How I'd personally make Freelancer more of a game-changer (Personally speaking)

Hello folks! I have conjured some interesting ideas for new ways to put a spin on the Freelancer Gamemode, with these ideas more or less involving the way NPCs work in the game mode. So to speak: The guards.

On their own; A formidable enemy. They guard shit and prevent the player from entering areas they shouldn’t. But they feel so boring in a Rouge-Like mode, I just feel we should have more than 2 types of guard, utilising the many things that HITMAN WOA has improved on in these years. TLDR Warning for some folks but this will be one of few things I make regarding freelancer! Without further ado, let’s go!

The Heavy Guard
This guard would function as an enforcer to all disguises. The Heavy Guard’s job is to protect Hostile Areas and will be found near Security Rooms or Private Areas of the map, straying away from the public eye. This guard can inform guards in a medium radius of your position (As long as he has direct sight of you) and is in cover or not being fired at. They act hostile to the player if in line of sight and would dress like the Elite Guards on Untouchable with maybe an Urban kicker or even a themed uniform for each map.



The Sniper/Marksman
This NPC would act almost like the one seen in Kevin Rudd’s Chongqing Noodle Massacre,
([RELEASE] Bonus Mission: Chongqing Noodle Massacre - Chongqing - Hitman Forum)
shooting at the player if they see the player doing hostile stuff on the floor and whatnot (I haven’t played the mod but this seems like a good character, props to you Mr. Rudd). Anyhow: The Sniper would be posted in a vantage point (Unique to each map of course), and would move around a lot more on Hardcore mode. They would be able to inform guards and call in backup if they spot the player engaged in combat, they would usually be armed with a basic sniper that can be taken from then and returned to the Safehouse (Probably dubbed, the Marksman’s Jaeger 7 Covert or something).

They would have some sort of commando/civilian tac gear, like the militia on Colorado or something.


The Extractor
This is a guard class that will always spawn if a player takes longer than 15 minutes on a showdown or any hardcore missions, or if the situation is dire, in target lockdown. The Extractor will spawn with 3 additional guards from either a dock, helipad, beach or any other entrance. Usually not too far away but not across the god damn map. Their main objective is to get the target out of the area and into a lockdown state or in some circumstances; A target escape or evac whatever it’s called. They would spawn infinitely on Hardcore difficulty during combat but only once. You can delay/stop the Extractor from retrieving the target by… You know… Killing them.

They would look like the Street Guards on Chongqing most likely, or similar to them.



The Rival Assassin
As the name suggests, a rival hitman. Would have probably a 1/4 chance of spawning with that doubling to a solid 50/50 on Hardcore showdowns with the chances slowly rising to 100% on Showdowns if you stick around too long, forcing the player to deal with the Hitman as quick as possible. Will always be able to blend in; But will have certain tells to give them away, allowing the player to quietly remove them from the situation. If they kill your target: They will take your merces and will be able to attain a bounty of M150k and only M50k in Hardcore. If you reach max bounty and do not kill him you will lose the bounty and will not be able to earn that money. Killing the Hitman will give you your bounty but if it reaches max, you lose that money and it cannot be obtained.

Would look like a generic civ most likely, with an earpiece to give them away, sorta like a bodyguard.


That’s all I got for now! Hit me with some suggestions in the thread and share your thoughts! These are just some ideas I thought up for fun. Will make more in the future!

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This is a really good idea and some of these could even. work in the main game (,ie the heavy guard the sniper) it would just depend on which map.

I think it would have to depend heavily yes, but more or less it would work on most maps at least.

Yeah it depends on which one like Berlin already technical has a sniper that shoots at you but it is in one location and highly avoidable. The extractor wouldn’t make sense on some maps ( ie city maps since they can just leave). I personal think the heavy guard is the best idea

I made the post right after I played absolution so you can tell where my inspiration from :sob:

I’m haven’t played absolution so I had no idea

Fair enough :3

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