Level Ideas for Future Games

THAT… did cross my mind and is really the only “sensible” explanation I can think of :joy:


Good point about “leading up to discovering how the gang discovers we have intel on Carlisle’s intel”…there’s a lot of that needed in these games, or, it could just be fun to think about. Would probably have to be an incidental finding.

I think that these discussions in general prove that a narrative or overarching story isn’t that conducive to a game about assassination. It forces a lot of things, such as collateral targets, instead of pure targets. I actually appreciate how well IOI managed to pull it off across the WoA trilogy, but I also understand a lot of fans’ claims to go back to Contracts-style, unrelated missions.

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Since we now know more maps are being made for the year 2 content cycle, I want to share a few ideas of mine from a while ago.

Swiss Ski Resort
As many have said, a ski resort would be a fantastic setting for a Hitman mission. Not only for all the winter themed unlocks to be utilized, but also for the variation and the amount of possibilities it could bring. Impaling someone with a skiing stick, drowing someone in a huge barrel of beer, cause a skiing lift accident, or maybe even trigger an avalanche? It would raise the question if IOI is able to create appropiate animations for only one level, so in this cause I think it’s best if the level took place during the evening (apres ski).

Carribean Cruiseliner
I love the idea of a floating holiday resort. It’s basically like a hotel but different. Imagine how big this could be. You’d have all the rooms, a big lounge, a restaurant + kitchen, machinery rooms, topdeck with a pool of some sorts, maybe even a cinema or bowling alley, captain’s grounds, etc. Not only do I think this could be a better version of Death on the Mississipi, I also think it could be what Bangkok failed to be. Besides, it kinda like the idea of dumping bodies in the ocean and immediatly erasing evidence by the sharks eating corpses.

African Nature Reserve
First of all, the lack of African levels is criminally low. There is a lot to see and explore in Africa, yet we only have Marrakesh. I would love a more nature based level where we hunt down a treathing target. Poachers, human traffickers, terrorists. Something that will most people feel on edge about. The catch of it being in an African Nature Reserve is how we could use wild animals and the dangers of nature to kill targets. Elephants, lions, dead trees, huge boulders, deep pits. You name it. I’m sure IOI could do something with that.


Jesus fecken christ those kills are dark


Tried to find an appropriate thread to put this in, and this seems good enough.

The top of my list continues to be a luxury ski resort, preferably inspired by Chamonix, but that’s not what this post is about.
After seeing images from the Greek island of Santorini, I really want a future level there or on a fictional Greek island inspired by it.

Just looks stunning, and like great place to commit murder. :slight_smile: Plus, I’m fairly certain 47 hasn’t been to Greece yet.


Santorini would be great! We initially had this as one of our campaign mock-up missions until we changed the setting because we felt Sapienza sort of held domain over “seaside mediterranean” venue:


That is a very yellow shirt. It makes 47 look like a killer lemon sherbet.



I honestly think that a location like Santorini would/could have a different enough vibe from Sapienza to be worth doing. I definitely get a different feel when I look at images there.
In general I feel like every game could stand to have one “Sapienza” in the sense of being a nice, old, touristy town in a warm/sunny area.


Found an article on an architectural project in Qatar that is going to attempt synthesis of urban design, Islamic architectural principles and medical research.

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I like this because it has the added bonus of being close to The Blue House, where the president lives. Sticking with Korea, I’ve always said that Incheon International Airport would be a great map as it is across the street, so to speak, from the Hyatt Hotel giving you an airport and hotel map. Hell, you could have a couple of targets at Bukchon Hanok Village, and The Blue House, but before leaving you will need to take care of a couple more targets at the airport and the hotel. Also, the writers could have so much fun with the fact that the airport code for Incheon International Airport is ICA.

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The map would be set in Russia before the events of Hitman 2. The play will be set in the Romantic era 1886-1890 and maybe the maps music could be Ave Maria as it was first composed in 1887 (the more you know).


Good evening 47, your destination is the Chyorny Volkov (Black Wolf) opera house in Vladivostok,Russia. Your first target is Natalya Ovechkina, a famous opera actor currently on tour of Northern Asia with your second
target, Ruslan Kuznetsov, a self acclaimed theatrical play write who will stop at nothing to get a perfect play.

