Linux’s Merry Mysteries - Featured Contracts

A place to discuss the Linux’s Merry Mysteries FC batch, released today, 7th December. I’d like to mention now that I’m aware @Kevin_Rudd ’s The Art Lovers has no exit… :person_facepalming:I’ve emailed WINNODD’s message below to who I sent the selected contracts to - hopefully it’ll get sorted!

I think alonzo_lafayette (not on forum)'s meme best sums up this whole debacle with that exit:
Don’t blame me (someone who has no access to Epic contracts like this contract was - i used the ET arcade to playtest), Rudd, or IOI. Blame this guy and play a couple contracts with him as a target :smile:

Thank you Zubin for the image.

FC Images w/o Label

They seemed to have added a little bit more smoke (fog) to the bottom of Dance Electric. That’s neat

Now, possibly because I’m a bit portentious about Hitman contract creation, I’d like to have a ramble about these ten contracts, in both the order they’re listed and chronological order of the missions, starting with:
@Charlie_Farmer 's The Last Gift Under the Tree
I was quite drawn in with the details of the contract - the briefing’s very humanising for 47, which I think is ideal for a Christmas theme. Not to mention the niche reference to Oceane Bisson, an actual NPC on the map who talks to a security guard. I love niche little details and to see it shown in a contract was really cool. The fact the targets are all in a kind of line, a line in a “forgotten” part of the map (backstage outdoor area) no less, was something that really interested me - I have a feeling someone may be able to pull this off while staying in the car park for almost the entire time - I was able to hit 4 from there.

@Kevin_Rudd 's The Art Lovers
You see, I picked this one because there’s an elusive target in there. I’m only human.

@Fenixsandr 's Castling
Despite being a puzzle contract, it doesn’t feel like you’re restricted to one route here. I played about with a couple ways of getting each to their respective spots, and all were a lot more successful than emetics, which I’m very happy about. Just like the Paris contract, Castling also uses the interview room, a little spot that I also think gets forgotten about on Marrakesh contracts. The logistics of that room offer a lot of opportunities, so I’m curious to see what players choose.

@Vicks 's Quicksilver
Some people would much prefer a set kill condition over a set disguise. However, I really do love disguises, possibly due to my experience playing Hitman Roulette. Sourcing the disguises for each kill here appears to be something someone must really think about when creating an optimal route - not to mention where to start. Including all of the hotel-related starting disguises as the disguise requirements makes this contract wonderfully versatile with how people may wish to approach it - each start has their benefits and their flaws. Also any contract that teaches me a new NPC’s name (in this case, Noi Lertkunakorn) is usually pretty unique.

Kevin_Rudd’s Neighbours MK II
You see, I picked this one because there’s an escalation in there. I’m only human. Not to mention it’s in the spirit of the original escalation, making it flow beautifully. Also pretty fond of a contract so complex (Shotgun/SMG/Pistol) that can be done no loadout - I’d recommend it.

@Casetros 's Imposter Elves
The snow festival is a map that feels shockingly like the original, in terms of gameplay. Most of the submissions set on Holiday Hoarders were almost guaranteed to benefit from the presents - as long as the route is likely to bring the player past one, the use of the map shined. Imposter Elves was able to get use out of the map despite that challenge, as the snow festival exclusive target (the main target’s bodyguard) is quite the good pick. He doesn’t pick up tasers, encouraging a fair bit of freedom between the big icicle, the oil drum and the ledge (and the emetics I guess). Portman’s always funny in a contract that allows the suit as my go to for either his kill or disguise is almost always to make him follow me - I’d like to share/encourage that method, I hope some people go down that route.

@Steynkie1 's Dance Electric
Not many contracts seem to both put a main mission target in there and do it well. Not only does it flow with the contract itself, Vetrova’s inclusion + the briefing really adds to that “Mystery” aspect, getting good use out of a part of her cycle. Alternatively, a few other spots could be used, which is pretty neat. Another open puzzle! A taser is definitely recommended although it can technically be done with just one, keeping it hopefully open enough for newer players. No Pacifications also opens the door to making the Chaos_Agent cameo NPC sit there while Vetrova gains unauthorised access to Portman’s computer right in front of him, which I found pretty funny.

@zubin47 's Strange Objectives
I discovered the thing with the fall accidents in the garden some time ago, so seeing it made me go
49a5w7 !! It was quite a good choice to use the photographer for it too, considering he’s both unable to reach the lawyer legally and a disguise that I think is extremely underused in any way of playing Dartmoor except roulette. Playing AKCSE’s Wired Conundrum series taught me the joys of keeping away from emetics and I think that ethos really works throughout this contract, awarding creative solutions. This last bit of praise is a bit random but I also love random fall accidents and once again I want players to find the intended spot too.

@GlogolZ 's The Bullet Paradox
You see, I picked this one because my beloved Agent Green’s in there. I’m mostly joking, in reality it’s because it uses a fun little trick that awards players who can read between the lines. While playing I nearly shot Green right off the roof, which I think kept the difficulty at a good level to those who immediately see the trick. If you play this and find a piercing sniper rifle too easy, might I interest you in the Striker? It’s what I used for a contract at one point.

