IO supporting Doctors without borders

A Donation to Doctors Without Borders

We have chosen to support Doctors Without Borders with a donation of 810,000 Danish Kroner to aid the need for medical care around the world.

Our CEO, Hakan Abrak, was recently asked about how this decision was made:

“As a company, we experienced great progress in 2020. Together with our talented employees, we wanted to share this success with others who have not done so well through 2020. After more than a year in which the whole world has struggled with the consequences of COVID-19, there is a great need for medical care around the world’s hotspots. That is why we have chosen to support Doctors Without Borders.”

Doctors Without Borders has been fighting to keep the COVID-19 infection levels down and treat patients. At the same time, there is still an ongoing need to vaccinate children against measles, ensure safe births for women and provide clean water across the world.

Malin Palmér, the CEO of Doctors Without Borders in Denmark (Læger uden Grænser) said:

Other humanitarian challenges have not stopped, even though we have fought COVID-19. That is why IO Interactive’s donation is a huge help to people all over the world who need help.

We are incredibly happy and proud that IO Interactive has chosen to support us with such a generous amount. It is because of companies like IO Interactive, among others, that we can be present with emergency medical care where the need is greatest. IO Interactive’s donation will make a huge difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Doctors Without Borders is the English translation for Médecins Sans Frontières . In Denmark, the organisation is known as Læger uden Grænser . Collectively, they are an independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most. Find out more: or

A nice little story to kick off the easter holiday


Good guy Hakan donating one of his silver helicopters to free up space in his hangar :wink:

Seriously tho, you do love to see stuff like this. Primarily because charity is always great, but also because this seems like a good sign for IO financially


Well that’s neat.

Maybe this happens more often than I think, but this is cool. Out of the blue, a game company donating a sizeable amount of money to a charity? Wow.

don’t you see, 7 sins thread? this really shows that IOI aren’t a totally heartless company only in it to screw over their consumers


despite some questionable business practices, im glad IOI is always looking to improve the lives of people. i remember they did that huge Christmas raffle for the Danish Red Cross, and now they’re donating to this organization

they also seem to treat their employees well, would love to work there… especially for the Friday night bars :rofl:


In the grand theme of things, there are far worse offenders out there. Even though that isn’t really an excuse, but IO is a business and they make their living on creating videogames.

It was a nice little story, I thought deserved some love on the forum.

I was actually thinking about tipping in to win, however the price was far to high. I was able to, but using the money I got earmarked for a house, felt a bit irresponsible for the sake of adding to my Hitman collection.

From my visits to IO, this is also the impression I’m left with. I once asked Travis If they needed an inhouse kindergarten, sadly they didn’t and I haven’t pressed the question about employment since then.





:joy: for some reason you just reminded me of what their bar looks like (i think this is their bar, anyway. not sure why Clemens would be interviewed at a random bar)


I been to their Friday bar, it was in the old studio. It was fun.


Looks like they’ve got a decent set up. Bourbon approved.


I love MSF - they spend a tiny proportion of donations on admin, and each dollar donated goes a long way. I donate as often as I can. Super happy to see this.

Is it also a tax write-off as it would be in the US?

Charitable Contribution Deductions | Internal Revenue Service.

Looks like no unfortunately.

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I’m not sure about business in Denmark, however private citizens does indeed get a tax return from donating to foundations.

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Same here in North America. We’re just confined to donating to charities within our countries, sort of a mix between supporting homegrown efforts and anti-money laundring.

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I could be their personal nanny


Travis does have children, but as I stated above they don’t need people look after their children. I asked them about opening a kindergarten inside IO, so I could look after their children. So I think the best cause of action here would be a nanny inside their house and dig ask about details through conversation.


Yeah but I could be their nanny…


I’m a pedagogue. That’s the only thing I can, so that would be the only way to become an employer at IOI for me haha.

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You and I hold the same profession then Mini.

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Really? I didn’t know that!