ICA Electrocution Phone removed from HITMAN 3

According to the HITMAN 3 pre-launch guide, “the ICA Electrocution Phone has been retired and will not be available in HITMAN 3”. Feel free to discuss your opinions on the matter as well as the item itself here.


IO’s logic: If it’s not broken - “fix it”, if it’s broken - remove it. Simple.
They could have simply nerfed the thing but eh, water under the bridge I guess.


On that other issue… @Mattias_IOI Why is the electrocution phone being removed? Why not just tweak/nerf it? :pleading_face:

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The ET phone goes against everything that is HITMAN IMHO.

The worst excuse I always see is “it’s good for novice players”

No, it’s not. That’s not even a crutch or anything, it’s like a cheat code.

Maybe your post was sarcasm and my meter is broken, I don’t know lol.


They mean changing it to not be an accident rather than just removing a potential tool in your arsenal.

Now I’m worried they haven’t fixed the shotgun. Two years of dev time and they couldn’t fix any of this shit?!

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The shotgun? __________

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I wasn´t being sarcastic. I´d like it to stay in the game, though I agree it´s pretty OPd, hence I would be fine with them nerfing it in a way that would make its use more challenging. But outright removing it is a bit drastic imo and only caters to that part of the player base that doesn´t like it :wink:

Personally I have never used such an excuse nor would I even consider doing so. If anything, it should be unlockable at higher levels, but not something you get from the start.

I like it because it´s one of the more unique items (which, let´s face it, are in a minority towards all the re-skins atm), but I rarely resort to it as a cheat/free kill. But I wanna have the option to use it if I chose so.


Honestly I’d be fine with keeping the electric phone as is, just add in some text that says something like “will invalidate Silent Assassin if brought on a mission.” Basically treat it as a cheat item.


Nah, that would be even worse. It would discourage you from using it entirely. Better to nerf it to count as an accident kill only under certain circumstances I think.


The sawedoff is supposed to be pickable as a concealed weapon like the pistol.

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Not really sure how you could do that to be honest. It seems like it counts as an accident, or it doesn’t, not sure where you find the middle ground in that which makes it a balanced item.

Yeah but electric kills are only accidents because they happened in puddles or otherwise accidentally. It would’ve made sense if they made it either KO when not in a puddle or just not be an accident kill when not in a puddle.


no, they’re not. they’re accidents because they are electrocution kills. that’s it

but ko-ing someone that way could actually be pretty cool. nice idea though i’m not sure whether there already are some gadgets which can do that

Basically what Generickillz writes in her post beneath yours :grin: But I don´t wan´t to derail the thread (I just posted the initial question for Mattias here because it´s mentioned in the pre-launch guide), so we can move the discussion to a new one if needed :wink:

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Yeah but the logic of them counting as accidents is because they’re usually in puddles or from messing with electricity. It’s just that IO programmed all electric kills even if they aren’t real life accidents to be accidental.

Yeah I hated the E-Phone and because of that I created like a million different ways to balance it and IOI are just like “let’s remove it and be lazy lmao”


how is a phone not messing with electricity? you mustn’t change one of the most fundamental game rules just to implement some little gadget that almost no one would use in that case anyway

As much as I loved the thing, having an inconspicuous accident kill on command was overpowered in the game’s context. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see it again

Yeah, as I wrote a few hours ago :grin: :

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And if there’s no more content - use the same content with a sticker or recycle it (ETs).

My stance is the same. I think while it’s a powerful tool, how about making it an endgame unlock so it isn’t used to cheese playing in the first experience. I think it was the wrong move in totally removing it because so many cool setups outside of it being OP. For example the Showstopper, having Novikov on the stage and the phone rings.

This is an awesome idea IOI.

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