July Roadmap (2022)

I am sorry to hear year 2 has been cancelled. No more Hitman.

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Now is the perfect time to release the 7+1 Seasons of Sin: Impatience roadmap!


We may have 2 hours left until roadmap drop. I am surprised by the silence though. It seems we overhyped july.

There will be a July Roadmap, just not today.

We’re finalizing the last things for the July Roadmap, and it will release next week.


Hype hype hype hype hype hype

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well there go next week so

Can you confirm the Revolutionary for the people at work who don’t carry their consoles or computers with them.

Bruh I made a topic with a screenshot from the menu screen

Thank you @Clemens_IOI for making it clear. We can relax today, and we’ll see you next week.

Can you confirm which day it will be released though?


You also used mods so for all I knew it was edited.

In other news I quickly used the Xbox Cloud Version.


They usually release these in thursdays :man_shrugging:

Bruhh you got mad trust issues lol

Hence why I want confirmation if it’s gonna be a “usual” situation.

Oh, cool

Okay and? I’m within my right to have doubt when the UI isn’t standard for the majority of the player base.

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Wait, wait, wait, wait… I’m on PS5 how could I use mods on a PS5? lmfao

if you refer to the VR thingy it’s cuz of the PSVR feature in the game, the feature that only XB and Switch don’t have

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Back read to @Dinozafr post bub.

Oh, he’s back baby :wink:



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nah bro, I meant my topic