According to ICA files, Natalya and Ruslan meet back in the 90’s when they needed each others “special” attributes to get a play from William Heartland, a socialite and renounced play collector. The plays called “TO A RUSSIAN HARE”. That’s fitting, 47.

Just last year they murdered one of our own in cold blood. It was seen as an accident, but we know better.
Our onsite intelligence has spotted Natalya on and around the main stage, every so often performing on stage. Whereas Ruslan is roaming around the Bar area, the interview area, the heaven seats and around the garden and it’s lake.
Good luck, 47. I’m sure this will be no challenge.


•Prop falling objects (accident)
•Smoking area off stage (accident)
•Stage lights (accident)
•URSA vodka (poison)
•Dubai style art sun (accident)
•Icicle kill (accident)
•Trapdoor (accident)
•Piano falling object (accident)
•Safety rope (accident)
•Quill to the eye (non accident)
•Microphone (accident)
There’s more these are just custom to the map.

•Main stage
•Lobby area (47 can get intel)
•Bar area
•Bar kitchen
•Light rig floor boards
•Interview area
•Heaven seats

•Nighttime/late evening
•Set in Russia, which are really big on opera
•Snowing lightly, snow on floor in areas
•Bright lights indoors to get that warm festive like feeling
•Romantic era (play) 1886-1890 and Ave Maria can be playing during the rehearsal and/or the maps music

•Lots of windows by the main parts to get the cold outside warm inside festive like feeling
•Bunting hanging from trees and lamp posts, near entrances
•Garden area with the lake
•Entrance gate

•Bar area
•Bar kitchen
•Light rig floor boards
•Main stage
•Interview area/Signing area
•Staff room area


•Natalya will be on a safety rope during performance, 47 could loosen the mechanism so when the target does the rehearsal next they fall to their death.

•A stage kill with trapdoor on the floor of stage area. 47 could pull a well timed lever to activate the trapdoor.

•47 could drag the unused piano in the above stage (in the unused prop room above the main stage) on top of the CLOSED trapdoor and when he pulls a lever backstage it open and the piano crushes Natalya.

•There is Bunting hanging from trees and lamp posts. A opportunity to get inside the building by either getting a crowbar, climbing the bunting and cracking open a loose window OR a gardener is complaining that he was going to put some bunting up and it blew away. It will get stuck somewhere, 47 could shoot it down and give it to the gardener, he will give you a invitation to gain entry.

•If you are in the Tech crew (pink) disguise you can talk to the Natalya’s head bodyguard to call a meeting to talk about the next play OR you can seclude the head bodyguard and get his disguise.

•Ruslan will have an signing session by the interview area, 47 can find a signature ticket and ask for a signature from Ruslan. He notices your facial features and asks you about a private meeting to see if you’d be interested in working for him. This would lead to the quill kill.

•47 can talk to James king (the Super fan) and lead him to a secluded area, knock him out OR kill him to get his VIP pass. This would lead to a tour of the backstage area and access to part of it (not the unused prop room) in the disguise.


•[Suit] Opera suit (Navy suit, no gloves, black trousers, dark red pocket tie and dark red bow tie with black shoes)
•Garden areas open to guests
•Any were that doesn’t require a disguise
•Head bodyguard

•Gardener (mahogany coloured dungarees with a dark brown long armed woolly type top with black Wellington boots and black gloves sorta like Dartmoor’s gardeners)
•Outside access only
•Staff room
•Outside fixing points
•Sergei Volkov
•Some other gardeners staff

•Tech crew (navy blue top, some short armed and some long armed, a white and navy blue hat facing forwards and some backwards, black trousers, black shoes, no gloves and a lime green lanyard)
•Suit access
•Staff room
•Fixing points, (inside and outside)
•Some Tech crew workers with special pink lanyards

•Tech crew (pink) (navy blue top, some short armed and some long armed, a white and navy blue hat facing forwards and some backwards, black trousers, black shoes, no gloves and a pink lanyard)
•Same as tech crew
•Other tech crew workers with special pink lanyards

•Lobby staff (Dark gray vest, black or gray trousers, white collared shirt and black shoes)
•Staff room
•Suit access
•Lobby counters
•Sergei Volkov
•Some other Lobby staff

