Kill 6 targets easily

If you want to kill 6 targets, try PS4 contract ID: 2-31-3319056-85… You need only 3 bullets.

Wassup man. Nice job creating this contract. I do want to point out that we have a seperate thread for community created contracts. You can find it right here:

You have a bigger chance of people playing your contract when you post it in there. :slight_smile: You can post your future contracts in there too. For now, keep up the good work!


Huh, certainly is 6 targets (3 targets but they appear as objectives twice). Novel at least

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When I created this contract 13 of March, women got similar names too. Kathy or Katie. I don’t remember. But now creating the same contract won’t work…

Anybody got a screenshot? I’m very curious to see what’s going on here. :hushed: