Missed elusive target OR missing items

So I’m a big fan of getting 100% completion in games and I really want to 100% Hitman 3. However, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. When the game came out I didn’t transfer progress so there are items that I can’t get access to unless I transfer my save. This means i’ll lose my progress with Hitman 3 levels etc (which tbh I don’t mind doing again).

The only problem is that once I’ve done the transfer, I will not be able to do the first elusive target again meaning it will say “missed” on the elusive target menu. But I did said elusive target on H2 so that challenge will be unlocked despite it saying “missed”.

I basically need an opinion from a 100% completion point of view. Would you rather it say “missed” on the elusive target, still have the challenge (for completing it and SA’ing it) done regardless and have every possible item unlocked OR not bother with the exclusive items (specifically the ICA coin and briefcase because the others my be obtainable in the future)

Definitely let it say missed, I’d rather have all the items I earned. The odds are good IO will rerun targets again in some way like they did for the last two games, so it’s possible you’ll have the chance to complete it again. But even if they don’t, you’ll only see this in one specific menu where you have to go looking for it.

For future questions like this, instead of making a new thread, might I suggest asking here:


You sure that when you transfer the progress Elusive Targets will say Missed?
Anyway, Missed is better than Failed, because when Missed you’ll be able to play the given ET when IOI will launch the reactivation cycle. But the question here - will they?
If you didn’t transfer your progress, you still can get 100% of HITMAN 3.
Few items will be missed, yes, but that items not vital. Game has a lot of replacement items that just the same of functionality, just look different. So you lose nothing.
Thing is progress transfer is one-time thing which means you couldn’t do it again in a future unless developers say otherwise.
If you considering buying HITMAN 3 on Steam when it arrives there, I advise you to forget about progress transfer, but if you don’t care and you desperately need your Travel Briefcase or Ourstanding Performance Coin with other “exclusive” items, then go ahead