Incorrect Weapons

Thought I’d raise the topic of weapons that don’t do/look/sound as they should since the thought entered my mind.

These are the three I’m aware of:

  1. Fusil X2000 Stealth in Chongqing - Despite the name, it has no special properties. This used to be a Freelancer weapon during the CTT. I suspect this is a gun that was never properly implemented and made its way into the public release of the game by mistake.

  2. The Concept 5 Pistol - Either this thing is meant to be silenced, or it isn’t and the sound it emits is wrong.

  3. The ICA Goldballer - Inspecting it on your Freelancer weapon wall reveals an incredibly lack-lustre and very un-golden finish in stark contrast to its appearance when selected during a regular campaign mission.

Are there any others?


”JAEGER 7 LANCER"…The detail screen shows a ”2x magnification” icon, but it can be zoomed up to 3x.

”SIEGER 300"…In freelancer mode only, an assembly motion is generated when the briefcase is put in and out.

“SIEKER 1”…anesthesia gun and needle cannot be shared.This was possible until the freelancer mode was implemented.

These were not announced, but may have just been changed specifications for some reason.


Not Freelancer mode only. This has actually been the case for quite some time, and can be seen at the very least in Contracts mode.

The change for the Sieker and Kalmer darts not being shared between each other was announced shortly after Freelancer launched, and was something IOI didn’t care about prior to Freelancer, but because it allowed players to use more darts for a particular dart gun than IOI wanted to allow while playing Freelancer, they changed it so it couldn’t happen, and darts can only be shared between dart guns of the same type.

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I am playing the PS5 version of HITMANWoA, and I just checked and I could not see the “SIEGER 300” assembly motion in my environment, except in freelancer mode.
Can differences also occur in hardware, for example, between the PC and XBOX versions?

Unfortunately, I did a quick check of the patch notes on the official IO website and could not find any announcements of specification changes regarding the dart gun.
When and where did IO announce the specification change for the dart gun?
I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the source of this information, as I would like to know it very much.

Yes, they can, and that might explain the discrepancy.

My mistake. I said that the change was announced because I remember us talking about it in another thread, but it wasn’t a change that was actually announced, it just happened, although what I said about it happening shortly after Freelancer launched was accurate. Here’s the link to when the change was noticed:


I understand about the information on the dart gun.
If there are differences in the hardware, it is hard to know if it is a specification or a glitch, and it would be nice to have an official announcement from IO about this kind of detailed information.
Thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

As far as I know there shouldn’t be any reason for the Sieger 300 to behave differently depending on the platform (but there are indeed some differences between them, like how the PS5 version can roll Perfect Run as a prestige objective in Freelancer while the Steam version cannot). In the Steam version the Sieger 300 works like you described it - the extra animation is only present in Freelancer and not in Contracts. It’s probably a bug that needs to be fixed. IIRC all Siegers except the Ghost had that animation in H2 so it’s probably leftover code from there?

As for the Jaegers… sadly they lost the wall-piercing ability they had in the previous games :confused:

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So the Steam version was the same as the PS5 version.
So it seems that it could be a glitch.
Thanks for the information.

I’ve just opened and closed every single seiger sniper rifle in all gamemodes and i can conclude…

They all have the same quick open and close animation on Xbox at least.

Then something is up, because that did not used to be the case. I distinctly remember the Sieger 300 being assembled, while the other Siegers were not, even before Freelancer became available.

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So this means the basic Sieger doesn’t have the extra animation in Freelancer when playing on Xbox, while it does on PS5 and Steam?

No, it does have it in Freelancer, but not in the rest of the game, I believe is what they’re saying. Considering I lost a campaign just last night because the animation of disassembling the Sieger 300 and putting it in the briefcase allowed me to get shot to death by a Leader’s assassin, I can confirm that it definitely happens in Freelancer.

So it turns out it’s the same in all versions of the game (well unless it’s different on Epic but I highly doubt it). I’ll report that as a bug then.

It does have the long animation in freelancer, super strange why it’s only in FL and no other gamemode

You know what, I’ve never actually thought about comparing the two and then I looked more into it……

Gold Baller in Campaign and Contracts Mode.

Look at how awesome that thing looks……

Gold Baller in Freelancer

I can’t believe how scaled down and colourless it is. I’m hoping IOI change this in a future update? Does anyone know if this has ever been raised with IOI?

Think the ICA19 Silver Baller is more or less the same in both modes I believe.


I believe that this version of the Goldballer is supposed to be reminiscent of the M45A1.

You could assemble it in the guard locker room in Mendoza during the first few months of H3, before it was replaced by a boring Bartoli pistol. For reasons that still elude me.

To be honest, aesthetically I prefer it to the gold goldballer. Making me quite happy that it’s the version present in Freelancer. But it’s fair that the name is misleading. TanBaller has been used a few time I think.

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It’s supposed to be unsuppressed, it was so in H2, and they broke the sound between H2 → H3


They made a completely different goldballer for freelauncher. This one is based on the regular ICA19 but in the main game is based on the Silverballer. Diffrent but they share the same name. Personally i kinda like this gold matte version.

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Many people enjoy a Tan coloured weapon, which is what this actually is.

Rename it to the Tanballer if you like, but don’t pretend this is remotely close to a gold finish.


Yeah I suppose everyone has their preferences don’t they, but I do prefer the actual GoldBaller and wish it was in Freelancer! :grin:

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