Khandanyang Discussion (Hitman: WoA Trilogy)

Discussion of everything related to the fictional country of Khandanyang featured in the World of Assassination trilogy. Anything from info present in the games to ideas and speculations by players. Glory to the Heavenly Leader! (no actual political commentary intended ;-))


That is my Fan-made Description for Khandanyang
And, the flag, made by me:-


Firstly, Thanks. :relaxed:
Secondly, That Red star with Golden Outline is one of the Symbols of Communism. Since Khandanyang is based on North Korea, a Communist Regime, I felt that putting that Star would be relevant. Also, the Star seems fine to me.
Thirdly, I don’t remember the origin of the Flower Design, it is actually been months since I had designed it.

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Would we say Khandanyang is a communicst country? From everything we’ve heard of it I highly doubt it. Sun Po seems to be quite explicitly their ‘God King’

Edit: NK isn’t communist either


He is the Sun and the Moon, you Capitalists!


Now I’m just reading up on the symbology of the North Korean flag :sweat_smile: weird start to the day


Really? It is a variation of Communism, but is still communism.

Ah, shame. I´m really curious about it. Looks like something out of Southeast Asia and definitely fits there very well. I also like the outline of the flag and colours you chose :+1:

As someone from an ex-communist country, trust me, that´s a symbol I´m more than familiar with :wink:

Yeah, that´s the question… While heavily inspired by NK, it is heavily implied that it is a monarchy. And communism and monarchies don´t really fit well together… Of course it could be that Jin/Sun Po (who so far seem to be the same person) got to power as a member/leader of a Marxist junta or something like that and then just proclaimed himself king. Wouldn´t be far-fetched… (think something like the Central African Empire under Jean-Bédel Bokassa, but with the one allowed party being communist :man_shrugging:)

Also, if the Khandanyang gold bars are anything to go by, then the five-pointed star is indeed a legitimate symbol of the country:

Nevertheless, my “criticism” of the star was mainly because of its positioning on the flag. It´s a bit weird to have it all alone in the upper stripe. Don´t think I´ve seen something similar IRL :wink:



From what I understand it’s basically working out of a communist template but rebranded itself and refuses to call itself communism

But let’s be real, how many are actually properly communist? :man_shrugging:

Edit: ahhhh, forgot about the bars!

Funnily enough the hangul and the star with circle in it are just straight rip offs of NK :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit 2: also best I can tell the flower is a cherry blossom, which in my mind makes me think of Japan, but they do have them in Korea too so


Indeed, there´s communism and “communism”, but as long as it´s called a People´s Democratic Republic, it´s communist to me :joy: And let´s face it, NK is as Stalinist as they come :wink:

Yeah, these two (especially the hangul) are probably the most obvious NK elements about it :grin:

Ah, shame on me! Of course, sakura… You´re totally right! That´s why it seemed so familiar… I see it all the time here and it didn´t even cross my mind one bit :grin: Not sure where (if) I saw this particular one though. Dunno why I had it associated with SEA…

EDIT: I think the SEA mishap was because of the colour scheme of the flag. It resembles the ASEAN one :sweat_smile:


I’ve been trying to think of alternative designs incorporating the star with the circle in from the gold bar. Cause it’s safe to assume that’d be the main symbol of their flag if it’s on their gold (right?)

And all I can say is I definitely don’t envy anyone whose job this is :joy: mind you there’s a whole subreddit just for flag design so


I thought this country was more like Brunei rather than NK

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I´d say it has those elements as well. It pretty much comes out as a mix of North Korea, Southeast Asian, and Central Asian authocracies (which is what makes it so interesting - for me anyway). It´s just that the NK inspirations have been arguably the most prominent so far.


Yeah but other than “dear leader” I don’t see much of NK, unless I missed something. Going by the Brunei inspiration, I’d see more possible that the son of the sultan went to the IAGO meeting for example. While someone from NK’s goverment family would be detained the moment they entered France, I don’t think they be around anyway.

One of the major bits are the gold bars in New York with a misspelled (iirc from what one of the Korean users said on this topic on the old forum) Khandanyang written in Korean hangul on them. Plus the five-pointed stars.

Yes, there are the Heavenly Leader/The Sun and the Moon titles, which is very much like what Kim Jong-il had, plus the fact that the country is a dictatorship ran by a family dynasty (a very much NK thing, though in NK it´s in a monarchy-like manner, whereas Khandanyang actually seems to be a monarchy). And the Heavenly Guard/7th Special Forces Group, with their specialization in infiltration, kidnappings, and assassinations, are very much like what a North Korean special forces unit does/would do.

But they´re not NK proper :wink: Plus I´d say Tren Po probably kept his entry to the country secret.


Also, it’s mentioned in Re Thak’s bio that her family is of Chinese heritage which is more in line with NK (shares a border with China) than Beirut

Edit: great points Rim



Then of course there are the bits that point to other inspirations, such as Khandanyang having jungle areas and indigenous tribes (something I´d associate with Southeast Asia), or the Tungan Valley which has a somewhat Central Asian sound to me (apparently, Dungan or Tungan is actually a term used to refer to muslim people of Hui origin in Central Asia and Xinjiang, if one can trust Wikipedia on that matter).

Brunei :wink:

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Don’t mind me, just gonna jump off a cliff

Also references to indigenous tribes?

Come on, be creative. Say you´re on your phone and blame autocorrect :joy:

In Miami, Sierra makes several phonecalls after the race in the paddock. Two of them regarding Kronstadt´s dealings with Khandanyang. In one of them, she talks with the KHA ambassador about a shipment of missiles. The ambassador says they´ll be testing them in the coastline areas which are only inhabited by some indigenous tribes (I don´t recall the conversation exactly, but basically Sierra´s worried that the tests might attract unwanted attention and the ambassador mentions them in his answer).

I mean technically is true, I typed “beriut” and my phone autocorrect that :joy:

I love how much detail these games have :heart_eyes:


Also I can’t like anything! This new site is killing me :sweat_smile: