Is the live content finished?

Real true and honest proper fans started with Hitman Blood Money on the Nokia.


What platform are you playing it on now? PC is really the best platform for it but make sure you limit the FPS to 60. Really, it’s designed to run on consoles at a lower FPS, and therefore the detection can be “faster” and go overboard on higher FPSes. Same is true for Contracts.

However it is also generally just hard(core). But that’s part of the charm for me. Hardcore Freelancer or maybe Absolution on high difficulties feels like the closest comparison to it in the Hitman series. And people tend to misunderstand the detection a little, especially around walking/running. Guards tend to flip out at a combination of running for more than a few seconds and also being too close for too long - so you need to balance doing both in order to get past NPCs, not spending too long near them by running a little, and not arousing too much suspicion by not running for too long. The right formula also differs slightly depending on level/area/disguise and can be best judged from the detection meter and AI reactions.

Of course there are a couple of outright broken things in the game such as disguises in Tracking Hayamoto and the entirety of Hidden Valley, and the game will change the rules in certain places or try to ‘unfairly’ screw you in some places, like many old school games did. But once you get used to the mechanics overall, that’s a relative minority of the experience.


This is the first I’m hearing that IOI is working on an “online fantasy RPG.”

My appreciation of what the company’s accomplished with Hitman WOA makes me inclined to be cautiously optimistic … but “online RPG” already raises red flags, and the industry is already oversaturated as is, so I’m afraid this will land with a thud when it comes out in a few years.

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Ah, maybe that’s why it plays different to what i remember. I’ll try limiting the FPS and hopefully that helps! Ta


Elusive Targets are back yay.