with mild open exploration that Absolution has. So, for the most part, does the very first game. And both have levels without even any targets. So it’s not a matter of the old games, the new trilogy, and this one in the middle; it’s a mixture.

What we got was a generic third person stealth shooter that does nothing to service the genre, the series or even the game on its own. Even on its own it goes from being bad to subpar in the way that most offensively mediocre media does. An ancient and awkward artistic malaise, the limbo between completely objectionable and just under passable.

In other words the game sucks if you view it as a Hitman game and it sucks less when you see it as a generic TPS but there is no world in which the game can be considered great or even serviceable.

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If you’re happy with the game then it doesn’t really matter how others feel about it which is all well and good but it’s pointless to challange people to try and change your mind about it or you trying to change thiers.There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of Absoluition. I’m among those who didn’t like it but to each’s own.


??? It has all three.

Comparing Absolution to ANY other game in the Hitman series is the definition of an uninformed opinion based on an incorrect point of view.

No. Absolution definitely is a Hitman game. Here’s the caveat that people choose to ignore to justify their reasoning of saying it “isn’t a Hitman game”. It’s the situation that 47 is in. 47 IS Hitman. 47 IS in this game. Therefore Absolution = Hitman Game. Why should his situation mean it isn’t a Hitman game?

No. Abs. isn’t perfect. People complained about the Instinct/Blending in mechanic. There was a lack of balance in that aspect. It could still work even in the present Trilogy. But it could be OPed in bypassing, say, one of the guards at the stairs in Paris before you get to the Auction. Yet sometimes… Don’t you wish you could still do that? I know I do.

“But Abs is all Linear and restricts the player choice. None of the previous games forced the player along a set path, or had checkpoints.”

I still don’t see how that disqualifies it from being a hitman game.

Maybe if we define our terms? Does “Hitman game” = It has 47 as the main protagonist and does his thing. Open world or not…?

Or does “Hitman Game” = Joeblow is in the game but sneaks around in an open world and wears a bunch of different clothes to kill whoever?

People are still free to think it isn’t. That doesn’t change the fact that it still is.

Edit: As for a (return to) Hope SD… I don’t think it’s something that needs to happen. It’d be okay, and I have often wondered how some of these areas would be if one were free to explore them without the preset paths. But maybe there’s a reason the game was like that… Make 47 go through a lockpicknig animation while the next area loads.

All I can say is if it weren’t for Absolution - we’d never have the WOA that we have today. The mechanics and controls, etc. of Abs are the foundation.

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