•Event Security (white long armed top or short armed top with a black, blue or navy tie, long black trousers, black shoes and no gloves. If their outside some may were black raincoats and boots.)
•Staff room
•bar kitchen
•suit access
•Lobby counters
•Sergei Volkov
•Other Event guard staff

•Bodyguard (Black suit with Black, blue or Navy tie, black shoes and a white shirt)
•Same as event security
•All floors
•Head bodyguard
•Some other bodyguard staff

•Head bodyguard (black suit with black, blue or navy tie, black shoes and a white shirt, a special golden pin saying “head”)
•Same as bodyguard
•Natalya Ovechkina
•Head bodyguard (if woken back up)

•Romantic play attire (Romantic era styled clothing)
•Main stage
•Backstage parts by the main stage (not allowed near unused props area of the backstage)
•Sergei Volkov
•Some actors on stage and Helmut Kruger (there will be blending spots on stage)

•Super fan (brown suit and matching shoes, white shirt, black tie, no gloves and a VIP pass)
•Suit access
•When frisked, the backstage area
•James King (if woken back up)
•James King’s girlfriend

•Venue waiter (Black vest, white collared shirt, black or gray trousers and black shoes)
•Bar area kitchen
•Ground floor
•Staff room
•suit access
•Chef Marcello Ray
•Sergei Volkov

•Helmut Kruger (Romantic era outfit)
•Bar area
•Backstage (not in the unused prop area)
•On stage

•Jason Portman (dark Gray suit with a white shirt and brown shoes, a fedora and dark blacked out pair of glasses to conceal his identity)
•Following Helmut
•Snooping by the entrance to the Backstage (being caught in there)P

•Kurt Donovan (same as event security description with black raincoat)
•A side entrance to the Opera building

•James King (brown suit and matching shoes, white shirt, black tie, no gloves and a VIP pass)
•Garden area by the entrance waiting for his girlfriend to arrive
•Bathrooms (he will stay crying in a locked cubicle if his GF is either dead or knocked out)
•Bar area with his girlfriend
•On tour if made by 47 (Goes in Backstage sometimes when he finishes the tour)

•Chef Marcello Ray (Same as a Venue waiter, but with a black apron)
•Bar area kitchen
•Bar area


•The lady of the wake [REDACTED] (knock out three people and have them woken up, do not get spotted)

•All you talk about is familiar faces [REDACTED] (Talk to Helmut Kruger and Jason Portman in your suit)

•Lobbying (Disguise yourself as a Lobby Staff crew member)

•A Power play (Disguise yourself as a Tech crew worker)

•A powerful play (disguise yourself as a Tech crew (pink) worker)

•Autumn leaves (disguise yourself as a Gardener)

•Piano lessons (drop the piano on Natalya Ovechkina)

•A CLASS act (electrocute Natalya Ovechkina with the microphone)

•Frozen fiend (assassinate Natalya Ovechkina by melting the lake)

•Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (drop the cloud prop on Natalya Ovechkina)

•Headline (disguise yourself as the head bodyguard)

•Sun tan (assassinate Natalya Ovechkina with the electronic sun)

•Classical conundrum [REDACTED] (steal one violin, one trumpet and one microphone)

•White light security (disguise yourself as a Event security staff)

•Pick your poison (spike a Ruslan Kuznetsov’s URSA with lethal poison)

•What do we do with a drunken sailor? (find a URSA bottle)

•Murder she wrote (assassinate Ruslan Kuznetsov with the quill)

•EXTRA EXTRA (assassinate Ruslan Kuznetsov with a explosive camera during the interview)

•A celebratory crisis (find and give back the bunting to the gardener)

•I do believe i’m invited (find a invitation to the play)

•Very important hitman (find a VIP pass to a backstage tour and put on the Super fan disguise)

•Toilet troubles (find a toilet key)

•I need to use the bathroom (use a coin to go into a cubicle)


0)Entrance way (Suit)

1)Garden starting location (Gardener disguise)

2)Rusty Russian coin (“TO A RUSSIAN HARE”)

3)Lake agency pickup (Under some snow)

4)Bathroom hidden stash (plant pot)

5)Backstage (Tech crew disguise)

