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Having moved to Rome when I was 4 and back to the US at 10 my footie team team is Lazio. Since I didn’t follow the NFL until joining a fantasy league 3 years ago I don’t have a favorite team, just players like Watson, Landry, Hopkins, and Ridley to name a few.

In the old forum we had an “America’s big 4 leagues,” and separately, “everything FIFA,” I never knew where to put my Formula One posts.

I can’t be very useful on association football stuff, but I follow gridiron football and I’m a giant formula one fan.

Currently watching the NO Saints vs TB Buccaneers. I’m a Bears fan so with them out of the playoffs I just cheer for good games and with whatever will mean I win my wagers. If New Orleans wins I hit two decent size parlays. The trick play the Saints ran for a touchdown was pretty fantastic.

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Watched the Browns Chiefs game and am now watching Buccs Saints game now. Goodwin’s catch was reviewed and stood as an incomplete pass.

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They change the rules on what is/is not a catch every year. It’s always being tweaked but it was a good call. You have to maintain possession through the end of the catch. So what that means is tuck the football and hold it all the way down or make a “football move” before you lose it. That “move” can be another step or something like that. Today he had 2 feet down inbounds but then lost the ball while he went to the ground. No tuck or other football move.

Old article but this explanation is way better articulated than I provided.

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Well, the Buccs tied it up and now The Saints are playing well. I’m rooting for the Buccs but my gut tells me it will be the Saints going to Lambo Field.

Turnovers will kill any offence though. Brady is a general. New Orleans can’t give him so many chances.

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Anyone see Max Holloway vs Calvin Kattar last night? Fucking ridiculous. Max was on some Muhammad Ali shit.


That’s incredible. I wish I saw the fight. I haven’t seen a whole lot of fights in the last few years. I saw Tyson vs Jones Jr but no UFC for a while.

Just the way he looks over at the commentary team, hits Kattar with a massive right mid sentence while not even looking, then casually dodges whilst still not looking and talking to the commentators. Fucking NASTY.

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Anyone got thoughts on who wins the conference championship games this week?

For Packers vs Buccaneers I put my money on Green Bay moneyline parlayed with the under (51) although it’s moved to 53 now. I think the spread is GB -3.5

For Chiefs vs Bills I bet smart and took Kansas City but I would really, really, really, like to see the Buffalo Bills win and go to the super bowl next week. So I guess either my heart or my wallet will be happy with this game :joy:. This game is also KC -3.5*

Also, I am reminded that I can not stand this week off before the super bowl. It’s total nonsense. No one watches the pro bowl. They need to get rid of it.
Edit *forgot to put in the spread for game 2.

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TB v GB: Wel, it’s already 31 total points, so yeah, it will be a 50+ game. Also, it looks like Brady may be playing at home for the Super Bowl but it is only the half right now.

Bills v KC: My heart is also with the Bills, but my gut tells me it will be KC. Either way, it will be a monster game.

The Pro Bowl: I also don’t care. That said, I thought there was going to some sort of event with the players in place of the game due to Covid.

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First time that’s ever happened in a super bowl if they hang on to win it! That would be cool to see.

Over 50, yea probably my parlays are screwed :joy:

Pro bowl: there might be. My point was I hate the week off. They used to do pro bowl after the super bowl, but they still took the week off. Then then moved the pro bowl to the off week trying to get people to watch it. The all star games are really only fun in basketball bc no one plays defence and it’s a dunk/3 point festival and in baseball bc of HomeRun derby and it’s baseball. Although the “winning league takes home field in the World Series” is a terrible idea.

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Well since Tom Brady destroyed my 2 game parlay I’m now rooting for the Bills and the Under (54.5) in game 2.

Also, even though it destroyed my bets, I do think it’s cool that for the first time ever a NFL team will play a super bowl at their home field.

Good thing you didn’t bet with your heart on the Bills v KC game. That said, the smart money was always going to be on KC. Looks like the Superbowl will be a really good game of Brady v Mahomes. Also, The Weeknd doing the halftime show. Love him or hate him, he is only the 3rd Canadian to do a halftime show.

And that’s the game. As soon as I thought that, the announcer said that it was the knockout punch. So, it’s going to be KC v Tampa Bay in Tampa on February 7.

It’ll be a great game and the Weeknd should be excellent. He was at Lolla a couple years ago it was one of the best shows I have seen ever.

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Who said Americans don’t know anything about association football?

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So you raised some money?

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Thanks it’s nice to win once in a while. I can’t wait for Formula One to start.

Speaking of fhat, Drive to Survive Season 3 comes out in a couple weeks. Right before the new season of F1 starts.

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UFC just had it’s first ever title change hands due to a disqualification. Petr Yan threw an extremely illegal knee and nearly took Aljamain Sterling’s head clean off. This was after he’d already been given a warning too, so he got disqualified. Fucking idiot.