How to kill them in multiple rules below?

I am trying to finish the whole WOA missions with these rules:
Master difficulty
No loadout
No Pacifications
Hide all bodies
Melee kill
Default starting place

I’ve already done it in most locations but there’s still some remained unsolved:
Dalia, Strengberg and Zedan: had to use the gun lure to kill them. I wonder if there’s other method without gun lure.
Graves: totally have no idea what to do with her.
Anyone has anything that could help? I’m eager to know. Please.

I’ve been trying it (Re: Paris)… I think ultimately you’ll need to get the targets under lockdown and into the safe room, maybe have the fireworks remote so you can dump their bodies over the balcony, and work your way down there to stash them into the bin that’s just below. Unless guards are outside of the Rm -making it extremely hard to get down there in a timely manner. Or it could just be a matter of the timing of when to dump them. I don’t know if their bodies hitting the ground will cause an audio distraction or not.

I’m assuming you allow for KO’s of non-targets (which you can hide), because while I was trying it - I can immediately think of at least 3, but I’m sure there’ll be more.

Edit: Forget dumping their bodies, there’s one NPC in a blue shirt next to some boxes that will see any bodies dumped. If that’s not enough one of the bodyguards comes back to the room. I even had one that stayed behind Victor. That happened 1 out of 4 reloads, so it makes me think of a bug, maybe.

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Sorry I missed it… No Pacification is one of my challenging rules, already fixed it.
As for Paris… Body hitting the ground will cause a sound distraction, which is why I had to use gun lure to kill Zedan. It’s easy to kill him by the broadcast opportunity, but I have to drop him to the ground to hide his body, which will undoubtedly attract a soldier to go outside and find his body.

And I have already figure out a method for Victor: trigger the firework, and when he is on the way outdoors he will pass a corridor with no one watching. throw a coin to attract Donovan, and when Victor get into the corridor alone, I stab him with a screwdriver, and drag his body to the basement, hiding in the closet at the door to the kitchen.

If you are interested I made some videos about my challenge, which can be seen here:
The website is written in Chinese but I think the auto translation could help… And I added some subtitile in Chinese to explain my stratagy, but it won’t be hard to understand it without the subtitle…

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Dalia has a regular lockdown spot in the back of the attic and I think all her guards will leave before her when everything goes back to normal. I’ve used that to my advantage and it could work here too.

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Strengberg and Zedan

There are two soldiers having a conversation near one of the tunnel entrances, one of them talks about how he forgot to leave the keycard in the parking garage. Trigger that and pick up the keycard when he eventually places it down. You can sneak through the parking garage to the consulate basement entrance without KOs using only a throwable distraction or two. From there, just walk upstairs, use the keycard to enter the empty room adjoined to where the safe and wine are, and just kill Strandberg when he walks into the room alone.

For Zaydan, you can enter the school in your suit and reach the upstairs bathroom fairly easily. Zaydan walks by this bathroom as part of his route, you can lure him in there and kill him. If you’re dead-set on hiding the body in a bin you can drop in a level lower and use one there if you’re really careful, but you can also just leave him in the bathroom behind a stall or something.

Thanks for your suggestions but I have to say that might not work…
My challenging rule is a dead one where I have to hide the body in a container, even if it would never be found. ( for short, the same rule as it is in the contract mode)
and if I drop Zedan downstair, the sound made by his falling will attract a soldier to go outside and find his body. There’s a very short window I could use… But it’s worth a try, I will try this strategy later this weekend.
And the method for Strandberg seems good, thanks for that. :grinning:

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It’s been a while since I played it but I’m pretty sure whenever Penelope Graves comes into the house and stands in front of the grandfather clock there’s just enough time before her guards come in where you can kill her and dump her body in the crate by the front door without anyone noticing.

I had to use a syringe on her because I kept getting spotted by the hacker in the other room.

You can see it here:

Well this doesn’t match the “Hide All Bodies” rule, so it doesn’t work for me.
But how you get into the main building is a good strategy, thanks for that :grinning:

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Well my point is that you can kill her there and hide her body in the create next to her. The timing is just super tight and you have to drag her a bit towards the stairs first before putting her in the box to avoid getting spotted by the hacker. I try to avoid using distraction in my runs, but if you don’t just place a coin towards the stairs to get her to talk there herself.
I am glad the strategy helped you out - it did take some time to figure out :sweat_smile:
Good luck with the ‘project’. Sound cool