Last update broke my game

Updated the game yesterday. Tried to launch. On the “connecting” part of logging in, the bar freezes, then the game crashes. Immediately goes back to my Xbox’s dashboard. It’s when the game is checking my save data, it freezes, preventing me from doing anything at all!

I’ve cleared my cache.
I deleted all my dlc and redownloaded loaded it.
I deleted ALL my game data/dlc and redownloaded it.
I deleted my console’s save data and downloaded from the cloud.
I have literally done everything possible on this console to get the game working, but it STILL freezes once the “connecting” bar in the right corner starts going.

I don’t wanna delete the save data from the console AND the cloud because I have content that’s transferred over from H1 and H2. I don’t wanna lose all my elusive target unlocks (and even the special coat/coins I got from doing H1/H2 elusive targets years ago that transferred into every new Hitman game), but I don’t know what else I can possibly do! I know this update broke my game since I literally downloaded it, tried to start then the game froze on connecting. It freezes the exact same time, every time now and I fear my save data is corrupt. Your update broke my game. I need answers. Please help!!


Xbox Launching Issues
Update: We’ve resolved an issue where specific players on Windows PC (Microsoft) / PC Game Pass would crash when the game launched. If you still experience the issue, navigate to Settings>General and turn off the “Advanced Installation and management features” option in the Xbox app. It may be necessary to perform a full reinstall of the game. We’re continuing to track reported issues on Xbox consoles.
Status : Fixed.

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It’s not fixed, so you shouldn’t have this listed as “status: fixed.”

Also, like I said… I’ve tried everything, the update broke my save. It freezes when the “connecting” bar appears at the start.

I’ve redownloaded EVERYTHING twice now. I’ve deleted my cache. I’ve deleted my save data on my Xbox (I don’t wanna delete the save data on the cloud because I’ll lose everything I’ve unlocked over the years since 2016’s HITMAN). I even tried playing on a different console AND I tried playing via cloud gaming on Xbox. Even the crash happens when “connecting” is going in the bottom right corner just after startup and trying to load into the main menu from the start screen.

I’m sorry, but 1.) nothing is fixed and no matter what I’ve tried multiple times on multiple consoles/cloud gaming, it won’t work. The recent update from the 20th literally broke my game/save data. 2.) I don’t even care if I get all my level progress wiped after having to delete my main game data/save file. If that’s how to fix it, so be it BUT, I do care about my unlocks from elusive targets and past games that have carried from H1 into H2 then into H3 over the years! I don’t wanna lose all those unlocks! If there’s a way to keep all that but I have to start fresh, fine, but I refuse to lose all my years of progress just because an update corrupted something that’s obviously in my save data.

I need more help than “status fixed” or “try redownloading” cause I’ve done all of that multi times and it isn’t working. Please help!!


@Count.Rushmore Also, I know you’re just copy/pasting that post. I should’ve phrased things differently so you knew I was referring to that article/the ppl who wrote it and not you.


I am having the same issue turn the game on and it crashes back to the dashboard so this is definitely not fixed.


I am also having the exact same issue. I am not able to connect to the servers. The Xbox one freezes and returns to dashboard.


I have the same issue: if I log with my gamertag, the game is freezing; if I log with another gamertag, the game works correctly.

You fixed Windows PC / PC Game Pass… we play on Xbox console!!!


Exact same problem, they need to fix this asap.
Well over 24hrs since launch and I can’t get in. No way I’m deleting my save, 100s of hrs game play.

Literally got past, start screen now, told I’m in a que have to wait to retrieve data

I had this exact problem too. I was troubleshooting what the problem was until it was eventually resolved by uninstalling the 7DS DLC. I’d recommend trying that.

I checked now and it keeps crashing at the login screen

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I uninstalled the game from my Xbox since it’s probably going to be months until the next update and its now just taking up space.


Are you saying you deleted everything except the game itself and you were able to get past the start screen?

I didn’t try to play with just the base game installed, so if that’s the case, I’ll give it a shot, but if you’re saying you deleted/reinstalled the dlc, I did all that.

This morning, I deleted everything except the base game and it still didn’t work.

Wish I could help, but I am experiencing exactly the same issue and all the bug fixes you’ve outlined haven’t sorted it. Wish I could give you a one size fits all fix.

No, just the 7DS DLC. Everything else should still be installed minus the DLC.

Small update though - that was working fine for me this morning until I returned to my game crashing again. I thought I had solved the issue myself and wanted to share what I did to replicate it.

I managed to get it to work here. It seemed that not all of the content was installed. So I installed the missing seven deadly sins DLC and a ‘Hitman 3 Access Pass Hitman 2 Expansion pass’ that was missing in my installation as well, apparently… After that I was able to connect.

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There must be a huge backlog, hope we all get sorted soon. This patch has been terrible. Don’t think I’ve ever gone 3 days not playing it

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I deleted all of the 7 deadly sins and it still freezes, so for me, it wasn’t helpful. Thx anyway tho.

Same problem (Xbox One X). Hard crash to Home screen after freezing on initial Connecting screen. Happens every time. Reinstall did nothing.

I thought last patch where I lost access to Mendoza was bad. Now I lost access to everything lol.