Saving... icon keeps popping up every 2 seconds on steam version

Hello. I am a user who is enjoying Hitman 3. I came here while searching for a solution to a game bug. First of all, I want to apologize for any awkwardness in my sentences since I am not from an English-speaking country and am using a translation tool, Chat GPT.

I am currently facing an issue where the Hitman 3 infinite game saving icon appears.

I currently own three versions of Hitman 3: Xbox PC Game Pass version, PS5 version, and the Steam version. The bug only occurs in the Steam version.

I have a total of three devices at home: a high-end PC desktop (with an i5 13600 and RTX 4080), an ASUS Rog Ally (UMPC), and a Valve SteamDeck. The same bug is occurring on all three devices.

The symptoms of the bug are as follows:

  1. When I am connected online, the “Saving…” icon appears on the bottom right of the screen every 2 seconds continuously. It doesn’t stop and keeps appearing endlessly. However, it doesn’t actually save; only the icon is displayed.
  2. This issue only happens in the Steam version. I have confirmed it on both the desktop PC and UMPC, and it has never occurred in the Xbox PC version.
  3. It only appears when I’m connected online.

It seems like this bug has been reported on Reddit for a while, but it hasn’t been addressed yet. There are also some people in the Steam community who are experiencing similar issues. This bug is greatly disrupting my gaming experience. I have reported the bug to IO Interactive, but I’m wondering if it can be resolved. I’m very frustrated.

PS users suffering this issue since H3 launch I think.
Or not long after

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Seems like this problem: The save icon keeps popping up every 2 seconds

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Hey, I think I may have found a temporary workaround. Try disabling the Hitman 1 GOTY Edition content under the DLC tab in Steam by checking it off the list. When you launch the game it should stop happening. I think it’s an account synch issue between Steam and IO’s servers. My hope is if the community is vocal enough about it, this issue can get patched. However, it seems to be very niche, so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you!! As you said, turning off Hitman 1 GOTY Edition really made the bugs disappear. I hope this bug stays gone. thank you for letting me know the reason. Have a great day!!!