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Max pulled it out of the fire. Hes just leagues above the entire division. Would have been champ for a loooong time if not for Volk.


End of an era.


Well, Vegas are Stanley Cup champions. Boring and uncompetitive finals, but it is what it is. Till next season I guess!

On baseball, the Jays are less of a dumpster fire than they were a month ago, so there is that.

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Looks like the Big 10, with a little help, just killed off the Pac-12. :laughing:

USC, UCLA and now Oregon and Washington are joining the Big 10 a year from now and Arizona, Arizona State and Utah are joining the Big 12 leaving the Pac-12 with just four teams and no
media rights deal.

Welcome to the super-conference era.

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I’m a day late bc of a trip but I just saw the Singapore Gran Prix and Ferrari won!!!

Super exciting race. Everything that is “wrong” with F1 for sure as Sainz won the race by driving as slowly as possible the whole time to keep the rest of the drivers bunched up behind, but it worked. The last 20 laps were just wonderful with a late safety car and both Mercedes putting on fresh tyres and then trying to catch. No idea how they didn’t, but it was magnificent. I have been missing the Italian national anthem on the podium. It’s so fun!