6)Bartoli 75R silenced (silencer, increased ammo)

7)Unused prop room agency pickup (hidden behind a crate)

8)Interview area (Event security disguise)

9)Snowy Briefcase (has a snow effect like the Polar survival suit, same as default briefcase MK 3)

10)Bar kitchen (Venue waiter disguise)

11)Lobby area (Lobby staff disguise)

12)Kitchen knife (same as one in normal maps)

13)Interview Hidden stash (in a unmarked white ICA van, along with a remote explosive)

14)Bar area (Suit)

15)USRA vodka bottle (same as a wine bottle from Mendoza)

16)Heaven seat agency pickup (behind a seat)

17)ICA micro remote taser MK 3

18)Heaven seats (locked in Opera suit no gloves, no briefcase allowed)

19)Golden necklace (fibre wire, legal to hold in suit)

20)Opera suit with gloves (Navy suit, full black gloves, black trousers, dark red pocket tie and dark red bow tie with black shoes)


Image result for opera building backstage Russian
Image result for russian gardens night

Hitman version: Ave Maria, Op. 52 No. 6, D. 839 "Hymne an die Jungfrau": Ellen's Gesang III (Ave Maria!) , Op.... - YouTube




This would take place in a run down apartment building and bustling market place in Guatemala,Central America.
Image result for Guatemala grimy
Image result for guatemala flag 2019


Good evening, 47.
Your destination is the centre of Guatemala city. At first glance it’s bustling market place full of things to buy and colourful architecture, but deep below the surface you’ll come to realise it’s a city full of corruption, slavery and gangs.

Your target is Juan Carlos, a ruthless tyrant leader for the Azul Quetzal cartel gang native to Guatemala. He was born and raised with the gang ties and was therefore a strong and fit full leader. The Azul Quetzal gang legacy has been passed down from generation in the Carlos family name.

Last month, Hector Delgado, the head of the Delgado Cartel, decided to join forces with Azul Quetzal to design a new Super cocaine.
The cocaine contains over 86% more Benzoylmethylecgonine than a normal brick.
The Chemical is found in the leaves of the Erythroxylum plant, which grows at high altitudes in Colombia and neighbouring countries. The Super cocaine plan will most likely be on Juan’s brother and head chef, Rocío Carlos.
Rocío Carlos is Juan’s younger brother who was forced to join the gang when he was fired from his job as a bio research scientist for ETHER. He was working on a Anti drug addiction tablet that could stop the drugs from entering your blood stream.
He is extremely paranoid about everything, so he will likely have a escape route to get out of Guatemala city.

Your client is Verõnica Ruiz, leader of the renounced gang operating in Mexico, Los Sureños. The Super cocaine will end her drug career and the global collapse of hundreds of gangs all over the world.
Verõnica has paid a large sum of US dollars, 47.
Eliminate Juan Carlos and retrieve the Super cocaine plans
This is a contract needed to be done by the best, so failure is not an option, good luck.


•Light blue tank top
•Black cargo trousers
•Black boots (perfect for crushing his foes skull inwards)
•Light blue bandanna
•Black hair
•Black Goatee
•Tattoos on arms/face
Image result for Barrio 18 Gang
•Gang symbol on back of the hand

•White lab coat
•Light blue sport top underneath
•Black cargo trousers
•Black boots
•Black stubble
•Same tattoos on arms/face
•Blue surgical gloves
•Gang symbol on back of the hand


•3 floor apartment
•Makeshift drug lab on the top floor apartment
•Rooftop of apartment
•Market place
•Meeting room on the second floor apartment
•Central square area (drug rally in progress)
•Garage on the 0th floor of the apartment


Juan is set up a protocol that if the Guatemalan flag gets raised it would signal a meeting between Rocío Carlos and Juan himself, on the apartment rooftop. Sounds like away to get a double kill, 47?
(This would lead to a “guards leave” and 47 would snipe both targets.)

