Map lightning/bloom discussion

Sapienza’s sky has changed again and it looks so pretty

are you sure? can you show pics

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It’s much bluer

Hitman 2:

Hitman 3:


It’s just the menu pic that changed, no?

From the patch notes: Sapienza Menu
We’ve updated the Destination background image for Sapienza to better reflect the current lighting.

No in game its changed as well, I wonder they’re getting it ready for the ET’s

Also it’s pretty weird why would io only change sapienza background but not the other backgrounds of the maps?

It’s based off of lighting from Hitman 2’s launch which had an overbearing green/yellow tint, which they patched it later to be significantly less distracting. None of the other maps had further lighting updates, so none of the other backgrounds need to be updated.

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It’d be nice if they all got updated to remove the smear the location images have. Sapienza looks significantly better than for example, Miami in the destinations tab because it doesn’t have that smear.


Excuse me but what? Did they change it back to the darker, more green skybox yet again? (Found on reddit) Just look at the clouds.


Naturally I don´t have a pre-patch screenshot, but yeah, it does seem darker, more on the green/yellow side than yesterday when I played the mission :frowning:

Maybe more noticable here:


This would be pretty annoying then.

Yes it is really annoying then.

EDIT: Didnt anyone ever notice that some of the clouds are just white squares?

As a tester I would be a nightmare in terms of attention to detail.


Guh… Running around just for a few seconds, and it definitely has that yellow-greenish tint to it again. Not as brutal as when H2 launched, but it´s there and it´s bloody atrocious. CHANGE IT BACK, IO!!! :rage:

Why do they have to keep messing with it??


I feel so bad for them! The update rolled out, got some really cool content and DLC stuff, even some free stuff we didnt see comming like the turtleneck and SA HUD change which I really, really love, the new Sapienza picture, some bug fixed…

But then there is this kind of stuff. Heavy bugs that arent fixed like this wierd control bug I have (turn him 180° and he stops for a second) and this skybox, suit issues on China map…


The point of no return was November 8, 2017. Since then it’s been getting progressively worse and worse with every change.

I would do anything to roll back Sapienza to the OG. I’d be okay with literally every other issue in the game if they just brought it back to how it was.


I would be ok with alot more clear skyboxes. Come on guys, the game is so vibrant, so colorful. Mumbai daylight looks so awesome, so does Haven. Give us that, no wierd tint please.


I honestly have never had an issues with how Sapienza looks.

I honestly think I like the patched Sapienza more than the old one, more contrast.


I don’t understand why they keep messing with it when it’s clear no-one appreciates it…


I was wondering why they bothered changing the picture just for one location. Guess we know now… A lighting change like this is hardly an oversight/mistake… And if it is - hotfix - asap.

Totally. Haven pulls off the sunny warm climate best. Nice, crisp and clear.

I sadly never got to experience the OG Sapienza (and other H1 maps). Probably a good thing since I might be ranting even more otherwise. Would be nice to have the option to choose your preferred skybox… (makes me wonder how implementable would it be, considering how Haven works…)

But anyways, Sapienza was perfectly fine. Why fuck it up like this (again)?


I did but I sadly lost all my screenshots from back then. It was awesome to look at.

EDIT: Oh I found a really old picture I have from… who knows why.

Left: Original, Right: GOTY


I actually prefer the GOTY Sapienza.

The only GOTY change I didn’t like was Colorado.