Looking for a thread

Hi everyone!
I used to be pretty active on Hitman Forum a couple years ago (mainly lurking), but now have less time for that (ironically because I now have a job moderating an online community). There was a really great thread I remember where people made their own elusive targets for ps4 and people would have 48 hours to do them (the winner being able to make the next contract). I’ve been trying to find it with no luck - can anyone find this thread that I’m talking about? I remembering playing some really fun contacts on it and want to dig those up again.

The original thread from the old forum is gone, but it was restarted here and opened up to all platforms.

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Shame that the original one was gone - but explains why I had so much difficulty finding it! Thanks for finding the new one for me anyway :slight_smile:


Enjoy my friend! :slight_smile: stupid20letters