Is the ICA Outstanding Service Coin so rare?

I’ve checked many crates, within game maps and safehouse provided by Diana. But what I found a fact is, it is actually impossible to get the coin. I can not even buy it from suppliers either. I know that this kind of coin is a carryover object from Hitman 2, so is it a must to get the coin from the main mode?


It hasn’t been found yet. As far as I am aware at least.

I currently have a full tool crate, and a full weapon wall, so both vendors and reward crate are empty when I open them. And have been for a full campaign straight. So at least, it’s not a normal loot tool.

But I doubt it would be a legacy reward. I mean it’s from 2016, and would be genuinely mean spirited. And contrary to the rest of the game mode philosophy. (and I think the players with the unlock in story mode don’t have it in Freelancer, need confirmation though)

So, my guess is that the ICA Performance Coin is a pickup from a Safehouse improvement. One from the later mastery. I am mostly thinking of the infirmary. It has five levels spread in the mastery, and each one comes with a supplementary tool/crafting possibilities. (stethoscope, scalpel, syringe crafting…).

A permanent pickup of a coin would be a good end of game mastery reward. Satisfying. But we will have to see when we arrive there. (Hope it will be place on the dossier table, in front of the map, for the best experience)

Or it’s bugged out.


Very convincing opinion! I have never thought in that way.

I also want to apologize for my incorrectness for my first WOA game is HITMAN 3 and didn’t experienced elusive rewards.

Anyway, really wish it really a glitch and IO will fix it soon.

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I found that comment on Hitman Reddit:


Appears that the coin is available like other one.

I think he’s talking about the collector coin on the wall. Not the crate one.

As I said, I depleted the entire pool. And no coin in sight.


It’s got an I (or 1) on it, and is silver? I think I have that. :thinking:

Eh, nope.

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@suanjiansalt there is genuinely nothing to apologize about.
To the contrary, as far as I go, your question about the coin is the most relevant one about the mode currently. Most of it is discovered, but you pointed out one of the last mysteries left. That’s the definition of pertinence.

And welcome into Hitman. :slight_smile:


The coin might be tied to an achievement/challenge. Maybe it‘s a reward for reaching level 100 mastery. That‘s certainly a special occasion that should be celebrated.


I don’t think it’s tied to the 2016 coins. Those were Outstanding performance (etc.) while this is Outstanding service.

Also, there are a lot of different posts on Reddit and other places about people finding this coin and all of them are the one on the wall - not the crate. I saw one where the poster very conveniently hid the slot for the coin with 47’s head in the screenshot while claiming to have the coin - he was called out quite harshly for it.

If it’s tied to a mastery level, it would be the only tool in the game that you need a certain mastery to obtain - not impossible, but odd.

Personally, I think it’s bugged but time will tell. Given that the tools are capable of being lost as easily as they are, it would be ruthlessly cruel for IOI to make it so hard to obtain yet so easily lost.


If it’s any consolation, the Collector’s Coin is easier to find and not too expensie at less than 6000 Merces.

If you need a coin with urgency, one spawrs on a chopped log nearby the heliport.


(The free coin has another spawn location by the lake, roughly halfway on the way to the meditation spot.)


I noticed this the other day. Also, there was one near 47’s helicopter (or the helicopter he stole from Paris more like :wink:)


Yeah I do find free classic coins around 47’s house. But shall I say coins are not important for me. I mean, if I want to distract any NPC, it’s okay for me to just throw anything like hammer, wrench, screwdriver or something else. The Outstanding type is only for collecting to me.


Coins aren’t seen by NPCs when you trown them for being so small so they are a huge help when dealing in very tight quarters. :eyes:

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I though I had it …

It just classic coin. Can’t bring back home :disappointed_relieved:


Here is the spot. maybe there’s more


Not sure yet, but the Coin could be in the chest that you can open once you get to mastery 76. But that’s just me guessing.

Collectors Coin is part of the loot pool, but the Outstanding Service Coin isn’t atleast from what I’ve experienced so far.

Can confirm that’s not the case - I’m in the final mastery stretch (currently at 89) and still no coin. Given the name of the coin, I’m wondering if it’s “unlocked” to start appearing in the supplier stores/reward crates once you’ve reached Mastery 100 or god forbid completed every challenge? It’s the only other thing I can think of.

I did consider maybe its on something you can put into the safehouse on one of the very top mastery levels, but then it would be dumb giving it a place in the Freelancer tools because if you lost it you could just go get it back instantly.


Same quest as you for mastery 100. Only 74 here.

And same reasoning as you about the Coin being behind a mastery unlock, for constant available pickup, But the opposite conclusion : I think it would be genius to make the ultimate reward of mastery in a Hitman™ game mode be unlimited coins.
Too iconic, too useful.

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How are you leveling so fast? I played like 100 hours and I’m level 82

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