I would like a Longballer, please

Well, they said we should be more specific about things we want rather than just complaining, so this is as specific as I can get.

As you might know, the “Silverballer” is based on the AMT Hardballer (and carries this name in Codename Agent 47 before being renamed to the non-trademarked version). Aside from being in Hitman, the Hardballer is best known for its “Long Slide” variant with a massive 7 inch barrel. It was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 1, along with a very chonky retro laser scope.


We already have a “shortballer” with a shorter suppressor. I would like to have a “Longballer”, ie a long-slide Silverballer. It would preferably be available without a suppressor, like the “ClassicBaller” we already have. The laser sight I could take or leave - I don’t think any guns in the game have working laser sights anyway.

But anyway, there you go. Longballer please. That is my request.


There is at least 1 laser sight in the game.

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Hell yea!!! It wouldn’t be hard for them to do. Just a larger reskin. In real life bullet velocity changes with the longer barrel but no need for that in this game since the ballers already shoot unrealistically straight and perfectly accurate.
Fun fact: lots of companies make a 1911 longslide, Kimber and Springfield Armory among others, but they are almost always 6” barrels. The AMT 7” was fairly unique and they still fetch a decent price even though they are super old.


There is a future unlocks wishlist thread where you can post what items you would like to see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It is worth mentioning though that there was a 2016 concept for a Silverballer with a long slide.

It looks pretty cool. Though none of these concepts ended up in the game.

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Yeah, I’ve also been looking up long slide 1911s lately since I started getting curious about the Hardballer. Just a great design and the long slide suits it so well. I’m surprised there aren’t more 1911s with at least a 6" slide; I haven’t been able to find many that have that exact “retro” look I so love about the Hardballer.

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The 1911 world is an interesting one. There are only so many changes that make sense to the gun and it’s been around for over 100 years, so they have pretty much all been tried at one point. A few are here to to stay and the others go in and out of style. It’s still a wonderful firearm though.