@Ozzygrl 's Santa Takes Care of Business
The targets in this contract have a pretty interesting range of difficulties. The first two waiters seem to be largely a question of routing, but the last two waiters have this finickyness that might initially seem a bit intimidating - a mystery, if you will? Nevertheless, there’s a couple of handy strats that can be either executed safely and efficiently or intricately and quickly, depending on what the player’s going for. The bodyguard I think acts as a cherry on top here, as he balances out the Requiem EE exit and the default/Yates’ car exits quite nicely, letting all players have a run that feels smooth and fast.

"EnableExits": {
            "$eq": ["$e24e8b07-8ac7-4ec3-acd5-7b671308ce2f", "Completed"]

This is what missing when the et was “converted” to contract mode. If Io can see this.

At this point this contract is impossible to complete sadly


Weirdly enough it also shows up as a contract in the ICA Facility instead of Sapienza.


Firstly today’s release was mysterious and unexpected.
Congratulations @Charlie_Farmer @Kevin_Rudd @Fenixsandr @Vicks @Casetros @Steynkie1 @Ozzygrl @GlogolZ

Thank Linux_ :penguin: for picking a contract with strange objectives :smile:


Whoa! Featured once again! Thanks Linux! :purple_heart:


Thank you, Linux. Congratulations to the winners.


I’m genuinely surprised that IO allowed a FC that puts an ET in it.


Well they did have grand theft dino one were you don’t have any targets and you just steal dinos car and I think a few featured contracts had more than 5 targets I think they purely judge based on how interesting and unique they are idk though


Thank you so much @linux_penguin for taking the time to gather all these contracts. I feel very honored to be featured in your batch this month.


Cool idea, @linux_penguin , to explain your choice of contracts.Can you tell how long it took you to work on the contracts? And how the selection process works.


WINNODD is correct

Looks like I owe Linux (and the players) an apology. I swore I playtested it when I made it years ago but I… must not have properly :confused:

Because that ET has a ‘hidden’ objective of “Don’t kill the other twin” which stays open forever, IO had to manually code in when the exit shows up, because there’s no specific way to tick off “don’t kill the other twin” until you’ve exited the mission.

But because there are two other targets in this contract the code would have to be:

"EnableExits": {
            "$eq": ["$e24e8b07-8ac7-4ec3-acd5-7b671308ce2f", "$f589e1a6-1663-46ea-87a9-512aa848f36e", "$516a74c0-679b-4533-9b0f-baf82a6a5600" "Completed"]

However IO will almost certainly just delete the contract rather than amend it, leading to this being a 9 contract batch so I apologize to Linux and whoever would have been chosen for that 10th contract if it weren’t for me :confused:

I feel so bad :sob:

But I’m very gracious Linux picked two of my contracts (Was definitely not expecting that!) and I think Neighbours Mk II was a good pick and I hope people have fun with it and it makes up for the other one :S


You meant well man, dont worry about it.

The good is that we have a great community, we still have content these days and unique things to see like this contract.

You know for next time in case anyone ever does that Hawkbay ET with the doppelganger :slight_smile:


And hey, if you have a way to include ETs, we have an exciting new way of rediscovering things and I shall call them Elusive Contracts ;D


Ultimately I think it falls on IO to vet content going into the game & make sure it’s properly functional. It was an understandable mistake; everyone misremembers from time to time.

I do hope they fix it rather than just delete. I’ve “finished” it by completing the objectives & walking to where an exit would be. It’s a fun contract besides the missing exits. :​)


There really isn’t much of a need for that because in theory everything should just work without issues because it would be created in-game. Its only contracts created in other ways that could have issues, and IO would probably rather just put a blanket ban for future FC batches on these types of contracts than having to have someone pulled off something else just to make sure they work properly.


Even with a ban on modded content, they’d still need to do some vetting to make sure none of it is modded.

All I’m really trying to say here is, it’s not the fault of the creator or curator that this happened.


Kinda is creator’s fault on this occasion :sweat_smile:

That was because when I made in 2020 I wanted them to remain hidden so IO didn’t block the method


Well, I do hope they either delete it or fix it as I currently have only one incomplete Featured Contract and will until IOI does one or the other. Having that one contract persistent on the live tab will be annoying!


I hope they fix it rather than deleting it. Modding is such a massive boost for community engagement and a lot of high-profile games encourage it.

I would love for IOI to embrace the modding community rather than hushing it up.


I ended up selecting them across two separate evenings, the first being creating the shortlist and playing most of them then the second was just playing all the Steam contracts on that list specifically. My shortlist was about 20ish from the list so I was eventually able to whittle them down getting gradually tougher each time. I might go into a bit more depth about this tomorrow but for now I’m about to go to bed (this message would go on to not send until the morning, I’ll add depth when I’m back at my computer as for now i have no time)
The submitting part of the process required me to email ID/Submitter name/contract title/image suggestion for each of them, in the order they’d be listed in game