Missed opportunities in hitman levels

Here you can post what kills you would have liked but weren’t there in all maps of the trilogy.
I would have liked to be able to make the helicopter in Dubai explode while the targets were on it, a Heavenly Guard opportunity in Chongqing and a rival cartel opportunity in Santa Fortuna.


Well, you´ve basically already inserted my answers for me, so… :joy:

That would´ve been great as well. The cut rival cartel leader disguise makes me think there was probably some idea like that.


I also forgot to mention a serpent kill for Blair Reddington in Embrace of a Serpent.


Marrakesh: deliver Claus Strandberg to the angry crowd so they’d lynch him

Chongqing: another developed area like the restaurant along with a mission story to arrange a meeting with Hush


Not being able to inject Ezra Berg with the psychotropics or any of his own torture tools has always bothered me. Same with being unable to wear his outfit, seeing as he has a damn mask to wear

Nothing linked to the Stalker being able to kill Jordan

Not being able to hide the usb stick in Ljudmila’s drawer in Tyson Williams’ place. Seemed like a great way to trigger a confrontation or something. But niente…


Not exactly a USB stick, but a pistol. That would send Tyson into rage, he would call Ljudmila and confront her. And maybe out of pure anger he would push her over railings.


No one else has wanted to throw Soders into the morgue furnace?


Club 27:

having Ken Morgan be fun to kill


I never thought of that one, I did always wish there was a way to get Yuki to go visit him in the operating room bc she wanted to see him to make sure he was still ok. Then you could trigger the bomb you put near him to take out both :joy:



No shit, he’s one of the worst targets. I haven’t seen much talk about him on here.

Yawn… poisons food. He’ll die eventually.

I was half serious, I’m just a twisted f*** :slight_smile:

It would be cool to drag his body off of the table though. Just saying lol.


I wish Miami had an alligator kill. Would have been a fun call back to Blood Money too.

But maybe with the hippo in Santa Fortuna they didn’t want 2 animal kills in a row.


Something with the cook in Colorado. Maybe have a plate of food with which you could poison Ezra, since he has so few scripted kills.


More opportunities to complete mission stories without taking a special disguise. A lot of missions are great for this, a few are severely lacking it.

Santa Fortuna is really hurting for it, you have to dress as P-Power, the bohemian, the lead engineer, a musician, and the shaman to complete mission stories. There’s very few ways to complete that mission from “behind the scenes” by getting them to go themselves.


Poisoned food kills are painfully boring and anti-climatic though.

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Or more mission stories for Colorado in general, seeing as there are 4 targets and only Rose has a decent amount


Hmmm, I often think about these things and forget them later, but one of the things I can think of now is how we could have had an opportunity to have the attorney smuggle a bomb into Yates’ house, but more specifically I just think it would’ve been cool to have the lawyer’s briefcase be a moving agency pickup or something like that.


The most missed opportunity for me would be to see 47’s sick dance moves in Berlin just like Blood Money.


Isle of sgail too, with the master of ceremonies being the most egregious example. I feel like getting Block to vote with Sophia and having them all drink would be nice too. The rest would be a lot harder to retool though but that map could really use more suit only pathing changes.


And speaking of suit only things, Idk how much of a missed opportunity it was but I thought it was interesting that they added the plating mechanic to Whittleton Creek but then only ever use it once more for one specific thing in haven. I liked the idea of being able distract/poison a wide range of people with a single plate of food without having to be some sort of server at a blend in spot. Plus it had the added mechanic of needing to find some food.

Not even just for suit only, but to me being the center of attention is against what 47 is about - and that’s what all of those disguise opportunities do. Like for P-Power, it would be nice to be able to approach him as a mansion guard to force him to come to the mansion. Once he’s there, it opens a new opportunity for killing Rico as he isolates himself.