Rocío has got Schizophrenia and is scheduled to have a appointment with Dr. Luke Williams, a doctor in delusional science, with a very forgetting face. That is interesting, 47, maybe you could find this Doctor and disguise as him?
(This would lead to a poison kill if you dose his pills with poison or if you don’t bring the pills Rocío will go into a into a delusional frenzy and end up dying, it would be classed as an accident)

It seems a certain, Gary Christopher is said to have a mechanics tour to the garage on the lowest floor of the apartment, with Juan Carlos. According to my sources, Gary is a Engineer working for Kronstadt industries. Listening to the way Juan is addressing Gary, it’s like he’s has’t met him before, sounds intriguing,47?
(The garage area would go into a “guards leave” situation.47 could disguise himself as Gary Christopher and go to the meeting with Juan, this would lead to 47 a arrange of accident kills eg a car falling accident)


•Raise the flag (Activate the button to raise the flag)
•Peaceful solutions (Let Rocío and Juan finish the meeting)
•Scoping the joint (Sniper both Rocío and Juan with one bullet)
•Sniper assassination (Eliminate either Rocío or Juan with a sniper)
•Peace and Purity (Complete the mission story Peace and purity)
•I’m the doctor now (Disguise yourself as Dr. Luke Williams)
•Popping pills (Eliminate Rocío with poisoned Schizophrenic pills)
•Stopping pills (Don’t give Rocío Carlos his Schizophrenic pills)
•Popped off (Headshot Rocío as the Doctor during his medical session)
•Deluded Paranoia (Complete the mission story Deluded paranoia)
•Kronstadt MO (Disguise yourself as Gary Christopher)
•Smoking gun (Eliminate Juan with an accident explosion when he smokes)
•Smoked gun (Headshot Juan as Gary Christopher)
•Car jack(ass) (Eliminate Juan with the car lowering mechanism)
•>Carstant worries (Complete the mission story Carstant worries)

•The mystery machine (Find the drug van keys)
•ZOINKS! (Exit via the drug van)
•Lets party! (Find 3 cocaine bricks)
•Rocco Rita (Knock out Rocco with a cocaine brick)
•Double jointed (Find two joints)
•It won’t take a minute (Get frisked at the apartment compound back entrance)
•Keeper of the keys (Find the all access apartment keys)
•Whoosh Whoosh! (Exit via the Helicopter)
•Hector’s habit (place a cocaine bag for Hector Delgado)
•Delgado do-gooder (finding hector’s boat keys, give them to him)
•Not so good (Exit via Hectors boat)
•Yippee Hippe (Help Tores Piombo find his joint and cocaine bag)
•Tuk Tuk and away! (Exit via a Tuk Tuk)

The Azul (Eliminate Juan Carlos)
The Quetzal (Eliminate Rocío Carlos)
Super cocaine plan (Steal the Super cocaine plan)


•01)Central Square (Suit)
•02)Istanballer (Silencer, Steady aim, Pistol)
•03)Rally stalls (Hidden stash)
•04)Market place stalls (Chef)
•05)Sedative pills MK3 (Sedative poison)
•06)Market rooftop (Agency pickup)
•07)Apartment garage (Engineer)
•08)Worn screwdriver (Lethal melee, Lethal throw, Expose wires)
•09)Garage tool box (Hidden stash)
•10)Apartment meeting room (Gangster)
•11)Bandanna (Fibre wire)
•12)Storage room (Agency pickup)
•13)Suit (Infiltrated apartment back garden, Hostile area)
•14)Shashka A33 H (Azul Quetzal painted variant, Lethal, Loud , Assault rifle)
•15)Garden plant (Hidden stash)
•16)Drug laboratory (Drug lab worker)
•17)Azul Quetzal crowbar (Unlock doors, Loud)
•18)Cocaine plantation (Agency pickup)
•19)Azul Quetzal proximity explosive
•20)Palm tree suit (Brown shirt, palm coloured sandals, black shorts, Black sunglasses and a watch)


Suit: [Palm tree suit] (Brown shirt, palm coloured sandals, black shorts, Black sunglasses and a watch)
•Market place
•Central square
•None unless your trespassing

Chef: (Same as Marrakesh, some NPCs replace the white with light gray)
•Market place
•Central square
•Poisoning is legal
•Some other Chefs

Engineer: (Same as Ambrose Engineers, but the purple is replaced with
Dark blue)
•Market place
•Central square
•First floor apartment level
•Some other Engineers

