IOI Insider Questions (September 23)

Hello! We’re gearing up for the reveal of the Season of Envy on Twitch later this week.
It’s the penultimate season and I’m excited to see the reactions to what the Hitman team have created for this season.

This thread is dedicated to your questions about HITMAN 3. Please submit them below and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. To be completely transparent, there will be some that we purposefully choose NOT to answer, for a variety of reasons.


Before some clever person asks the obvious question, allow me:

What are the reasons that you might choose to NOT answer a question?

Great question! It’s usually because we’d rather wait until another time to talk about a specific topic. When people ask “any plans for XYZ?”, that’s a very difficult question to give a good answer for. We probably have some plans or ideas, but don’t want to talk about them yet. Either because they might not turn into anything, or because we’ve got very concrete and secret plans about them that we want to excite you with at a later point to keep the focus on our current new content.

There might be other reasons too, but we generally try not to dodge too many questions and give a boring answer if that’s all we’ve got.



Romania is the least used map. Are there any plans to make use of it in the future?



There is always he obligatory Contract Mode Updates that interests me and others, even if it is a “no plans so far” again.

Also the modding policy is a matter that I like to get an idea when to expect it. The last stream was more explicit on mods being against the EULA which made (some) modders a bit more scared that the policy will just be a big “No”.

  • Can you give us a number of how many devs are working on H3 content now?
  • What happens after 7DS?
  • In an interview with a magazine when DLC for H3 was announced, IO said the great thing about how the game is set up is you can make new content for maps from the previous games, is that going to actually happen?


  1. Any updates on new Elusive Target formula? Still discussed or been canceled?
    It’s been 8 months after HITMAN 3 is released, but no news on this topic.
  2. Why Sniper Assassin multiplayer is still alive in HITMAN 2 despite it been announced that it will be taken down before HITMAN 3 release?
    HITMAN 3 released 8 months ago, and Sniper Assassin multiplayer is still alive. I ask this as a fan of Ghost Mode which been scrapped more than year ago and I feel uncomfortable with popular mode killed long ago while the mode that always been hard to find opponent to play with is still ongoing

Is there one map specifically that people at IOI enjoy working on more than other maps?

people have guessed Dartmoor or Mendoza based on elusive targets and other stuff. this question isn’t that important, just curious :slight_smile:


Would you use Hawke’s Bay in future for a bonus mission?

  • About saving in escalations and/or contracts, we had a longer thread about that: Do you consider this at all or are you clear on never allowing that?

  • Small reminder: The “A Series of Unfortunate Events” achievement is unobtainable since H3 launch (only) on Stadia"

  • Will extra enforcers and cameras be added to the H3 maps in the future? (Master Difficulty)

  • Will the see-through walls in Haven Island be fixed in the future?

  1. Who produced the trailer music for each 7DS?

  2. And will IO release them in an album after the 7DS seasons ended?


You probably can’t talk about this, but we still want to know, when the first year of exclusivity is over with Playstation/Epic, will the game:

A) get a Steam release?
B) get VR support for other platforms (PC)?
C) Publish a GOTY edition? If so, will Epic players be able to get the additional content without having to re-purchase from Steam?

Also, will you be releasing previous content like the Mills Reverie and Hokkaido Snow Festival?


Can you add another place to disable cameras in Bangkok?


Looking at the player metrics ever since the launch, what has surprised you/devs in terms of how players are enjoying certain locations or missions or game modes?

  • Has there ever been some bonus mission, ET, location, etc… that you think it could’ve been a lot better or just not fond of the idea after thinking back at it?

  • What do you think was the best thing that was ever made for WoA?

  1. Will any more of the legacy Hitman 2016 escalations ever be brought back for 3?
    There are 38 escalations that haven’t reappeared in 2 or 3, surely some of them are good enough to be brought back.

  2. Will any of the items from the past games that are unobtainable in 3 ever be reimplemented?
    I’m mainly talking about the Aluminum Travel Briefcase, ICA Commendable/Superior/Outstanding Coins, and the Black Winter Suit. There’s also the Claw Hammer, Jaeger 7 Covert, and items related to seasonal events.


1. What is your (and Clemens’) favorite map of the trilogy and why?

2. What is your (and Clemens’) favorite video of speedrunners/players of the trilogy? I think I remember the Hitman twitter account posting a video of Gule launching a fire axe, catching it mid-air and killing the Sheik in Paris suit only silent assassin. Videos like that?

3. I like the question I read in this thread: what has surprised you/devs when reviewing the player data? Certain maps not being as popular as you would have expected or vice versa? Certain areas of maps not being visited often? Certain weapons being very popular?


1.When will missing weapons or items be fixed? this has been ongoing for months now.
2.When will the sudden decrease or disappearance of sound in the game be fixed?

  • I thought that this poster in Berlin was a hint for a possible seasonal event which would take place on 09/09/2021, which isn’t the case. You confirm this is just a part of the Club Hölle decor ?

  • As I recall, v1deost was the only artist who got featured in a blogpost on Did you have difficulties fiding new artists or was it a one-time deal ?

  • The last regular escalation is from May the 27th. Can we expect more ?

  • Do you plan to organize another speedrun / creative contest in the future like in 2019 (with a cheaper reward if necessary) ?

* Do you ENVY Clemens popularity / Hakan salary ? Full transparency.


I might have repeat some already answered questions, if so feel free to skip them.

  1. How is your day?

  2. Are there any changes to the process of making the levels since 2016? What lessons have you learned from the past games for Hitman 3?

  3. What do you consider the “fun zone” of hitman (taken from DOOM: Eternal)?

  4. What are your personal thoughts on a WOA mapmaker? Not about how difficult and time consuming it is but more about how cool it is and what you expect will happen when the community has it.