IOI Insider - August 26

I’m happy with this!! :duck: :wink:


Since the Questions thread still isn’t up and I’ll be at work for the rest of the day, my questions are:

  • Contracts on Freeform Training when? :thinking:
  • Will any changes be made to contracts mode versions of maps (Better exits, unlocked default entrance on Mendoza)?
  • Is 7DS content is getting bigger and better with each season?
  • Can you give us a number of how many devs are working on H3 content now?
  • Should we all just give up on Contracts Mode ever getting an improvement in this game?
  • In an interview with a magazine when DLC for H3 was announced, IO said the great thing about how the game is set up is you can make new content for maps from the previous games, is that going to actually happen?

If someone could post them in the thread when it’s up that would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Also going to echo some questions from Kevin, I’ve been wondering about them.

  • Contracts on Freeform training? (ICA Yacht level)
  • Any chance a Suit-friendly Gate exit can be added to Mendoza?
  • Any plans to add Escalation complications to Contracts mode, or any other changes?
  • Any more plans of future seasonal events in the future? (That are new and aren’t Halloween or Holiday Hoarders)

Very excited for the sin reveal, especially the key animal. I’ve got a fun idea for a series of drawings.

and AAGH I still have yet to start my Lust fanart.


2 hours left


I have a question, if someone could share…

Could you implement a ‘quick equip and unequip’ button for VR?

It would be a tremendous help.


Oof, not adding files to PC, no modding, no server replacements, no contracts improvements, “we just want to make the content for you to play”

Not quite what I like hearing :S


I guess it works for me IF the content is fantastic. I’m still really hoping for an expansion level and/or a proper rework level.


The problem with that is even if they do it, unless the tools are in place for us then you’ll get bored with a new map after a month

They go “we want to make the content for you to play”, but 1) 80% of it isn’t great, 2) they stop making it in 2022… then what?


IOI Insider - TLDR/W

  • Season Reveal

    • Act 5: Gluttony - 31st August to UNKNOWN

      • Escalation - Chongqing - The Gluttony Gobble (Pig)

        • The Profligacy Suit (Has a cape!)

        • The Maximalist Shotgun (Sawed off)

        • “Bubble Queen” Gum Pack (Sedative)

          • You can place, attract an NPC, they will eat it
      • Food is everywhere around the map

      • Pig Masks on guards in Chongqing

      • “Follow a wish list”

      • “Pig plays a pivotable part in the escalation”

        • Feed the pig, very specific requests and methods

        • Very important that you read the intel the pig gives you (mocked not fail)

      • Intro of the escalation

        • “Go 47! Fill the pig!”
    • Order of the sins flipped

      • “Ending with wrath felt better than envy”
  • Featured Contracts

    • The Dartmoor Garden Massacre by Bulcer

      • The story in this is very inviting to allow you to use different tools with a cool narrative.
    • The Casanovas by Pootis.exe

    • Romeo & Juliet by GlogolZ

      • All are really really fun
  • Community Q&A

    • Q: How do I submit a contract to be featured?

    • A: Every month on Hitman Forum there is a thread that allows you to submit a contract and explains what happens.

    • Q: Is there going to be a reward for completing 60 FCs?

    • A: Probably not Season of Gluttony, but there will be a reward.

    • Q: Sales?

    • A: Crazy sales on all platforms for summer, best thing to do is to keep an eye on IOI’s social media.

    • Q: Butcher Suit?

    • A: It was a concept that was in motion. Might have a place down the line, might never come out.

    • Q: Modding Policy?

    • A: Working on what the stance could be, right now the official rule is no modifications to the game.

    • Q: Server replacement?

    • A: More tricky, more of a red flag, never going to support officially or unofficially (keep on the radar).

    • Q: Contracts mode

    • A: No changes on the table in the immediate future, for now wait and see, it’s noted and being discussed. They can say we like the ideas, but we cannot say we can make it happen.

    • Q: Haven island wallhacks

    • A: Always making fixes to wallhacks, have a database of tracked wallhacks to fix. Leaning more heavily to Hitman 3 bugs.

    • Q: Trinity pack purchaseable?

    • A: Talks on if they should do this, currently pre-order only.

    • Q: Raytracing

    • A: News on this to come, stay tuned.

    • Q: Seasonal Events coming back?

    • A: More info about that soon.

    • Q: Solstice Suit

    • A: No one has ever talked about that officially from IOI.

  • Other Info

    • Started with a trailer for Hitman 3 (Same as accolades, no actual text on screen though)

    • No IOI Insider extra stream in August, had to manage vacation time, not enough content to be in one

      • All effort went into this one. One will be in September (mid), cool guest coming on.
    • Short term future and slightly further down the line

    • Update is August 31st

      • Server maintenance, usual times, things are slightly different:

        • No patch for the season to start (small patch for PC)

        • Server maintenance will add everything

        • Next patch in September (Envy)

          • ADDS SHOULDER SWAP!!!
    • Cool roadmap video you “do not want to miss”

      • New ET, new FCs etc
    • Live team is making all the 7DS, ETs, new items etc

    • Shortest season yet


This was one of the most disappointing ioi insiders I’ve seen so far. With all due respect.


I was hoping me might get a little more info on upcoming content or if we are getting anything like DGS

I thought it was starting rn. I missed the whole thing. Im glad theyre putting in shoulder swap and tracking Haven Island wallhacks but thats like a plus for the september patch not a plus for the august stream. It’s like being told your tire is going to get fixed, but in a month. Like great im glad but why tell me now


I saw there were some IOI people chilling in the chat at the end of the stream – Simon and Marla – no idea why, but I find that kinda cute, their own employees watching the stream, supporting the community devs. :relaxed:


Yea I hear ya. The wait will begin for the new one I guess. )=

If i had a monkeys paw id wish for two more years of support. Itd go wrong somehow tho

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Damn, I missed the party… Will catch up later though.

They revealed their “modding policy”?

Travis said that it is according to their terms of service, no modification of the game is allowed. But they will still look into future changes. You can skip the video to exactly 00:47:00 on twitch to hear the statement about modding policy update.


Terms of Service is a subject to change, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Maybe just me, but I feel this is a major missed opportunity for it to be Emetic, and being Gluttony it would make FAR more sense. We already have the snail for non-illegal sedative.


If I recall correctly from Hitman 2 using the randomiser mod, the gum was actually illegal to hold.