Drug lab worker: (White lab coat, Light blue top underneath, Black cargo trousers, Black boots, Blue surgical gloves and Some tattoos on the arms/face)
•Market place
•Central square
•Drug laboratory
•Meeting room
•Back garden
•Rocío Carlos
•Some other Drug lab workers

Gangster: (Light blue top, Black cargo trousers, Black boots and Some tattoos on the arms/face)
•Market place
•Central square
•Drug laboratory
•Meeting room
•Back garden
Some other Gangsters

Dr. Luke Williams: (Palm coloured suit jacket (Buttoned up) , Dark brown trousers, Black shoes and a Dark brown tie)
•Market place
•Central square
•Back garden
•Ground floor apartment level
Some Gangsters
Some Engineers
Some Chefs

Gary Christopher: (Black suit (Buttoned up) , Kronstadt tie, Light grey shirt and Black shoes)
•Market place
•Central square
•First floor apartment level
Some Gangsters
Some Engineers
Some Chefs


•In a apartment room on the second floor

Tores Piombo:
•Buying drugs from a gangster near the back garden

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Location: “Point Sur”, Switzerland
Place: Modern ski resort with a central semi-underground building on top of a snowy mountain
Targets: Laoise Mona, a.k.a The Culprit. She is around 40 years old and is ginger. Her outfit looks similar to this one:

Lohan Kenzo, a.k.a The Entrepeneur. He is around 35 years old and has a goatee. His outfit is a blue and lime green skiing outfit without any headwear. (Reference image for a generic skiing outfit)


Good morning, 47. Laoise Mona, your primary target is a prominent political figure in Ireland and the culprit in the assassination of rival tycoon Finn Killian. Authorities are now searching for her and have since put out a warrant for her arrest. After finding out about this, she fled his homeland, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, we have tracked her down in Switzerland, or more specifically, “Saint Palace”, a luxurious ski resort in Point Sur. Intel suggests she was secretly given refuge by Lohan Kenzo, french entrepreneur, professional skier, and the owner of Saint Palace.

You will find Laoise Mona going between the central hub area and her personal suite, while Lohan Kenzo will be arranging business in and around the resort. Security is high around your targets, so be careful. We have also detected some “past acquaintances” of your primary target, so use that to your advantage.

Our client is the daughter of Finn Killian and wants revenge for his father’s passing. Good luck, 47.


  • Cafeteria and Observation deck
  • Panorama restaurant
  • Ski hill
  • “Snowland” (Dubai exhibition-esque area made of ice)
  • Regular suites outside (a.k.a typical ski resort houses)
  • Staff area
  • VIP suite (basically a ski lodge)
  • Ski jump
  • Dense forest
  • Helipad

Late morning time, no precipitation.


  • Unpaid favors: Bruno Wolf. Egregious assassin and the murderer of Finn Killian. It seems as if he hasn’t been paid yet for this job and wants to track down Laoise Mona. Perhaps we could arrange a “meeting” between the two, don’t you think?
  • Smile for the camera!: Lohan Kenzo is doing a photo shoot of himself around the property as an advertisement for Saint Palace. His next point of interest is the ski jump. This could end poorly for him, especially with you around.
  • Buried deep: The temperature is hotter than usual and Lohan Kenzo wants to go skiing all by himself. These two factors could end up in his demise.
  • In The Hall of the Ice King: To pass time, Laoise Mona wants to lock down Snowland for a private tour of the area. Maybe we can use this to our advantage.
  • Point Blanc: In case of an emergency, VIPs are allowed to take an elevator up to the helipad and exfiltrate. The problem is, the control panel can easily be sabotaged. Let’s see where they both end up.
  • A Slippery Slope:
  1. Lohan Kenzo agrees to meet Noemi Delia in the forest
  2. They look over the edge and talk
  3. The transaction happens and Noemi Delia walks away
  4. You can then push off Lohan Kenzo
  • The Welcome Treat:
  1. Dress up as the head chef of the panorama restaurant
  2. Invite Laoise Mona to taste your food
  3. Poison it
  4. She arrives, eats the food, and gets eliminated
  • The Extension:
  1. Give Laoise Mona a fabricated headline of the manhunt
  2. She wants to extend her stay at Saint Palace
  3. Laoise Mona arranges a meeting between her and Lohan Kenzo in her suite
  4. They either go to the balcony or a private room. The picked location then becomes a hostile area for every disguise.
  5. Sneak past security and eliminate both.

