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How’s I.O. Been replying to customer service emails? Having a dlc question that xbox one customer service directed me to them.

@Travis_IOI he needs help it seems.

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Thanks for the response friend

I have previously purchased hitman the complete first season on disc and recently added the game of the year upgrade and patient zero to my Xbox one. Do to freezing issues I had to uninstall the game. Upon reinstalling the game episode 5 (Colorado), all the bonus missions, and a portion of patient zero (Colorado chapter) were unable to download without purchasing the game of the year bundle. As I have already spent $80 on the game I did not wish to spend another $60 on content I already own. Could someone please assist me with this issue. Xbox one support directed me to contact you (I.O. Interactive) directly after verifying that I purchased the content previously.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Above is the email I sent to I.O. anyone else have this issue?

Just posted this is another thread but seems to be relevant here too: Can you look at the install size for Colorado in My Games and Apps under Hitman? If it’s listed as a 10mb file, you need to do the following:

uninstall that 10mb version of Colorado
make sure the disc is in, and find the HITMAN disc icon on your dash, highlight it.
Press the Menu button and Go to ‘Manage Game’
Colorado should be listed in your ‘ready to install list’
If you get asked for an update, accept the update.

For the Bonus missions, there will have been a code that was included in the box for you to use to get the Bonus Episode.


Hi Travis,
I made the mistake of uninstalling Colorado before checking to see if it was available for download still in the xbox store, so it’s not appearing at all in the manage game menu, everything else is. The only code I received with the complete first season was the blood money stuff, which did reinstall, nothing for the bonus missions. Confused as to why just Colorado is the only episode that’s not available for download in the store. Is that something that will change?
Thank you for your reply, love the game.

I was mistaken, the summer bonus episode is also "not sold separately ", bummer. Probably why it didn’t install.

Now none of the episodes are available separately. Guess if u bought the season pass steellbook you’re beat. What gives?

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I’m having this issue on PlayStation, bought the season pass a while ago and I didn’t download all the episodes right away. Finally gone back to it and now I can’t download any of the episodes as they no longer exist!

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Anything that you’ve already bought should be listed in the ‘ready to install’ list if you don’t have it installed already. When you launch the game, have you tried looking in the in-game store and following the prompts there to install Colorado?

Can you tell me more - have you tried downloading the episodes from the in-game Store tab, or from the PSN website, what error messages do you see?

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Hello, yes I’ve tried from the in game store, they have a tick next to each episode but in terms of what I have installed I only have episode 1. The other episodes just say that they are no longer for sale as it can’t be found. I didn’t get round to actually download episodes 2 onwards when I bought the season pass before.

I haven’t tried from the ps website, but it just appears the episodes are no longer available to download individually on the store.

What about the PSN website, can you try to push the downloads from there?

Also, from the PS4 main menu, highlight the HITMAN tile and press Options, then Information and view add-ons - what is listed there as installed?

I will try the PSN website and let you know.

Th only one in there when I look at that is the Paris one.

On the PSN website it just says “installed” on Hitman. So nothing else I can see to download the additional episodes. The “Add ons” for it are now just GOTY upgrade and Requiem pack.

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Colorado and the bonus missions are not showing as ready to install. Xbox support confirmed that i paid for the entirety of season one.Everything else reinstalled and at the time were available for download separately, now all the episodes are only available for download if you buy game of the year. No more episodes individually as of yesterday on xbox. Why wouldn’t they be available separately? I’ve seen some others here having the same issue.

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Same on Xbox. I’m having a similar issue.

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@Dan_Cobden When you say that you bought the Season Pass, did you first buy the Intro Pack with Paris and then the ‘Upgrade Pack’ for the rest of the episodes or did you buy ‘The Complete First Season’ all at once?

Can you try one final thing, from the PS4 main menu, highlight the HITMAN tile and press ‘down’ 5/6 times to PSN Store and then go right and open the ‘Your Add-ons’ menu. How many episodes are listed here and can you install them from there?

I bought ‘The Complete First Season’ on the PSN Store. I double checked this in my transaction history just in case it was something else I purchased.

The only episode there is Paris, which I have been able to install from that menu.

The total size of Hitman on my console is around the 29gb mark.


Can you try accessing the individual episodes again through the in-game store? Just launch the game, go to store tab and try to click on Sapienza or Marrakesh, etc.

What do you see now?

So when I access each one, it just says:

“There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale.”


This appears to be the same situation with xbox one.

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