List of new things in HITMAN 3

I didn’t realize we didn’t have an aggregate of all the new things coming in H3 yet, so I’m posting them here

  • New Rating System - awards you titles (aka Playstyles) for playing certain ways. The Playstyles we know of so far are: • Silent Assassin • Hired Gun • Mixologist • Marksman • Choke Artist • Black Cat • Adaptable Enforcer • Trapsmith • Clean ICA Assassin • Shadow ICA Assassin • Melon Man

  • Camera item (video) - this item allows you to use a handheld camera to unlock certain electronic things (doors, windows, etc). It also has photo filters, levels of zoom, and a depth of field slider; so it acts as a stand-in for a photo mode, essentially (no selfies though).
  • Persistent shortcuts (video) - H3 introduces a small (and specific) amount of doors and ladders which, once opened / unlocked, will stay unlocked forever. “Forever” meaning: in all future playthroughs, all future contracts, escalations, and Elusive Targets. Just to be clear: these aren’t randomly chosen doors and ladders; they’re specifically chosen to be balanced and are designed to stay open forever, in coherence with the map design.

Map specific features

  • Active weather effects - in Chongqing, it is actively raining. This adds wet effects to clothing, 47, NPCs, the ground, etc. NPCs are also holding umbrellas. In Carpathian Mountains, it is actively snowing.
  • There are interactable computer interfaces in the game, as well as keypads where you have to manually input the password.
  • There are fuse cells, which allow you to transfer electrical power from one place to another
  • There are walkways that count as vents that slow you down to a walk and force you into a crouch

UI changes

  • Suits are separated into multiple categories / tabs
  • The Planning screen’s icons have been rearranged
  • The game now remembers your last loadout, so saving a default loadout is not a feature anymore
  • New Settings options: SSR Quality, Variable Rate Shading. Settings have also been more neatly categorized
  • Bonus Missions have been separated into Side Missions in the Campaigns tab

New items

  • HACKL sniper rifle
  • Hunting rifle
  • Druzhina 34 DTI
  • Ornate Scimitar
  • Model of the Sceptre
  • Burj Al-Ghazali Snowglobe
  • Whiskey Bottle
  • Hedge clippers
  • Lockpick Mk III
    (will update the items if someone creates a comprehensive list)

why have a list of two and a half features?)


just in case there’s more coming :sweat:


i hope they at least try to change things up in the last two levels. like with the disguises unlocking doors in Hokkaido

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aces. i had no idea. glad they’re back.

…i’ll still miss them newspapers though.


I never expected to be excited about rain in a Hitman game. About time.


New sniper rifle with a new and unique function, that can shoot two bullets at once/rapid succession.

I think it can be interesting to also list confirmed changes (electrocution phone), new weapons and features like PSVR, DualSense support, 4K60 on consoles, Ray Tracing.

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am i misremembering or did contracts have rain? it’s been an age.

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Yes and snow.


“I shit you not, RAIN is one of highest things on the list for many Hitman fans!” - Matthias Engström during the Rapid Fire Interview.

i mean if you want to make “living, breathing worlds” Weather other than sunshine seems to be a given, or not?


Computers will have a UI (Season 3 maps) - And any time you learn a password in intel, you’ll be required to manually enter it


What about a random dynamic change of the weather during the mission(s)?
I would like it above all


are we 100% sure that was real or just speculation from the trailer

I haven’t heard of a new rifle, which trailer?

this would be so amazing, imagine Sapienza on a rainy Day, next time you boot it up its Summer time, the next time its maybe Nighttime or Winter.


if we go into dreaming territory then why not give us the ability to choose the time of the hit? and the map will be slightly different depending on whether it’s morning or evening etc. with less or more npcs on the streets, open/closed cafes and so on


Yeah, and the weather is changing during you play the mission.
You start at a sunshine, but as soon as you reach your stash, the heavy rain started, and so on

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that wouldn’t work because they always go for a specific mood on each mission. and also some npc routines like sunbathing wouldn’t make sense at night or during rain

Ah yes that’s true. Looking forward to this one, like all the new “immersive sims” elements too.

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