MENDOZA, Argentina (Mission #5) - Location Discussion

Great video. Lot’s of interesting details.

1:28 - This confirms that Ken Morgan was a Providence operative but not a Herald. Probably recruited by Yates.

2:17 - Confirming again (after the News report in HITMAN 2) that Patient Zero is canon. Or that 47 at least killed Craig Black,

2:33 - Some ETs were already listed in the files in “End of an Era” but I don’t think Mark Faba was one of them. But that means his kill was canon.

2:43 & 3:27 – Both Beldingford and D’Alvade were on the board in the basement of Colorado. IOI probably picked these two because even people who only played the WoA trilogy could theoretically remember these names.

2:53 - A yes one of the parallel universes where that was pruned by the TVA. Obviously, this is IOI poking fun at Absolution’s controversial status among the fan base.

3:00 So at some point 47 was hired to kill Kovac. Unless “The Last Yardbird” was canonically done by Knight and Stone, this means 47 killed all of them expect Ritter.

3:35 - That’s was the other clone Tamara. Kamarov was the FSB section Grey murdered for Novikov. Nice attention to detail.

3:55 - That was one of the people killed by Soders.

4:03 – And another ET confirmed as canon.


I wonder if we´ll get him as an ET then. Though with him being imprisoned when H2 starts and 47 being rather busy from that point… (side the gap between WC and Sgail perhaps)


All ETs so far have been based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Assuming Kovac is an ET he’s going to represent a sin. Greed has already been taken, so what else would fit him? Envy?


Good point. Greed would´ve been the most suitable one. Possibly envy somehow? But there´s also a good chance that he won´t be an ET at all :sweat_smile: (bonus mission? :crossed_fingers: )


been thinking: is there a way to get Diana to kill you immediately when she inflicts that little damage on you when you meet? it would be hilarious. maybe if you’re in master, and you’ve already found a way to inflict damage on yourself first, so that when she does it it’s the just the icing on top and 47 dies. probably unlikely, just a thought


That would be quite the interesting feat.
I’m not sure if she actually damages you though, it just displays the black-and-white filter over the screen briefly, to indicate something’s happened.
If it was damage, there should have been a damage ring around the screen (and that would make it painfully obvious she’s out to betray 47).

It would make for a fun character scenario though!

Diana: “Oh, come on 47, get up. …47? The poison wasn’t supposed to act that fast. Edwards, the bastard! I knew he’d try to fool me… But not this early.”

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oh? I thought there were damage rings. guess i misremembered. the controller also vibrated tho, which I thought was a good indication. but it very well could have been just for effect

well, those play-as-Diana game mods would have story context now, since Diana would have to do the assassinating then haha


I might be misremembering, but I’m sure it’s just a flash of black and white and the controller vibrating, though it’s meant to look (and tease) that you’ve taken damage/been poisoned.

I was thinking the exact same thing lol


I have no idea but that would be pretty interesting. I love stuff like this in the Hitman games. I spent FOREVER trying to get the remote sniper kill bullets to hit 47 instead of the target. Then I did the same thing trying to get the bullets to strike Diana.

The ultimate goal would have been to weapon Lure Don Yates into the line of fire and get a one shot double kill (if the bullet could hit someone on its way to the target and keep going), but I never had any luck with any of it. )=

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It was cool when CJ did that


Someone got that to work??

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I don’t know about y’all, but I love climbing through the window and killing Yates with the battleaxe and dumping his body with his wife into the closet after I huck a statue at her head. When she wakes up…

Videl is a bit tougher to get to and usually get her after taking out all of the security in the basement and then .22-ing her in the head.

I then have a lovely dance with Diana :slight_smile:

It has been a year and a half, and this post is still stuck in my head everytime I play Mendoza.