Linux's Merry Mysteries - Curated Contracts Submission Thread [Closed]

Contract ID: 2-26-9768590-09
Title: Dance Electric
Platform: PS4
Location: Haven Island
Submitter: Steynkie69


  1. Vetrova (roaming)
  2. Aruna (jet ski roaming)
  3. Jason (roaming)
  4. Preston (in pool)

3 guys were having a merry party in their hut, but it got so loud, that Vetrova switched off their power. Furious, they started a weird chanting and dancing in a circle. Suddenly there was a loud thunder CLAP, and they all fell down, dead. Later, Vetrova’s lifeless body was also found.
Can you solve the mystery, 47?

4 electrocutions, no pacification, suit only. Just 3 targets to work with, Preston is a bonus. This is a fun merry mystery, where timing and distraction is vital. You dont need coins, an apple and a briefcase will do. Electrocuting 3 targets at once…it never gets old! Tested it several times, and I got SA in 3 mins.

Suggested screenshots: