Las Vegas, A HOUSE OF CARDS (Mission #9) - Discussion Thread

WoA-style discussion thread for HoC from Hitman: Blood Money. Post your experiences, takes and things you discovered about this mission here.

Welcome to Las Vegas, 47. There’s a white supremacist from South Africa, his name is Hendrik Schmutz, who is trying to sell some DNA material and lab reports to the wealthy Mohammad Faisal Al-Khalifa. The sheikh is working for someone else, but we’re not sure who. Our client wants to force them into the open by disrupting the deal. You’ve got three targets: the Afrikaner, the sheikh, and the sheikh’s scientist, who’ll be there to verify the material. We’ve been losing a lot of agents lately, 47. Any mission could be a set-up at this point.


  • Eliminate Sheikh Mohammad
  • Eliminate Abdul Lateef
  • Eliminate Hendrik Schmutz
  • Retrieve the diamond briefcase [OPTIONAL]
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Scientist is always accompanied by a guard. I planted a bomb in one of the empty rooms on the scientist‘s floor and triggered the fire alarm. I then hid in scientist‘s room, in the drawer. Afterwards, when the scientist and the guards returned, I killed the scientist, dragged his body away from the window and detonated the bomb to trigger the fire alarm again. Before leaving, one of the guards went directly to the scientist‘s corpse. Another interesting AI behavior similar to the guard checking on Vinnie in his office in A New Life.

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How do I kill the sheik while he is in the lounge meeting? I used the mine in the briefcase to kill Lateef but because of that I can’t leave the lounge without going into combat.

I have to leave weapons on the bathroom to get inside the lounge so I can’t just shoot him. The sheik sits on a chair backed by a wall so I can’t sneak up on him to kill him with fibre wire/syringe. So I am usually stuck while doing this mission.

Usually I just call him from Lateef’s room to snipe him, so I am genuinely curious about how I should kill the sheik while in the meeting.

You go to the meeting without any illegal items to pass the frisk. Next, after the girl has dancing around (normally, the briefcase have been taken for checking), you drop a coin. The Sheik will stand up and look for it. It gives you an opportunity to poison him with a syringe. Next, you can leave the meeting.

EDIT: I found a video with the trick (timecode: 4’00)


Blow them. SKY. FUCKING. HIGH!

love Auzzie’s Hitman videos :smiley:


I always did this trick:

Store a silenced pistol in the DNA briefcase.
Get frisked - they don’t search briefcases.
Go to the right (Sheikh is on the left) where no guards can see you.
Retrieve the gun, store the explosive into the briefcase instead.
Meet with Sheikh.

Lateef is going to be blown up (don’t remember how do it SA?), the diamond briefcase is handed to you, and right after the guard leaves the room, quickly equip the gun and shoot Sheikh. Done :slightly_smiling_face:


Fun stuff, posted in the wrong thread before.

If you manage to knock out Hendrick Schmutz, and take his clothes, then get a guard or someone to notice him, the guard won’t attempt to wake up Schmutz, despite being alive. He’ll just put him in a bodybag and take it to the security room.


I always assumed that any naked NPC in BM won’t be woken up by others…


Always used the same strategy for the meeting. Switching to first person to shoot the Sheikh also helps.

Same. Too bad his upload schedule has been somewhat… irregular these past years :laughing:


Guys, you don’t have to kill Sheikh at the meeting, just call him from scientist’s phone and he will go on the roof, you can shoot him from apartment balcony… Also, easiest way to kill the scientist is with fiber wire from the elevator hatch.

My favorite mission in Blood Money! My method:

Stop at the counter for the keycard, take the elevator up to the floor (I may or may not stop at the bar to get the Schmutz’s room info first). Climb through the back window and up to the next floor, knock out the staff member and take the master keycard for the floor. Go to the elevator Schmitz will take and wait for him to get in. Fiber wire him, take is clothes (maybe his gun, depending on how I want to do this). Go back to 8th floor, activate fire alarm across from the scientists room, wait for everyone to clear out and then enter his room, put Silverballer (or Schmutz’s gun) into the briefcase, go down to Schmutz’s room and grab the briefcase, put a bomb inside it. Go down and meet the Shiek, let the briefcase swap take place, pull out the pistol and shoot him in the head, go back to the elevator and climb up to change back into the suit (leave Schmutz’s gun if taken before), and exit with the diamonds briefcase after the scientist triggers the bomb in the other briefcase. Exit.

It’s a really cool level, especially when performed in this way or a similar way if you like the story and more, as I do, because if you use Schmutz’s gun instead of your own, but do everything else here (or kill Schmutz in his room instead of atop the elevator), then story-wise, the authorities will trace the bullet in the Sheik’s head to Schmutz’s gun, and will assume that he killed the Sheik and the scientist, and that one of the Sheik’s people killed Schmutz in retaliation. Case closed, total 47 move. Plus, also following along with the games’s story, if you put the bomb in the DNA briefcase, it destroys the DNA samples so they can’t be used to make clones.

Love this level, one of my favorites of the whole series.