How to easily improve Carpathian Mountains

The final level in H3 obviously pales a bit in comparison to the extensive sandbox levels prior to it. While I’m not the biggest fan of it, it does have a cool aesthetic, and I do get what they are going for. And it works well in context of the whole trilogy imo. I think it plays out best as a shootout, just like the final levels of the original Hitman games.

I have one suggestion for IO, that I think could really improve it though:

Give the players more firearms to choose from IN the level itself. Not just these silenced/nerfed assault rifles and shotguns that are in there now.

Some of the other weapons in H3 feel so much more powerful. I get that the modern guns fit with the Providence guards and their attire - but then just put some more options to choose from in an armory-train wagon in the beginning of the level somewhere. This would significantly improve things, and make for a much cooler shootout.

I was on a bit of a fringe rampage with an AK in Dubai’s penthouse area the other night… and the weapons actually felt potent and really responsive. The AI a bit better (maybe it’s just a good shootout environment) and it was cool AF to see the guards blasted down by the AK. The final level shootout sadly never really matches this because of the guns available.

Give us some AK’s, powerful shotguns, etc. I mean the final level in Codename 47 had the mini gun! SA had a garden shed full of weapons. More powerful toys to play with will surely make for a more satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

I’d like to see if people are with me on this one, and maybe I’ll tag some devs.


If we’re talking about improving, I wish the train to be replaced with “Hospital in Romania” aka the proper sandbox location


Yup. The problem is the train.

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I’m a bit split on this. On one hand we’re killing the main villain of the trilogy, I’d like to be able to kill him in any way I want

On the other hand the story explains why we don’t have access to any extra gear and I kind of like that. 47 having to scrap together weapons and take out people with his hands. I especially enjoy how the crowbars and nails break, was a cool new mechanic

TL;DR: yesn’t


i definitely think Mastery 5 should unlock the loadout. let us choose a suit, gun, etc.

it just sucks a lot that the only active-snowing level in the trilogy doesn’t even let you choose a suit.

at this point i think there’s some creative head that just loves to limit our loadout choices for no reason other than “it makes sense from a story perspective”.


Can this be an excuse? I doubt.
If they designed this level with no guns at all, it could’ve worked. But you can easily knock out anybody and take his gun. Same goes to clothes and anything else.
Everything you need could be found on the level. So what’s the real point of those limitations…
To kill Constant with bare hands? No, that won’t work with all those stuff on the level.
I can’t say it’s about “story perspective”

Could still be improved on though.

That’s true, but then put the “armory wagon” around where you encounter the guards with assault rifles and shotguns, and have it be locked so you have to have a rusty crowbar.

Then you still get the feeling of having to scrap together stuff, but a more powerful shootout at the end. Plus the satisfaction of discovering the armory.

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Perhaps, but at the end of the day a train is a straight line. IMO, there’s only so much you can do with that.

Like having more powerful weapons, yes.

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I don’t mind the lack of loadout, I do wish the last car or last but 1 would have a small room similar to Alma’s panic room, just also with fiber wire. I like the one time use objects, and I think when dlc starts coming to continue the story, the train will be seen in a better light.

Well, fiber wire alongside with Black Lily can be found behind Contant’s cabinet


I really wish the train Section of the level was a “cinematic intro” and then the real level begins in hospital in Romania.

I mean is a cool level but you can 100% it in a hour and then nothing you can’t do anything with this level.


That’s all I need :smiley: thanks

This is one of my favorite moments in the whole series. Sneaking and fighting to barely survive long enough to reach 47’s shed. And since I made sure to collect all the weapons… it was fun turning the tables on the bad guys.


It’s the only level where you’re (sort of) allowed to shoot everybody. it would make sense to let you bring what you want.

I suppose you could at least create one agency pickup with a vague justification :

“Blah, blah, blah, 47 was captured with an item. It was stashed in a storage car.”


I could already see myself putting an El Matador to good use in that level. Dang, why did I not notice that until now?

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They could add a stash point, without a loadout. Makes sense Diana could get something on the train for you.


I am really not interested in hosting topics where this is the tone of discussion.

You can say you don’t like aspects.
You can say you wish they’d done things differently.

Announcing “they should do it over, entirely differently, because it fits with my fan fic” is not a contribution that improves discussion and invariably leads to weird toxic campaigns where people think they have the right to tell IO Interactive what they can and can’t do with their own property.


I would have liked a striker or something, headshot backflips off the train would be fun for a few mins.

I enjoyed the end for what it was but I feel the way I played kind of halted me short of perfection. I mastery 20’d each level before going to the next. My fault. Topping out at mastery 5 (I know there’s only so much you can do on a straight line, but STILL) kind of hollowed out the level for me. Thinking a Romainian map for the closer I had big (too big) expectations. The whoosh of finding out you’re on a train was cool and disappointing simultaneously…

Weird contrast because I didn’t care about h2’s intro opening with 5 mastery because it felt like it was a tutorial, plus that sandbox freedom still has me going back occasionally. Closing the game so abruptly with bottlenecked options has me feeling like I wish the last level was stationary so as to have more freedom in taking out the big man himself.
Side note: thought the crafting part was interesting, though odd to incorporate in the very last map. Am I missing or forgetting instances where this occurs elsewhere?

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I didn’t mind the final mission but I was kind of hoping for some sort of forest style shootout like what was teased in the first trailer for the game. The idea of sneaking around picking off agents whilst Edwards was hiding had me intrigued.

I agree about the weapons. Hvaing silencers was pointless when it’s practically telling you to go all guns blazing.

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