May Roadmap Discussion

A month… THE Month of May.

It’s like the old saying goes: April cancer brings May Freelancer. Wait…


I think it’s likely Freelancer will come out in May given that the game is long overdue for a patch, and I doubt they’d do a patch for both May and June. If there isn’t a patch this month, the only things they have to release for weekly live content are Featured Contracts and maybe an ET (if Travis decided to choose an ET after the Deceivers way back in October or November when he was planning the ETs)

Question: do we’ll get May roadmap?

hopefully this week cause the may1st the tomorrow


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What im expecting for may is a blog post about freelancer.

Travis‘ twitter suggests that hes currently on vacation. A well deserved vacation that is. We dont know for how long though. Maybe a month. :smile:

I would say freelancer arrives in june. Just to curb my expectations though.

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Probably,YES.I can’t imagine what would happen if IOI don’t release the roadmap for months.


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Well, nothing to do but wait…
I’m tired of being eager to see something every week last month, so be it.
just be patient and play some other games (if there’s not then focus on job or study, they are way more important)
May 5th is the first Thursday btw.

Something tells me that it’s probably not going to happen in May.

Maybe june, maybe later.


Travis can be off while we still get updates. All he does is interpret the updates and communicate them to us, he doesn’t implement them himself.


Thanks Captain Obvious,

I don’t recall a big update on the Hitman Franchise since a decade with an intense period of communication without Travis. And usually he leaves to be in shape when the time comes.



@AYSyw Note that the title “May roadmap discussion” implies the roadmap was already released and is discussed here. This will generate disappointment for everyone who clicks on this thread. Because of this I reversed it to the current title.


Hey, I’m not saying that to put him down or anything, I’m just saying that if he needs a vacay and IO is still on a schedule, they can get by for one month while he rests and they put out what they have. And that’s assuming he’s still gone by the time they release anything anyway; I don’t think he said how long he’d be gone.

(Awesome edit work, btw)


Heisenberg does have a point. Just cause he’s going on a vacation, doesn’t necessarily mean nothing can happen while he’s gone, such as Freelancer…

But, then he wouldn’t really be a good communications manager, as some info might need to be clarified or added soon before it releases, or to address player concerns after it comes out, especially for such large, new content such as Freelancer.

So I agree that it might be unlikely for Freelancer to come out while he’s on vacation, but that doesn’t mean it might not be in May at all, or even appear on the roadmap itself.

He could be back in Copenhagen by mid-month, and Freelancer could arrive a week or two later. The roadmap could also span May to June-ish, if they’re going to use a longer season-based format again.

I think ioi have enough respect for Travis to wait for him to get the news out or anything for that matter on HUGE change in the game.


I just think Travis is IOI,haha :joy: :rofl:

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Freelancer is gonna release in the month of…