Polar Suit (self-explanatory)
Chef (All white, apron, stained shirt)
Head Chef (Apron with black streaks, chef’s hat, sunglasses on forehead)
Janitor (New York-esque janitors)
Waiter (All black, suit, long pants, masquerade mask with an ice theme)
Bruno Wolf (Red jacket, black pants, sunglasses, fingerless gloves, bandana on neck)
Resort guard (around the location, similar to Bangkok guards, except they don’t wear hats)
Bodyguard (around where the targets usually are, generic bodyguard disguise)
Helicopter pilot (Reference image, but without a mask)

Skiing outfit (varies between NPCs, but generic skiing outfit)
Yeti (basically the crow disguise from H:BM, but white, regular legs and a yeti head)
Resort staff (basically the resort staff from Bangkok, but the colors are instead gray and red.)
Photographer (generic photographer)
Mechanic (similar to the mechanics from Ambrose Island)

Bruno Wolf: Laoise Mona’s personal assassin
Noemi Delia: Lohan Kenzo’s personal drug dealer
Head Chef: self-explanatory
Amos Dexter: He stays in and around the restaurant
“The Eagle”: He is given orders to look over the forest with a couple of other bodyguards.
Kurou Hajime: He tries to persuade Lohan Kenzo into investing in better ski equipment. He is found in the observation deck.
Denice Lally: She is the most trusted ally of Laoise Mona. She is found in the VIP suite.


  • What you deserve: Make sure Bruno Wolf eliminates Laoise Mona with a pistol
  • The Substitute: Dress up as Bruno Wolf. Meet with Laoise Mona
  • Sky high: Eliminate Lohan Kenzo by sending him down the ski jump
  • Bitter Treat: Eliminate Laoise Mona with poisoned food
  • Frosty Demise: Eliminate Lohan Kenzo with an avalanche
  • Deep Wound: Eliminate Laoise Mona with a falling icicle in Snowland
  • Chill Refreshment: Eliminate Lohan Kenzo with a poisoned drink
  • Point Blanc: Eliminate Lohan Kenzo and Laoise Mona with an elevator accident
  • (N)ice To See You!: Arrange a meeting between Lohan Kenzo and Laoise Mona. Eliminate both with an icicle.
  • A View To Die For: Arrange a meeting between Lohan Kenzo and Noemi Delia. Eliminate Lohan Kenzo with a push.
  • Vocal Opinion: Eliminate Lohan Kenzo with a falling speaker (in the observation deck).
  • No Extension: Arrange a meeting between Laoise Mona and Lohan Kenzo. Eliminate both with a single sniper rifle shot.
  • Run for your life: Start an avalanche. Eliminate Lohan Kenzo in the Yeti disguise.

Infiltrating from the mountains (Polar suit) (original starting location)
Observation deck (suit)
Kitchen (Regular Chef)
Staff room (Resort staff)
Forest (bodyguard)
Ski jump (photographer)
(The observation deck, but bigger and on the side of the mountain)


Not being picky, but it would be so cool if you’d add brief outfit descriptions for the targets and disguises? If it’s too much work, it’s fine, i’d love to see your imagination of disguises i love your map concept!

Ummmm? I’d be intrigued to see the disguise in game.



The mission would be set in a fictional airport (inspired by Lennart Meri Tallinna Lennujaam, Tartu maantee airport) in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Merry Christmas, 47. I hope the holidays are treating you well. Your target is Laila Karin, a Swedish born child who grew up in the closing days of the Cold War. She is a prominent role in the Swedish politics and according to my intelligence, Laila was part of SÄPO, The Swedish secret service, in 1990. My sources say that Laila is waiting for a Contact about getting back into SÄPO, after she left in 2007.

Laila Karin is currently waiting for the arrival of her contact. She is located at the Sinine Vesi airport in Tallinn, Estonia.
The airport is currently having a Christmas themed party, so expect more people to be present. The target has also asked for additional security measures.


•Blonde long hair
•Black dress like the politician ET
•About 30-40 years old


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Lennart Meri Tallinna Lennujaam, Tartu maantee, Tallinn, Estonia