I have visual and 100% I.D. (Game) 2.0

This is a thread recreated by @Ingvar and @plover.

Inspired by the Hitman 2 Silent Assassin mission “St. Petersburg Stakeout” and Hitman 2016’s “The Vector”.

This is a game where you describe your target for someone to guess who it is.

You may only provide five clues max but you do not have to do all five if you don’t want to. (Do NOT say if your target is male or female at any time!)

This was something that was previously misunderstood: Elusive Targets ARE allowed according to our previous host.

For example:

  • “The Target wears sunglasses.”
  • The Target is a smoker.”

(A forum member incorrectly guesses: Landon Metcalf?)


(Optional Additional Clue)

  • “The Target is wearing something pink.”

(A forum member incorrectly guesses: Silvio Caruso?)


Then that person would make their own clues. Remember, the maximum is five clues.

You can choose to have all five on your first post, or just start off with one. You also do not have to post additional info if someone guesses wrong. It’s entirely up to you!

Each member only gets one shot. :smirk:

Clue Examples:
  • “The Target is (blank) years old.”
  • “The Target is 6’2” and weighs approximately 200lbs.”
  • “The Target has bright red hair.”
  • “The Target has a friend named Sammy.”
  • “The Target has green eyes.”
  • “Here we go, 47. According to our files, your target walks with a limp.”
  • “The Target is waiting for somebody to arrive.”
  • “The Target wears a very expensive wrist watch.”
  • “The Target carries a knife at all times.”
  • “The Target once knew one of your previous targets, 47.”

New game up here @the.designer.boi you can repost your target clues.


Here the first target for the new thread

  • Your target is planning to kill one of their colleagues
  • Your target is low level in one of their jobs
  • Your target comes from a wealthy family